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Story Of My Neofamily

by blink182_2005183


Imagine yourself calmly reading in your living room. Sitting comfortably on your couch, covered up by a nice, soft blanket, everything wonderful and quiet, lost in the story that's in front of you... And then BAM! You hear a crashing noise in the kitchen. Everything you're currently enjoying has to be put on hold. Again.

     Yup, that's pretty much what every day of my Neopian life consists of. Again, I hear a crashing noise in the kitchen. And, again, I have to put my book (which was getting to the best part!) down, leave the warmth and comfort of my blanket and couch, to see what the little rascals are up to this time around.

     My little rascals.

     As I step into the kitchen, I see exactly what I was expecting. At the bottom, there was Vue, then there was Koug, then Cassie, Rus, then topping them all off, Tamsy, creating an unbelievably unstable tower of baby neopets.

     "You guys! I can assure you you'll all survive without a cookie right now," I told them. Tamsy, being the most outgoing of them all, chirped and waved one of her miniature wings in dismissal, ignoring me. Then, Cassie shifted slightly, and Tamsy lost her balance and started wobbling, getting ready to fall.

     I've come to the realization that (and for all those other baby pet owners out there that deal with the same as me, heed the words I am telling you) the stop, drop, and roll method is not only handy when you've somehow managed to catch yourself on fire, but also when your baby pet has decided to make a tower, then the plan backfired on them. Let me break it down for you:

     Stop: You see your baby getting ready to fall and hurt themselves quite badly. You freeze when you yourself realize the danger.

     Drop: Imagine yourself in a spy movie or something. You're currently spying on the genius who decided to infest the world with millions of mutant Grarrls. You're hiding behind a bush, listening to what he's saying. He glances your way, and all you do is drop to the floor. Yep, you're pulling one of those numbers, except instead you're not trying to avoid the suspect's line of vision, you're avoiding a trip to the hospital.

     Roll: Maneuver yourself quickly over to your little cookie snatchers by simply rolling. Make sure not to even breathe on the others, because that would just end tragically.

     I did all this. Once I was there, Tamsy fell, and I managed to break her fall. See, didn't I tell you it was a great method? I sat Tamsy down, then one by one, helped the others down from the Tower of Doom (as I like to call it).

     "Now you guys, that was a very dangerous stunt you just pulled there. You all could've gotten hurt!" I thought for a moment. "As punishment, there will be no cookies after dinner tonight," I said, making my voice sound official.

     I looked down, and there in front of me, I saw the most sad, pitiful faces I've ever seen in my entire life. Tamsy, the baby Lenny, Koug, the baby Kougra, Cassie, the baby Usul, Rus, the baby Lupe, and Vue, the baby Gelert, had to be the cutest pets ever. I wanted to give them ten cookies each, just to see them smile again.

     But, of course, we all know that just wouldn't be right. So I had to move along.

     "Okay, guys, back to the living room," I instructed. One by one, they all shuffled into the living room of our little neohome. I sat down on the couch once more. But they all got over their lack of cookies quickly, making it quite hard to get back into my story.

     Rus and Vue, being the boys that they are, were playing rough. Tackling each other, rolling around on the floor, biting and tugging at one another's ears. Cassie, the girliest one of the bunch, was happily brushing her Maraquan Usuki. I'm telling you, that usuki is her best friend. If Cassie ever lost it... I shuddered at the thought. Tamsy and Koug were playing Hide-And-Seek, since they were super excited that I was going to take them all to play Kacheek Seek this weekend. They were eager to play now. Koug was "it", and Tamsy was hiding under a table. You see, Tamsy lived by the "If I can't see them, they can't see me" theory when playing said game, so her little wings were covering her eyes, a huge grin on her face as she thought she had found the perfect hiding place. But, of course, Koug found her with ease. Tamsy crossed her wing over her chest as a light pout developed on her face when she became "it".

     I sat there, watching my little baby neopets, and I came to a realization:

     Yeah, my life's a little... Crazy. Okay, scratch the little part, insert Very with a capital "V" there. But, just to see them be happy and to just be able to get along with their brothers and sisters... To actually be a family, I don't think I'd trade any of it in for a comfy couch with a warm blanket and a really good story. I don't think I'd trade it in for a million neopoints. Nothing could top off seeing their wonderfully joyful faces right now. Or, in Tamsy's case, her pouty face (which, in my opinion, is quite high on the cuteness factor).

     Cassie let out a yawn. She had missed her nap (due to the fact she decided it would be a grand idea to fake sick so she could stay with me. But of course, when I mentioned cough syrup, she magically felt much better), and it was catching up on her. She crawled over to the couch and lifted her arms up to me, whining lightly. I gently picked her up and placed her on my lap, where she curled up and fell asleep as I softly stroked her light pink fur.

     Of course, this didn't stop the others from being loud. Koug hid behind the couch as Tamsy searched around for her. Once she found her, she chirped with laughter, and Koug couldn't help but join in. Rus and Vue were still at it. Eventually, Rus managed to pin down Vue. He let out a playful growl at Rus, and he returned it. Then, as I'm sure you all figured, they went back to rolling about on the floor, play fighting.

     "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, guys," I told the two softly, trying my best to keep Cassie asleep. At my words, their ears fell back slightly, and they sat by each other. But it wasn't long until they playfully started shoving each other.

     Pretty soon they were all incredibly tired, so I decided to gather them all up and put them to bed. I tucked them all in and turned off the light (though I had to keep the door open or else they'd all freak out.) After lights out, I could hear them from the living room, giggling and such. But soon it all died out into silence. I stood from the couch and snuck into their room, seeing all their peaceful faces, lost in their dreams...

     Nope, I wouldn't trade this in for anything in Neopia.

The End

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