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The Last Smiley: Your Last Trophy?

by leeteh


Hello Neopians, welcome to my The Last Smiley guide. Since I like to play this game, I’ve made a guide about it. Always wanted that difficult gold trophy? I’ll give you a few tips.

The story

Once there was a very fateful day; all smileys were stolen. The smileys were taken far away where they would have all the colour removed from them and would become plain, boring text. What is a neoboard with only plain boring text and no smileys?

The game

In this game you’ll play The Last Smiley. It’s your task to find the smileys and take them back to Neopia. The smileys are spread out over eight levels. You have to pass the eight levels and save the smileys (just roll over them). You start with three lives, (there is a secret way to get a fourth life). Every level you’ll play on one platform or more platforms. The platforms could be big or small. Collect all smileys in every level, then go to the exit to go to the next level.

The controls

This game has easy controls, but they might be hard to control. Use the up and down arrow keys to move forwards or backwards. Use the right and left arrow key to turn to right or left. At last there is the space button; pressing this will make your smiley jump.

Smileys and scores

There are three different sorts of smileys in this game.

The normal smiley: This smiley is the most common smiley in the game. They look different, but they are all the same. Each of them will give you 10 points. Collect all of them if you want to finish the level. If you got all of them, just find the exit.

The invisible smiley: Yes, you read it right, INVISIBLE smiley. This one is hard to find. But if you watch the floor, you can see its shadow. Collecting this invisible smiley will give you 50 points. You do NOT have to find this smiley if you want to finish a level; it’s just for bonus points. Not every level has an invisible smiley.

The glorious catfish smiley: At last, but not least, we have the catfish smiley. This one is not so hard to find; it’s not invisible. Collecting this smiley will give you ONE HUNDRED points! Again you don’t have to get this smiley if you want to finish the level. Not every level has a catfish smiley.

Other game stuff

There are several game objects in this game.

The grey box: This box appears in two levels; in only one of them it has an use. The boxes are heavy and you can use them to put something down. You can safely bump them off the platform in the first level since they have no use in the first level.

The speed pad: Like the name said, if you roll over this, it will give you massive speed. You can’t control this speed anymore. It’s used if you have to jump to another platform or to have enough speed to go up a steep wall. Watch out for these pads; sometimes it’s just better to take another way.

The red button: One of the bad aspects of the game, they look fun but they aren’t. If you jump on a red button, you’ll bounce away (sometimes you’ll bounce from the platform and you’ll lose a life). Try to avoid these things.

The exit: This is a red round piece of carpet with a flag on it. To finish the level, you have to touch it. You need a little bit of speed to get on it since it does not have the same height as the normal ground.

The teleporter: The teleporter is a blue object. Touching this will teleport you to the other teleporter in the level. Teleporters are only found in the last two levels.

The flying cart: At last we have a flying cart. This cart can transport you to another platform.

The trophy hunt

Now you know everything about the game, it’s time to take a look at the trophies. The maximum score you can reach in this game is 810. To get this score, you have to finish the whole game and you have to collect the glorious catfish smileys and the invisible smileys. To get gold, you have to get the maximum score right after the reset on the first day of the month. You have to hurry since other people also will try to get the gold trophy. This isn’t a game like Chia Bomber where everyone with the same maximum score will get a golden trophy. You have to rush for it. If you didn’t manage to score 810, there is a way to get a trophy. It takes a lot of luck, though. Try to get a score as high as you can get on the first day of the month. Once all seventeen places are filled with the maximum scores, there is no way to get a trophy for the rest of the month.

Hints and tips

Try to type some several smileys in the game, they might unlock codes...

Remember, practice makes perfect.

If you’re on full speed and you’re about to fall of the edge of the platform, release all your keys and do NOTHING. You’ll slow down very fast. This is better than pushing the backwards key. It sounds stupid but try it out.

When you’re going for the golden trophy, you have to start the game immediately after the reset. The first three spots are mostly taken half an hour later.

Sadly there is no avatar available in this game.

Know your levels, know what you have to do, know where the smileys are and know where you can find secret smileys.

Secret smileys don’t appear in every level.


This was my The Last Smiley game. I hope you understand this game now and I hope you can achieve a better score at it now. Good luck when you’re trying to get a trophy or win a world challenge. Feel free to neomail me if you have questions.

Thanks for using my guide.

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