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Amy's Big Pyjama Problem

by 12345marissa


"Amy, let's go shopping!" Amy's mom yelled from the bottom of the long set of stairs. It was Amy's first time at the new NC Mall, and she was very excited. Amy was a beautiful blue Uni with a long, well manicured mane. She was the typical Uni in every sense.

      Amy bounded down the stairs, tossing her old potato sack shirt in the garbage. For a long time it was the only thing in her closet.

     "I won't be needing that ugly old thing anymore!"

      Amy was so excited to get new clothes.

     After a short walk into the heart of Neopia Central, Amy and her mom reached the much talked about NC Mall.

      Amy didn't know what to pick with all the wonderful clothes in the NC Mall! After a lot of contemplating and trying on, she finally picked some silky pink pyjamas.

     "These are so comfy, I'll forget I'm wearing them!" Amy joked.

     Her mom laughed with her before paying for the pyjamas.


      The next morning was similar to all the others. Amy woke up at 8:00 for Neoschool, had breakfast, brushed her teeth, and packed her lunch (asparagus and scones, her favourite). Amy was just about to walk outside when she got the feeling that she was forgetting something.

     "I have my lunch, my homework, and all of the school supplies I'll need for today. I think have everything then!" concluded Amy, as she started to walk toward the Neoschool building.

      Amy walked onto the familiar playground, as she did every day. A yellow Blumaroo jumping rope stopped and stared at Amy. So did a green Lupe along with his friends. In fact the whole school stopped what they were doing and stared at her. Amy ran up to her best friend Sarah, a red Usul.

     "What is everyone staring at?" Amy asked.

     "You, silly!" Sarah giggled.

     "What about me? ls my hair messy? Do I have something in my teeth? What?" Amy asked.

     "The pyjamas!" Sarah said.

     "Pyjamas? What pyjam... oh no! My new silky pyjamas! I forgot to take them off and put on my regular clothes! Oh... I can't go home to change! My parents are at work and my sister is at Neoschool too!" Amy yelled.

     "I can't get your clothes, but I can help you remember them!" Sarah said.

     "What is it? How can I remember?" Amy asked.

     "When I need to remember something, I tie a bow on my finger!" stated Sarah. "You should do the same. When you wake up, you'll see the bow and remember to change."

     "Wow, thanks, Sarah! That's a really good idea! I'll do that. Afterall, I don't want this to happen again."

      That night, before she went to sleep, Amy tied a small red bow onto her hoof.

     "This will surely help me remember to change my clothes in the morning!" whispered Amy as she fell asleep.

      But the next morning, when Amy woke up, she forgot what the bow was for.

     "What is this for?" Amy asked herself. "Maybe it's to remember my homework on the counter!" Amy got out of bed and went to Neoschool.

      By the time Amy noticed she still had her pyjamas on, she was already at Neoschool!

      That day, when Amy went home, she asked her mom for help with her problem.

     "Mom, I have a pyjama problem. You see, I keep forgetting to take them off when I get up to go to school! What should I do?" Amy asked her mom.

     "Hmm..." said her mom, thinking for a moment before answering. "When I need to remember something, I write it down. Maybe you should write a note to yourself and leave it on your bedside table. That way you'll read it and remember in the morning."

     Amy was excited. "Thanks, Mom!" she cried, giving her mom a hug and running up to her bedroom.

      Once upstairs, she wrote a little 'open me' sign and put it on the front of her dresser's drawer. But when she woke up the next morning, the sign had fallen off! Amy got out of bed and headed for school.

      By the time Amy noticed that she still had her pyjamas on, she was already at school! She had to sit through another embarrassing day in her pyjamas before she was allowed to go home at the end of the school day.

      That evening, after dinner, Amy went home and asked her dad for some advice.

     "Dad, I have a pyjama problem. You see, I keep forgetting to take them off when I go to school! What should I do?"

     "Hmm..." said her dad, rubbing his chin in thought. "When I need to remember something, I study it for a long time, the way you would for a test."

     "That's a really good idea! Thanks, Dad!" cried Amy happily, giving her dad a hug and running up the steps to her room.

      That night, before she went to sleep, Amy wrote 'put your school clothes on' on a piece of paper and studied it. She wanted to wake up with thoughts of proper clothes. But when the alarm clock rang, and she actually did wake up, Amy's thoughts were not on her clothes. She was thinking about what to have for breakfast, since she had run out of scones. Poor Amy got out of bed and went to school, forgetting all about her studying the night before.

      You can guess what happened next. After another horrible day at school (and a few dirty looks from her mean math teacher), Amy asked her older sister for help with her now regular pyjama problem.

     "Claire, I have a pyjama problem. You see, my new silk pyjamas feel so comfy that I forget to take them off in the morning when I go to school! For the past few days, I've been going to school with them on!"

     Claire was shocked. "Oh no! That's horrible, Amy!"

     "I know. I was hoping you could help me. This keeps on happening. I've tried tying a bow to my hoof, writing it down, and studying it! What should I do?"

     "Hmm...." thought Amy's older sister, scratching her head in thought. "You know, Amy, when I wear something new and different to school, I wear it with confidence. If you don't seem bothered by it, no one else will be either. Who knows? Maybe you'll start a trend at your school."

     "Wow! Thanks so much, Claire, that was really good advice!" cried Amy happily, as she bounded up the steps to her room.

      The next day, Amy forgot to take off her pyjamas again. But this time she didn't let it get her down. She walked onto the school's playground with her head help up high. She did not notice the snickers and giggles, or the mean looks from her disapproving teachers. She ignored them and kept on walking. Pretty soon, everyone stopped bothering her about it. Pretty soon, everyone started to wear pyjamas to school. The teachers had nothing else to do but make every day pyjama day, and Amy became one of the most popular girls at her school, all thanks to a little bit of good advice.

The End!

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