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So, Are You A ___ Collector?

by s57v58


Welcome, my friends, to this new section in the Neopian Times. Thank you for taking your time to read this article. Before I start talking about it, I will ask you to answer this small test that will aid you to the better comprehension of this work.

How will it work?

Easy enough: we’ll do a word association test. I’m going to give you 20 words, and you will have to answer with the first word that comes to your mind. If you think your memory won’t be your best aid, you can write your answers in a piece of paper or in your computer (whichever suites you). This will also help in counting your points in the end. Please do not think of each word too much, as your answer might get biased. Are you ready? Good luck!

1. Fish

2. Evil

3. Faerie Doll

4. Sloth

5. Ice

6. Negg

7. Polka-Dot

8. Waffles

9. TCG

10. Cool

11. Happy

12. Garin

13. Speckled

14. Taelia

15. Scarblade

16. Background

17. Plushie

18. Noodles

19. Meerca Sneakers

20. Easter

There you go! That was not as hard as we thought, was it? At this point, some of you might know where this article is going to. To those who yet have no idea, I’ll start by saying that this guide will help you determine your affection for Neggs.

As you may know, Neggs have been featured before in the Neopian Times. However, this “test” is unique, since it will tell you up to which degree you’re a Negg fan. Are you a Negg Collector, a Negg drooler, or a Negg admirer? Do you prefer to show your Neggs off, or feed them to your pet? Do you use Neggs to increase your pet stats or just to resell?

Keep reading to find out!

Neggs are not for you: If you did not associate any of the 15 words with Neggs, except for #6, then there are two different ways of viewing this: either you’re still new in Neo (which is not a bad thing), or, I’m sorry to say, you’re not a Negg fan; so while you might enjoy feeding them to your pets, they do not hold any greater appeal.

Neggs, an item like any other: Good job, you associated five different words, plus #6, giving you the grand total of 6 points. For you, Neggs are not only food, but the beginning of a deeper bond: you may start keeping in your safety deposit box or gallery those that are pretty for you, but if you need the Neopoints, you don’t regret selling them.

A simple Negg Collector: Wow, you scored 10 points, that means you related nine words, plus the bonus one (#6). You are a collector in the making: selling Neggs is not an option unless strictly necessary. You prefer to keep them in the Gallery, along with other precious items. However, you are definitely not spending millions of NP in them, nor your money on NC Neggs.

Ultimate Negg Collector: Well, I am impressed! You connected all 20 words with the target word (Negg). *bows to you* Neggs are one of the most important – if not THE most important – item in Neopia. Some people might say you are obsessed with them, since you dedicated a whole gallery to them, display Negg layouts everywhere, spend millions of NP on Neggs, and even your own real money on NC Neggs. You just won’t rest until you get them all... or at least all the released Neggs, and don’t mind saving for what feels an eternity to have enough NP to buy more of them.

It is important to state, however, that this test is not 100% accurate, because it is also possible to jump from one category to another. This may happen as your interest in Neggs grow.

You may start by learning about them, but not being a fan, until you get a Negg that fits into a category of your liking. Something might stir inside you and you’ll start growing certain affection as you keep bumping into other type of Neggs, and before you know it, you’ll be in the second category already! With time, you might even stop selling them, since they may become so special for you, and instead, you’ll start collecting them. Once you’re a simple Negg collector, there is a very thin line between that category and the ultimate Negg collector one. You may not even notice you’ve moved into the last category until it is too late. The symptoms are easy enough to analyze, and they are described in the results above.

Finally there’s another category that was not previously stated, and is where most of the great Battledomers fit into. Sometimes it is cheaper for them to gain stats by buying and feeding Neggs to their pets to increase their pets stats – or intelligence, instead of training continuously, saving time and sometimes even Neopoints!

Said all this, I will briefly state two of the most important Negg admirers of all times:

The Negg Faerie: Located in the Ice Caverns of Terror Mountain, this faerie’s hobby is to collect Neggs, but she also trades her own powerful and magical Neggs for the simple ones Neopians bring to her. If you’re looking for a way to expend your Negg Collection, this faerie is the one that can aid you.

Snowager: This massive ice worm that also hails from the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain does not sleep, but only naps three hours per day. During these three separate hours, daring Neopians try to steal some of his treasures: scratchcards, keyrings, plushies, or even Neggs. As you might even see on his picture in the cavern where he lives, his biggest treasure are Neggs itself. Let’s not think of the Snowager as a selfish hoarder of Neggs, but as a very intimidating collector!

All right... so now you’ve discovered what Neggs mean to you, and how to recognize the signs as to which category you best fit. You also now know about the Ultimate Negg Collectors of Neopia. What’s next? That is up to you.


I'd like to thank my friend lemonlovingcutie for giving me the idea of word association test by performing one on me a few days before I wrote this article.

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