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Neopian Quiz

by daughters_ofthe_moon


I love quizzes, although I must admit I’m a big cheat when it comes to looking at the answers. While I was submitting a different article today, the Neopian Times told me it would love quizzes too so I thought, Right, let's make one! I spent a few moments wondering what kind of quiz would be good for everyone... now maths is definitely not my strong point so Lenny C type questions are just out of the question… then I thought logic problems! I love them too (again, unfortunately, I cheat as soon as I get stuck) but as soon as I started to try and write one, my brain just shut down and refused. Then I had a brain wave… I did a number quiz the other day and thought ah-ha! This would be the perfect kind of quiz for the Neopian Times and the easiest type for you, the reader, to do whenever you got bored.

Here’s how the quiz works... You have a number and then some initials for letters to make up a phrase. For example:

26 L in the A

I can hear your brain ticking as you frantically try to figure out what it means... of course all you clever clogs out there have probably already shouted the answer at me, but just in case, here it is...

26 Letters in the Alphabet

Of course this quiz will be Neopian based and all the answers will be available on the site if you search in the right place! (Just in case you’re not sure where that might be, it could be anywhere, but I’m sure the Neopedia might have some answers.)

Okay, let's start with an easy one…

54 N S in N

241 P on the A T P L

5 N on the N (B)

16 T in the A C

800 T is the M B on the T P

6 Y of the A G C

1 P is the W of the A P

25 P to a N T

18 N W

12 S in the H of H (I the S)

3 P on the L D M

59 A on the D L

5 M on a G C

240 A in the N

180 is the R of R I

23 G on the T R P

51 P B C

20 L in G T U (and 5 S L)

31 D in the M of H

8 S in a B S (Some people might say it’s 8 S in a B D S)

‘I know them all,’ some of you are crying out… ‘I did it!’ while others of you are just crying in frustration from the mind bending thinking you’ve had to put in. Well, since I’m not cruel, well, maybe only a little bit, here are the answers for you (I know some of you have done what I always do and looked by the third question, but oh well, I hope it was still fun!) Let me know how you did!

Here are the answers in the same order as the questions... with a little commentary so you don’t get bored.

I hope you’ve finished them all before you start peeking!!

54 Neopet Species in Neopia (Come on, you must have got that, right?)

241 Petpets on the All The Petpets List (Okay, yes, this one might have needed a bit of cheating.)

5 Neofriends on the Neofriends (Beta) (This one was right in front of you.)

16 Teams in the Altador Cup (You knew that!)

800 Thousand is the Maximum Bid on the Trading Post (D’oh.)

6 Years of the Annual Gormball Championship (Whaaaaat? Neopedia, my friend.)

1 Pound is the Weight of the Attack Pea (Who knows that? Well, now you do!)

25 Pages to a Neoboard Topic (Are you kicking yourself yet?)

18 Neopian Worlds (That was too easy!)

12 Statues in the Hall of Heroes (Including the Sleeper.) (The broken one counts!!)

3 Pyramids on the Lost Desert Map (Are you kicking me yet?)

59 Avatars on the Default List (Yes, I know I’m mean.)

5 Members on a Guild Council (Don’t get me started on sub councils!)

240 Articles in the Neopedia (Don’t tell me you didn’t think to check?)

180 is the Rarity of Retired Items (Did you already give up?)

23 Games on the Top Rated Page (I know, life’s unfair.)

51 Paint Brush Colours (Don’t tell me there are more retired ones…)

20 Levels in Grand Theft Ummagine (and 5 Secret Levels.) (Forgive me, it’s my fav game.)

31 Days in the Month of Hiding (Hopefully it’s still the Month of Hiding, otherwise oops.)

8 Slots in a Battledome Set (or B D Set.) (Confused? I am.)

Okay here’s the test... How many did you get correct? Are you a wimp or wise? Count how many you got right (without cheating and sneaking a peek) and find out…

1-5 You’re a Neopian Newbie; you know a small amount about Neopia, but it’s not enough... get down to Altador right now and start reading those archives!

6-10 You’re a Neopian Novice; you’ve made a good start, but really you could know more. I’d get straight down (or up as the case may be) to the Booktastic Bookstore where they could tell you so much more!

11-15 You’re a Neopian NurNur; you think you’ve done a really good job and you’re just showing off now!

16-20 You’re a Neopian Know-it-all; congratulations, it seems you really do know-it-all and there’s nothing more for me to teach you!

Did you like this quiz?

If you did and you’d like to see me try and get a second edition published in the Neopian Times, then please neomail and let me know that people are interested!

If you found it really hard and hate me now, I’ll make sure I duck the deluge of dung that’s probably coming my way!

Thank you so much for playing!

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