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New Year Glumness

by hannahc57


Neopia is entering Year 7 and the holiday season is just about over, no more great parties or visits to the Advent Calendar… now all of a sudden it’s stopping. Yes, I know this is annoying, I was just getting used to all the fun. I got free items almost everyday from the Advent Calendar, but not anymore.

Are you feeling glum? I was… if you're feeling the way I was what I am about to tell you might be quite a shock. So if you cannot stand being surprised in a negative way, I suggest for your own good you stop reading this article.

Good, you were brave enough to keep reading. Now that’s a start. (A start to what?) You are probably asking, well here it goes. First, I must ask you some questions to determine if this article is written for you, or are you just reading for no apparent reason.

• Are you feeling sad now that the holiday season is over?

• Are you disappointed that you must wait another year for the holidays?

• Do you wish the holidays were everyday.

• Do you ignore your pets.

• Do you wish you could be happier and spent more time with your pets?

If you answered yes to the questions I have just asked you, this article was written for you. If you answered no to these questions, good for you, so now you may be leaving.

Now to those who said yes, here is the problem.

You are suffering from New Year Glumness. What is New Year Glumness, you may ask? Well, all Neopians or Neopets like yourself, are unhappy because you have gotten so used to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, now that it is over you are glum. Quite ridiculous you might say, well when was the last time you played with your Neopets?

The cure? Well if you are very glum, it may take a while. If you are one of the Neopians where it might take a while, be thankful I am offering to help you. To cure the New Year Glumness sickness, just go have fun with your Neopets. It sounds simple, and in ways it is, but if you are extremely glum (and I mean extremely glum) it’s not so simple. If not, and you are only a little glum, it is as simple as that! To start off your road to happiness, how about going to Neopia and visiting Herbert’s Hotdogs or going to Faerieland to spin spin spin that Wheel Of Excitement? Why? You may ask… Well, isn’t it fair to give your Neopets the attention he/she deserves?

If you are still having trouble with getting use to happiness, I totally understand. So to help you I have developed a method, here are the Top 10 Ways To Cure New Year Glumness:

1.) Get up don’t lay around your Neohome

2.) Go and get something to eat, rank up your energy

3.) Take your Neopets on a Mystery Island Tiki Tour

4.) Go shopping in Neopia (buy your pets a new toy)

5.) Visit Kreludor *it’s out of this world! *

6.) Take your pets for a fun *cough cough* day at the Deserted Fairground

7.) Go to Meridell and go roll some cheese! (Cheeseroller)

8.) While you at Meridell go berry picking at Meri Acres Farms

9.) Go play some games

10.) Try to have fun all day all the time with your pets!!!!

Besides when you think about it more holidays are around the bend. We are entering Year 7 and Aisha Day is on the 3rd. Year 7 is going to be a blast and even though January is the Month Of Sleeping you are going to be wide awake and having fun! That’s one of the main keys to getting rid of New Year Glumness.

You will have fun this year. Need more proof? Why just look at the calendar. . .

The month of Sleeping:

1.) Jan. 3rd = Aisha Day

2.) Jan 11th = Festival Of Buzz a.k.a Buzz Day

3.) Jan 14th = Sloth Appreciation Day

4.) Jan 16th = Elephante Day

5.) Jan 29th = Kacheek Day

See look, you have a whole month of fun but it doesn’t stop there, you have a whole year full of events and parties! Look, here is the cold hard proof!

The Month Of Awakening:

1.) Feb 3rd = Zafara Day

2.) Feb 4th = Jhudora Day

3.) Feb 12th = Lenny Festival (Lenny Day)

4.) Feb 14th = The most loving day of the year! Send your friends a Neomail saying Happy Valentines Day

5.) Feb 18th = Chocolate Chia Day (Chia Day) *mmm chocolate*

6.) Feb 21st = Tonu Day

7.) Feb 22nd = Mynci Day

That’s not all you still have another 10 months of fun and then it’s the holidays again. Just fill your year with lots of things to do and it will go by faster.

Strategies For Not Being Glum:

I think the big strategy to not having New Year Glumness is to use your calendar, it’s not there just to be disregarded it is there to use.

Daily Plan:

• Visit your calendar

• Figure out your goals for the day and what you want to do

• Make your calendar or *schedule* fun!

• This is a sure-fire way to prevent you from the sickness of New Year Glumness. And no there is no medicine at the Neopia Pharmacy, it’s all up to you.

As I said before, or I think I said before, don’t take advantage over the holidays. If you do, you’ll just have to come back to me next year so I can help you again but I don’t hope we’ll or you’ll cross that bridge. I mean, I will be having too much fun with my wonderful Neopets! So why don’t you do the same thing? You’ll thank me when the holidays season comes again and you’ll still be happy afterwards. Oh yes, and before I go, for all of you who don’t think there is any way you can get happier, please try this method because it’s the only cure.

Now what are you doing still reading this article??? 0_o Go have fun with your Neopets and have a Happy New Year! :)

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