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Through His Eyes

by bananahorn


"YOU'LL NEVER GET AWAY FROM ME, PANT DEVIL!" a young Christmas Cybunny cried.

     He gripped his wooden sword and began slashing the air, his patchwork cape flying.

     A blue Lupe sat in an armchair nearby, reading her favorite book. The little Cybunny looked over at her, and shouted, "Hurry, sidekick! We have to save Neopia!"

     The Lupe slammed her book closed. "Tomi, I don't have time for your little games! I have to go meet my friends soon!" she said, trying to hide her annoyance.

     Tomi frowned as he slowly dropped his sword, and untied his cape. His ears drooped as he shuffled into the kitchen.

      Suddenly, the Lupe heard the doorbell ring, and she jumped out of the chair, and raced over to the door. Before she could grip the doorknob, she heard her mother shout, "Dani?! Are you leaving? Can you take your little brother with you? I have some cleaning to do, and can't have him in my way."

      Dani groaned. She hated bringing her little brother with her everywhere she went. He tended to embarrass her, and get into all sorts of trouble by running off.

     "Mom! I don't want to! He'll ruin everything!" she shouted. Her mother appeared out of the kitchen, Tomi hopping happily beside her.

     "You shouldn't say things like that about him! I know he is very... creative, but he loves you and looks up to you. You are taking him, end of discussion," her mother said.

      Tomi bounced over to Dani and smiled. Dani sighed as she opened the door. It was going to be a long day.


     Dani walked beside her three best friends, a skunk Zafara, a Christmas Flotsam, and a Mutant Blumaroo. Tomi trailed behind, stopping to examine every pebble, tree, and petpet he came across in Neopia. The skunk Zafara, Berry, glanced over her shoulder at him. "Dani, why does your brother have to come with us wherever we go?"

      Dani sighed. "My mother makes me... I guess she thinks we need to 'bond' or something."

     Tomi found a curved stick, and quickly picked it up. He hopped in front of Dani, nearly causing her to trip over him. "Dani! Dani! Look what I found! It's a clue to finding the Pant Devil!" he said excitedly.

     Dani looked around, embarrassed, as her friends giggled. "Errmmm.....Tomi, I told you, I am NOT playing!"

     Tomi frowned, and dropped the stick. "Why not?" he whimpered.

     Dani pushed him aside. "I don't feel like it! Now COME ON! We have to get to the Haunted Woods before noon! That's when it gets crowded, and we won't be able to check it out!" She grabbed her brother's paw and dragged him along as they made their way to the Haunted Woods.


     When they finally arrived, it was noon. A crowd of neopets filled the area, cramming into every shop and stall. Dani and her friends pushed through them, until they finally got to the Deserted Fairgrounds. Dani looked around excitedly. She had only been here once before, when she was younger, and was eager to explore. She and her friends ran off to go examine every corner of the area.

     In their excitement, Tomi had wandered off. When Dani finally noticed, he was gone. She gasped as she ran around, in search of him. When she found him, he was examining the many "exotic" items in the Spooky Food Stall.

     Tomi looked up at her and smiled. "I think I have almost tracked the Pant Devil down!" he said as he hopped over to her.

     Dani's head burned from anger and embarrassment. Finally, she exploded. "I HAVE HAD IT WITH YOU! YOU CONSTANTLY ANNOY ME WITH YOUR LITTLE GAMES, AND NEVER KNOW WHEN TO STOP! YOU ARE NOT A SUPER-HERO, AND I AM NOT YOUR SIDEKICK! I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU!" she shouted. Everyone nearby turned and looked at her.

     Tomi's ears drooped, and his eyes filled with tears. Then, he turned and hopped away as fast as he could. The Bruce at the Spooky Food Stall frowned and shook his head before turning to a customer.

     Dani had cooled down, and now realized what she had done. She had caused her only brother to run off, and had no idea where he was! Dani began to panic, and ran back over to her friends. "You guys have to help me! Tomi has run off!" she cried.

     Her friends looked at each other before saying in unison, "NO!" They then turned and walked away, laughing. Dani was surprised. Her friends had never acted like this before! She couldn't blame them, though. She had been really mean to her brother in front of them. They didn't matter now, though. She had to find Tomi!


     Tomi hopped though the Haunted Woods, nervously glancing at every tree. Suddenly, a blue shape caught his eye. He curiously went over to investigate. He gasped in surprise. It was the Pant Devil! He held a bulging sack filled with assorted stolen items. Tomi's eyes widened as a large smile spread across his small face. The Pant Devil turned, and dropped the sack in shock. He looked around nervously, before disappearing into the trees. Tomi hopped over to the sack, and pulled it open.

     Paint brushes, jelly, Draik eggs, neggs, dung, and more filled it. Tomi quickly closed the sack and threw it over his shoulder. He had found the Pant Devil, and now had to return all the stolen items. Suddenly, something knocked into him, causing him to lose his balance, and land hard on the ground. He rubbed his head as he saw a group of ghosts greedily take the sack from him and run off. Tomi began to cry as he sat on the ground, alone in the dark.


     Dani ran through the woods, desperately shouting her brother's name. A loud howl caused her to jump. She began sobbing as she crumpled onto the ground. "I never should have yelled at him! I should have just played with him!" she cried. "I'm sorry, Tomi! I am so sorry!"

     Suddenly, she heard sniffling coming from nearby. She quickly stood up, and cautiously walked over to the sound. To her surprise, she saw Tomi sitting on the ground, holding his knees close to his chest. Tears stained his face as he looked ahead. Dani cried out in happiness and ran towards him.

     Tomi turned and smiled as his sister crouched down and hugged him. "Tomi! I am so glad I found you! I am so sorry for being mean to you and yelling at you! I'm just so glad you are safe!" Dani cried, holding Tomi close. Tomi hugged her back.

      "It's okay. Guess what!? I found the Pant Devil! I scared him off and he dropped his sack! It was filled with a lot of good items, and when I was about to return them to the owners, a pack of ghosts came and stole them from me! I am so glad you are here!" he said excitedly.

      Dani laughed as she sat beside him, her arm around his shoulder. "Sure, Tomi, whatever you say. I know that you see things differently, but it's okay."

The End      

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