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Key Quest: The Game

by dipper70


There is a brand new game in Neopia where, in addition to neopoints, you can win great prizes like codestones and neggs. All you have to do is collect keys. What is this game? Key Quest, of course!


Key Quest is a multi-player game for 2-4 players. It is set out like a conventional board game. Play is on a tiled board using a coloured token and the roll of the die determines how far your counter moves. Different tiles have different effects, such as collecting keys, receiving neopoints or activating mini-games.

To play Key Quest, select the game from the drop down list under the Games menu situated at the top of your Neopets screen. This will take you to the Key Quest options screen where you can select to play the game. Other options on this page include the opportunity to redeem Key Quest codes and a link to the excellent Key Quest Tutorial, which is also accessible from all of the pre-game screens.

The Games Lobby

Selecting the Play Game option takes you to the Games Lobby. On this screen there is a wooden building which offers different ways for you to choose a game to play.

Create A Game

In the centre of the building there is a door with a key in it. This is the door that opens the Create a Game room. From here you can select from a number of options to create a game for other players to join:

Number of Keys: Choose the number of different coloured keys that players have to collect before they can go through the Quest Door to complete the game. The more keys selected, the greater the prizes awarded.

Number of Players: Select the total number of players who will be able to play this game.

Game Board: Pick the location for the layout of board that you want to play.

Game Topic: Decide on the topic area where you want your game listed. These are the options listed under Games by Topic, available from the Games Lobby.

Once you have selected these four options, you can to invite Neofriends to play your Key Quest game with you. If you click on the Invite Players button, you will be presented with a list of your VIP Neofriends. You can add more Neofriends to this list by typing in their name and clicking on the plus button. You can also remove existing Neofriends from this list by clicking on their name and selecting Remove Neofriends from the drop-down list. Neofriends who are currently in the Key Quest game area are indicated by the image of four keys next to their name.

Once you are happy with the list of Neofriends you have invited, click OK and the Create a Game screen will list their names. If you do not want to invite any Neofriends to play your game, it will be open for anyone to join.

Games by Keys/Games by Topics

In the Key Quest Lobby, on either side of the Create Game door, are two windows. On the left the Games by Keys are listed and on the right the Games by Topics. These contain the created games, listed under the categories and number of keys that the player selected. Clicking on one of the subjects will take you to the selection room for games of that type.

The game selection screen has a Notification window on the right hand side. This is where you can have conversations with other players in the room, currently using preset phrases listed by subject. Messages will also be displayed here, notifying you of things like Neofriends who are online and any invitations you have received to join games.

On the left of the screen is a list of available games, indicating creator, number of players and number of keys. Where there are spaces for players within a game, at least one smiley face will be dark. The yellow smiley faces indicate the players that are waiting to play that game. To join, click on the game you wish to join and then select Join Game. Double clicking on the game will have the same effect.

Quick Game

On the bottom right hand corner of the Games Lobby screen is a Quick Game link. Selecting this option means that you will not have the chance to choose which type of game to play, but will join the first game that is available.

The Waiting Room

Once you have selected the game of your choice, you will be taken to the Key Quest Waiting Room. This is where you wait for your opponents. At the top, on the left of the screen is the chat window, which operates in the same way as the notification window, detailed above. To the right of this is the play area where the die is rolled and the starting homes are selected. There is a door to the right where you can exit back to the Games Lobby, if you change your mind.

Along the bottom of this page are a line of token bases in red, yellow, green and blue. Select an available base for your Key Quest token to rest on. The colour of your base determines the colour you will play in the game. These bases are picked on a first come, first served basis. Other players’ tokens will appear on the other bases as they enter the Waiting Room.

When all the players have loaded this screen, indicated by the spinning circle on their Key Quest token disappearing, each rolls the die in turn. Once all the players have thrown the die, their User Displays are shown at the top of the screen. This shows each player’s name, their token character and colour, a list of the coloured keys to be collected, neopoints they earn during the game and three boxes where their Power-ups will be shown.

The User Displays indicate the order of play, from left to right. Once this order is established, the four Starting Homes are displayed on the screen. Each player in turn chooses their starting position, which is then greyed out so that the other player can select from the remaining locations. Once all the homes are assigned, the game loads, indicated by the key on the left-hand door glowing.

The Game

When you enter the game, the User Displays are shown across the top of the screen and the chat window is relocated to the bottom left-hand corner. A window appears in the bottom centre of the screen with information of what is happening during the game. The main playing area is presented as a three-dimensional board game.

The aim of the game is to collect at least one key of each colour and be the first to reach the Quest Door. To achieve this, each player in turn is given the option to use a Power-up card or roll the die. When the die is rolled, the number thrown is shown on the player’s User Display in place of their token. This number is counted down as their token moves around the board. When the token reaches a junction, the player can choose which path to take. Tokens cannot move backwards, unless made to do so by a Power-up card (see below).

