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Turmac Roll Guide

by oh_nine


You're rolling across the ground on a nice day, with the sun shining... but wait! What's that ahead of you? A stump? It looks very large and, being sleepy and having eaten too many berries, you didn't notice it until too late; it's too late to go around it! So what do you do? You gather up your courage, bunch up the muscles in your legs, and jump! Whew! A crisis averted! But what's that?


Have you always admired the shining Turmac Roll trophies, but have never been able to get one? Well, that ends now with this guide! Disclaimer: This guide's intent is to give you tips, not to make you a better player.


Seriously, all the levels are basically the same, except easy doesn't have as many berries and the ones it does have aren't worth nearly as much. Don't believe me? Don't want to risk it? Fine, be that way. But you'll be on the computer for three nights in a row trying to get the trophy on easy.


I cannot stress this enough; always, always, always, jump at the height of a ramp, a stump, a hill with a dip, or any slightly elevated land mark. Chances are after those there will be a stump, a sharp spike to impale for Turmy, or even a very valuable berry! Don't understand why you have to jump? Well, I'm not going to give you a science lesson, but if you don't, Turmy will simply roll off the ramp and won't have enough power to jump high enough. In other words; GAME OVER.


That says it all, I think. The berries, more often than not, are your guides. If you see a berry in the air, don't just roll by and think 'Huh, that's odd." JUMP AND GRAB IT. Most of the time after the floating berry will be one lower down and jumping to get the high berry will cause you to avoid an obstacle of some sort.


Did I just lose you there? Sorry. Anyway, what I mean by that is if you see a large ramp with mud underneath it but not its spiky counterpart, don't breathe a sigh of relief and relax. There will ALWAYS be a large spike ramp to throw you off a ways after it. And you can count on it being big. So make sure you jump.


Although the game has one, it doesn't tell you in depth about them. I will.

Sniddberry: A very common blue and red berry. The most common, in fact. When you don't see the others, you will see this one. Although you do want to get them, don't beat yourself up if you miss one or two.

Loveberry: Again, this one is quite common and is in the shape of a heart. Not as common as the Sniddberry, but you'll see it much more than you'll see the Aquaberry (see below). It's worth two points.

Chiaberry: This one is a bit more rare, but, again, don't start crying if you miss one. This is worth a whopping four points. It's red and has a chia face.

Conkerberry: This one, if you're like me, you won't see a whole lot. Don't be fooled, though. It's only worth eight points. It's much more rare than the Snidberry, but you'll see it a lot more than you'll see the Aquaberry. This one looks green and lumpy with some strange brown thing around it.

Voidberry: This one, ironically, is seen more times than the Conkerberry, if your games are anything like mine. However, I sometimes go through games without seeing it at all. It's worth fifteen points. This berry looks like a black orb.

Fishberry: Although this one is worth twenty-five points, I'm not bothered if I miss one. They're not really rare, although you'll see them less than the lesser berries. Although it's great if you do get one, don't go out of your way or risk ending the game for one. Can you guess what this one looks like? That's right, a fish. A blue fish, to be exact.

Jumbleberry: This fifty point berry is pink and looks extremely hairy. Now, if you miss this one, you can start to tear up a little. They're not the rarest berry of the game, but it's much more likely that you'll go a game without seeing one.

Juicy Berry: It looks like a large, tan water balloon and it's worth seventy-five points. Again, you can be upset if you miss it. I get upset, but a lot of times I see a Unguberry more often than I see the Juicy Berry.

Unguberry: It looks like a small, lumpy, unappetizing cherry. But, although you would probably never eat it, you definitely shouldn't worry about Turmy's health. This is one I've thrown myself in danger for, since it's worth one-hundred points.

And last, but definitely not least,

The Aquaberry: It looks like a raindrop and is worth two-hundred points. Although you don't want to take your eyes off the game, you can throw a fit afterwards about missing it. I've only seen it a couple times in all the games I've played.

Starting the game, you probably see a bunch of of berries that you expect to be in the game. To name off a few, I've seen one that resembles a sausage, a crushed-looking one, and a weird looking purple berry. Then, when you don't see them in the game, you assume they're rare and you'll see them eventually. You won't. They don't exist in the game, they're just there, I assume, for show. The creator of the game probably added them after they decided Turmy would want more than ten berries.


I understand that people can't always get that. Sometimes you don't get very many berries, the stumps are close together and, to tell the truth, you're just so tired of playing. Although 200 points only yields about that many neopoints, it's more than 50 or 100. If you can get more, then do, but I doubt I had to say that.

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