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Avatar Collecting Made Easy

by crssnedegar


Welcome to the wonderful world of Avatar Collecting! I’ll bet you’re thinking, “Ugh! Not another avatar Neopian Times article!” Right? Well, Mr. Smarty-pants, this is not your ordinary everyday explanation-to-avatar guide. This is the guide that will prove that avatar collecting is not only fun, but it is very, very easy too. Easy? How can avatars be easy? All you have to do is use the tools that The Neopets Team has given us to use. They have given us many things like faerie abilities, petpets, and other items to help us in our quest for avatars. My series of articles will prove to you how to use these things to your advantage and get those precious avatars.

Raiders of Maraqua Avatar

The Raiders of Maraqua avatar is very easy to get. All you have to do is hire a Jetsam bodyguard. Just find a hungry Jetsam and strike a deal with him. If you make a promise of all the fish he can eat in exchange for protection, he will agree to be your bodyguard. While you’re down there you can also get the Jetsam-Chomp avatar (there’s lots of fish down there to eat).

Advert Attack Avatar

This avatar is one of the most difficult game avatars to get. Many Neopians are taunted by this avatar every day. It just keeps being just out of reach for most of us. As you know, the most frustrating thing about Advert Attack is all those stinking pop-ups. They are constantly in the way. When you are only a few clicks away from beating a level, all of a sudden a pop-up appears and you lose. How is it possible to avoid all these annoying advertisements? Well, if you ask anyone who has signed up for Neopets Premium, one of the best things about it they would say is, “No advertisements.” Just sign up for Premium to get your avatar. Then the game is a breeze. All you have to do is click your way to the avatar score. This method is also great because you will get some awesome time bonuses which will give you extra points.

Meepit vs. Feepit Avatar

Okay, okay. No offense, but as we all know, the Feepit is not one of the most feared petpets in Neopia. The Meepit, on the other hand, even gives most of TNT nightmares. So, how can you expect a weakling like a Feepit to beat up a buff Meepit? How can we solve this problem? Just use a much stronger petpet, such as a Splyke, a Pinklet, or a Graffle. But the game is “Meepit vs. Feepit”. Just slip a Blue Feepit T-shirt on the strong petpet. That is a disguise that’ll fool anyone, even a Meepit.

Dubloon Disaster Avatar

The most important thing to getting this avatar is... location, location, location! The problem most people have is playing in the middle of the ocean. I find that the place to play this game is the Neopia Central Wishing Well. Do you have any idea how many dubloons are down at the bottom? This avatar is easily obtained within minutes if you would just play in the Wishing Well.

Turmaculus Avatar

A lot of Neopians have difficulties getting the Great Turmaculus to eat their little petpets. Personally, if I was sleeping and someone hit me with a stick, I would be mad. I certainly would hit them back and would definitely not be willing to give them anything. Anyway, how can there be an easy way of getting Turmy to eat your petpet? All you need is a Meepapault. Just use that little baby to fire your petpet right down his throat. Of course, you’ll want to use an Abominable Snowball or something because Meepits are not exactly cheap.

Meuka Avatar

Meuka is indeed a tough challenger to beat in the battledome. He has excellent weapons and decent defensive items. You have a very powerful weapon at your disposal. That weapon, of course is a Bogie petpet. Just have the Bogie with you and shout, “Aww! How, uh, cute!” Meuka will turn around to look at the, umm, adorable petpet. Now, act quickly. While he is distracted, hit him several times, defeat him, collect your avatar, and RUN! If you get a good head start, he won’t be able to blast you with his Meuka's Snot Trail. Ouch!

Island Quiggle Avatar

This avatar takes a little time to get. Tell your Yellow Quiggle that you have won a vacation package in a contest you entered. *Wink* How can any Quiggle resist a free trip to fabulous Mystery Island? Simply take your Quiggle on the “trip” and when it is time to go home, “accidentally” leave him there. Patiently wait a few months and go back to Mystery Island to pick him up. You will come to find that on the island, he has become a native and is now an Island Quiggle. Note: Umm... just be sure you and your Quiggle have a good relationship before trying this. If not, he will not be so willing to return home with you. He might even attack you with a spear or something. That won’t feel very good.

Number Six Avatar

If you just look at the Number Six avatar itself, you will see that Adam’s eyes are constantly moving. From this observation, we can conclude that Adam is easily distracted. To get this avatar, simply walk up to him and strike up a conversation and suddenly shout, “Look! Someone dropped an Asparagus Candy Cane!” When he turns around to pick up one of his favorite treats, quickly take all of his neopoints. *Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use Number Six as an avatar on the NeoBoards.* Continue your conversation with Adam and then shout, “Hi Donna!” He will turn around again, just giving you enough time to give the neopoints back and hi-tail it out of there.

So there you have it! There’s some sure-fire ways to easily get some of your most wanted avatars. When you’re done, you’ll have nine new avatars. You’ll be on your way to that Avatar Collector Avatar in no time. *wink*

Disclaimer: This is a joke. There is really no way to even use this guide. Just wanted to give TNT a good laugh. There were no Neopets, petpets, or Staff Members harmed in the making of this article.

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