Each type of tile on the playing board has a different function:

Home Tiles

At the beginning of the game, each player starts on the tile outside their selected home. This is the square the player will return to if the Catapult Power-up is used on them (see below).


These tiles have a key on and above them, one for each of the colours that needs to be collected to complete the game. These tiles are in set positions on the board and you receive the key whether you pass over or land on the tile at the end of your move.

The Quest Door

The stone arch with the crossed keys above it marks the finishing position. The first player to collect at least one key of each colour and reach the tile with the arrow on situated at the foot of the arch wins the game. You do not have to throw the exact number to land on this tile.

Neopoint Tiles

These gold tiles award 50 NP when you either pass across or land on them.

Mini Game Tiles

Identified as having a purple circle with yellow stars, these tiles are only activated if you end your move by landing on them. They activate a random Mini Game, the winner of which earns a key of their choice. The Mini Game is played in front of the main Key Quest game board, which fades into the background. Instructions on how to play the Mini Game are given when it loads.

Teleport Tiles

There are two teleport tiles, having circles in purple on them. If you land on or pass over one of these tiles, you have the option to go through to the other teleport tile and continue from there.

Treasure Chest

X marks the spot of the Treasure Chest. If you land on this tile, you are awarded a Power-up card, a key of your choice and a neopoint bonus is added to your total.

Power-up Cards

When you pass or land on a tile with three coloured diamonds, a Power-up Card is added to your User Display. You can only hold three Power-up at one time, so if you pick up a fourth card, you have the opportunity to exchange it for one of the Power-ups you currently hold. Whichever card you decide not to keep will be discarded.

Each Power-up card is one use only and they all have different effects. You are given the opportunity to use one card at the beginning of your move, before you roll the die. When you choose to play a Power-up card, all cards held are displayed in the centre of the screen. Select the card you wish to use and, where appropriate, the player you wish to use it on. If you used one on one of your opponents, they will be notified of the card that has been used and the action appropriate to that card will take effect.

Misdirected Compass: You can use this card on yourself or another player. It causes the selected player to move in the opposite direction.

Loaded Gummy Die: Playing this Power-up card enables you to choose which number the die lands on when you roll it.

Bottled Quicksand: When used on an opponent, this card causes the selected player to miss their next turn.

Rainbow Sticky Hand: Playing this card enables you to take one Power-up card held by a player of your choice.

Key Grabber: Using this Power-up card enables you to steal a key from one of your opponents.

Catapult: This card will send you or one of your opponents back to their home spot.

Transporter Helmet: Using this card enables you to switch your token’s position with that of one of your opponents.

Distraction Potion: This card enables you to swap one of the keys you hold with one of the keys held by an opponent of your choice.

The Vault

Once one of the players has won, the game closes and a list of the prize keys and neopoints won by each player is displayed. You can then visit the Prize Vault and unlock your prize. Either click on the Unlock Your Prize link on this page, or enter the Vault later using the link on the Key Quest options screen.

In the Vault there are four locked doors, one corresponding to each of the coloured keys. Below them, the number of keys held in each colour is displayed. To unlock the door, click on the keyhole and your prize will be revealed. The number of random items you win from the Vault depends upon the colour of the key used:

1st Place Gold Vault: 4 items.

2nd Place Silver Vault: 3 items.

3rd Place Bronze Vault: 2 items.

4th Place Lead Vault: 1 item.

You can only unlock 10 of the doors each day. The number of keys redeemed so far is displayed above the locks.

The Collector’s Case

When you play Key Quest for the first time you receive one of four starter tokens. Additional tokens are available to collect. You can choose which tokens are available to play with during the Key Quest game by selecting the option from the Collector’s Case.

To visit your Collector’s Case, either use the Key Quest Tokens link on your Lookup or go to the Key Quest options page and use the link that is there. Once you have opened your Collector’s Case, click on your token and make sure there is a tick in the Key Quest Quick List box. If you do not wish to use the selected token when playing Key Quest, then uncheck this box.


Key Quest is a challenging and absorbing game that introduces a totally new concept of play in Neopia. Whilst it is possible to play just against Neofriends, the opportunity to pitch your wits against unknown players makes the game far more exciting and unpredictable.

At the time of writing this guide, Key Quest is still in Beta testing. Whilst there have been a few teething problems, many of these have been quickly resolved. Whilst some of the features detailed above are not yet available, it is clear that this game is going to be a great hit, not only for the generous prizes offered but also for the challenge of the game itself.

If you have not yet played Key Quest, consider giving it a try. You may not win gold keys immediately, but with a little practice and luck you will soon get the hang of the game and improve your winnings. Remember, also, that whether you come first or last, you will still be earning neopoints and a key that will unlock at least one item from the prize Vault.


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