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Life of Concerts

by maamemaame_001


Yesterday my neopet went to see the Blue Kacheek Group. At first I had never seen a concert performance by any group, and didn’t really know that you could go see concerts of any kind during my time on Neopets. Then I went exploring on Neopets; I had 2019 Neopoints left and I got a suggestion from my neopet. Most neopet owners might already know, your neopet might say something like “Seen any good concerts lately?” and I would always answer to myself, “Well, no not really because I don’t know where to go see a concert.” So anyway, I was like, it has to be something cool and interesting if my neopet keeps on talking about it.

Then I went exploring for a sight of a concert going on, and ended up not finding anything at first because maybe I was procrastinating and was doing other things. I had to do some quests and tried to edit my shop so I would get more people coming and going from my shop. When I had finished, I went looking around the Tyrannian Plateau. At first I thought that entire place was about prehistoric neopets and nothing about concerts and fun and music, but then again I was wrong and found out I was wrong in a good way.

When I went to the Tyrannian plateau, I saw a ticket booth and I was like, “What is a ticket booth doing here?” I clicked on it and this old looking neopet said that the Blue Kacheek Group was playing. I was like, "Uhhhhh okay... sure." So I click to pay the 1250 Neopoints; I had nothing else to do and it seemed like pretty reasonable price to pay. I got my ticket and went into the Concert Hall. I gave my ticket to the old looking Mynci and was on my way to seeing the concert.

It was so amazing; I enjoyed watching their performance. The next day I bought tickets for the next performance, which was Chomby and the Fungus Balls. I couldn’t wait to see the concert. This article is to persuade neopets and neopet owners to go see more concerts, or if you haven’t seen any yet and you were like me before I saw my first concert, I say go for it. You have nothing to lose but your frown; go on ahead. Your neopets will love it and you'll love it too, just like me and my neopet. After the concert I got a Blue Kacheek Group hat for free; I can’t wait to get another free thing from this concert.

My time on Neopets has changed a lot since I started to watch concerts. For example I started playing with my neopets more and doing more activities on Neopets like writing this article and doing other things on Neopets. So far I have done a whole lot since I started watching more concerts. I have started paying more attention to my neopets, always trying to update things and do more activities with my neopets.

Many people have their own ways to make their neopets happy, but I think my way is the best way. I think it’s the best way because ever since the last concert, my neopet has not complained as much and is (most of the time) happy. Some other ways to make your neopet happy include getting the items from the concerts, like toys, posters, hats etc., but some owners prefer buying their neopets plushies and food for some neopets with big appetites. I think it matters on what kind of owner you are and how you like to treat your neopets.

If you're one of the people who have been to a concert and really didn’t find it to be interesting, this article is not for you! You see, you might think, “Wow, is this person for real”? But I’m serious; I really loved it. If you don’t like concerts, then you really aren’t a person, just kidding... But really, I really don’t see how it stinks; it really is a great show, except that they don’t do other moves and they repeat their moves over and over again. Other than that, it really is a great show and I think it makes you want to come back and see it again because of the movement and the music and the graphics. You can’t say you hate it unless you’re completely crazy... Joke! ;) Anyway, if you don’t like the concert, it’s totally your own opinion. But my opinion on concerts is that it is really not a really big waste of time and you don’t like it until you try it. You can’t just make up your mind about it if you have never even seen a show.

I think that the people who created the opportunity to watch the concerts should give out a special prize to the people who have watched the most concerts, because I think there are a lot of people who like to watch concerts at the concert hall and not a lot of them get medals or something for watching the most.

I hope you'll take your time to read this article and go see many concerts after you're finished reading this. I think the more concerts you see the happier your neopets get and also the happier you get as well. If you don’t know how to get tickets and you are like me before I saw my first concert, follow these instructions on how to get some tickets. Go to the Tyrannian Plateau. Go to the Ticket Booth and you’re on your way to some great music. If you’re having trouble in affording the tickets, try auctioning your items or playing some of the fun games Neopets has. You can also sell some of your stuff or go on quests for some of the faeries. Don't give up the opportunity; the tickets are going fast! Hurry up before they're all gone. Enjoy. :)

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