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The Honorary Feepit Vs. the Monoceraptor

by ashflash


“This jungle is more humid than Mystery Island,” complained Spats the purple tasu as he walked through the thick jungles of Tyrannia, “and I think we are lost.”

      “I thought it would be fun to go on a vacation while our owners are staying at the Neolodge,” replied Rufus the feepit, “and we are only sidetracked.”

      “We must have different views of what being lost means.”

      “I like my view better.”

      “Whatever. I wish Tyrannia didn’t have so much mud,” said Spats as they trudged through a small mud puddle. “I am stuck!” panicked Spats as he tried to move his paws.

      “That is because this mud is actually quicksand and we are sinking,” screamed Rufus as the quicksand rose past his legs.

      “Rip, throw them something,” shouted a gruslen as she jumped down from a nearby tree.

      “Take hold of this vine,” instructed a niptor as he ran out of the bushes and threw a vine toward Spats and Rufus. They quickly grabbed onto the vine and the gruslen and niptor pulled them out. “Are you okay?” asked the niptor.

      “Yes, just a little tired,” responded Rufus.

      “Typical tourists never watch where they are walking,” said the gruslen with a bored voice.

      “Frisky, cut them some slack,” ordered the niptor. “My name is Rip. Who are you?”

      My name is Spats and this is Rufus,” replied Spats.

      “Ignore Frisky; she doesn’t like it when tourists disturb her daily life. She is a perfectionist,” whispered Rip.

      “With good hearing,” added Frisky.

      Suddenly a loud roar sounded throughout the jungle. “What was that sound?” asked Rufus as a pair of airax landed next to them

      “The Monoceraptor,” answered one of the airax.

      “Swoop, what are you talking about?” questioned Frisky.

      “My brother and I were out for our morning glide when we spotted him a few miles from the Tyrannian Plateau,” answered the airax.

      “Swipe, tell us it is not true,” pleaded Rip. “The Monoceraptor cannot be back.”

      “Swoop is telling the truth,” confirmed the other airax. “We must run and hide.”

      “Unacceptable. We must protect our home,” argued Frisky.

      While the Tyrannian petpets were arguing, Spats and Rufus crept away from them. “I think the Tyrannian branch of the Feepit Defenders of Neopia should hear about the Monoceraptor,” said Spats.

      “Definitely,” agreed Rufus,

      “Where is the Tyrannia Headquarters?” asked Spats.

      “Follow me,” replied Rufus as he hiked toward the Tyrannian Plateau. As soon as they were on the plateau the two petpets scaled a wall and entered the Lair of the Beast. They fearlessly ignored the dripping water, climbed the rope, and walked toward the gaping black hole .

      “I hear heavy breathing,” quavered Spats. “Are you sure you know where you are going?”

      “Positive,” confirmed Rufus when a giant pterodactyl head emerged from the hole and gave an ear splitting shriek. “Kacheekers,” said Rufus in a calm voice as the pterodactyl froze in place. “It is a robot to scare away intruders that shuts down if you know the password,” informed Rufus.

      “That is a work of genius,” complimented Spats as they continued past the deactivated robot and into a chamber with about a two dozen feepits.

      “Who is in charge?” asked Rufus

      “That would be me,” answered a spotted feepit. “My name is Hunter and I do not believe that you are one of my feepits.”

      “We are from the Mystery Island division,” replied Spats. “We came to Tyrannia for a brief vacation and then heard that the Monoceraptor is back. We came to warn you about him.”

      “We heard the roar as well,” remarked Hunter, “but he is too big for us to defeat. Besides, he is not a meepit which means that he is not our problem.”

      “We are the Feepit Defenders of Neopia,” said Rufus angrily. “It is our job to protect everyone in Neopia from any threat.”

      “You can always round up the other petpets of Tyrannia for help,” added Spats.

      “We only work with other feepits,” snarled Hunter, “and we will not fight the Monoceraptor.”

      “If that is how you feel, then sit back and let your home get destroyed!” shouted Rufus as he walked out of the cave with Spats.

      “I cannot believe the feepits who live here are not going to protect Tyrannia,” said Spats. “We have to do something.”

      “We cannot face him alone and it will take too long for the Mystery Island feepits to get here,” assessed Rufus.

      Looking over the edge of the plateau and into the wasteland beyond, Spats could see the Monoceraptor in the distance as well as several canyons and gorges that covered the wasteland. “I have an idea,” said Spats with a smile.

      Soon the two petpets were running through the jungle and looking for any of the petpets they had met earlier until they finally found Frisky drinking from a watering hole. “Frisky!” called Rufus. “We have a plan to stop the Monoceraptor, but we need the help of every petpet you can find.”

      “Why would a couple of tourists risk their lives for us?” asked Frisky skeptically.

      “It is our job,” responded Spats.

      “Maybe I judged you too soon,” she admitted. “Swoop and Swipe, I know you have been eavesdropping. I need you to fly across the jungle and round up every petpet you can find.

      “We have not been eavesdropping,” denied Swoop as he poked his head out of a tree.

     “Obviously,” remarked Frisky.

     “Swoop, we better hurry and do what she says if we want to save our home,” advised Swipe as he appeared next to his brother.

     As soon as Swoop and Swipe were gone, Spats and Rufus told Frisky the plan. Shortly later, they were joined by the airax brothers, Rip, and several other Tyrannian petpets. The group then headed over to the wasteland beyond the Tyrannian Plateau and were soon ready to put their plan into action.

     “Is everybody ready?” asked Rufus.

     “Yes,” replied Rip. “We know what to do.”

     The plan commenced when Rufus and Spats approached the Monoceraptor. “Are you hungry?” teased Spats. “I bet you can’t catch us!”

     With a mighty roar the beast began to chase them. The two petpets quickly ran into a nearby canyon with the Monoceraptor right behind them.

     “Hurry up!” shouted Rufus to the Tyrannian petpets who were on top of the canyon as they tried to push debris to block the only entrance to the canyon.

     “It is too heavy,” grunted Rip. “We do not have enough petpets.”

     “You do now,” proclaimed Hunter as the feepits joined in to help the other petpets. Soon they had successfully pushed the debris into the canyon’s entrance.

     Then Swoop and Swipe dove into the canyon, grabbed Rufus and Spats, flew out of the canyon, and landed next to the group of petpets. “Nice work, everyone,” complimented Spats. “He will be stuck in the canyon for a long time.”

     “Hunter, I cannot believe you came to help,” said Rufus.

     “After you left, we realized that you were right and that we are not better than other petpets,” replied Hunter. “From now on, feepits will work together with every kind of petpet.”

     “That is great,” remarked Spats. “Now Rufus and I have to be heading home.”

     “For a couple of tourists, you two are not so bad,” remarked Frisky.

     After they had said their goodbyes, Rufus and Spats boarded a ferry to Mystery Island. “Next time, I pick our vacation,” said Spats with a tired grin.

The End

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