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T.R.O.T.R.O.D.S. - The Guide

by surath


The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth is a seven level game. You must defend Kreludor (and various other places) from the notorious Dr. Frank Sloth. The controls are simple: maneuver your space jet using the arrow keys, and press the space bar to fire.

Enemy spaceship fire will reduce your shield. If you run out of shield, your health will decrease upon contact. If you run out of health, you lose a life.

Your score increases if you destroy enemy spaceships or asteroids. However, the scoring system is complicated. When you destroy an enemy spaceship, they will drop bonus objects. Grab these; they will increase your multiplier. As the name suggests, your score multiplier multiplies the points you acquire when you destroy an object. The multiplier will no longer increase after 9,999,999.

Also, destroying asteroids (and, in some levels, fungus blobs) will increase your multiplier-multiplier. This number determines how much bonus objects increase your multiplier by. The multiplier-multiplier will stop increasing at 999.

Additionally, be sure to pick up bonus items: shield and heath increasers, extra lives, and weapon power-ups.


Small Asteroids: They look like, well, small asteroids. Collide with one of these and you will lose a lot of your shield. If you destroy a small asteroid, your multiplier-multiplier will increase by ten. It also will drop a bonus object that increases your multiplier by twenty-five. Found in all levels but Sloth Headship and Fungor V.

Large Asteroids: Make contact with one of these, and you will suffer quite a bit of damage. If you destroy one of these, your multiplier-multiplier will increase by fifteen, and it will drop a bonus item. The item increases your regular multiplier by fifty. These asteroids can be found in all levels other than the third, fourth, and seventh.

Space Bats: Very weak ships. They fire in a triangular pattern. Destroying them earns you four bonus items, (each capable of increasing your multiplier by five) along with twenty points. These are found in the first five levels.

Interceptors: Faster ships. They fire in a green barrage pattern. Defeating these will win you six bonus items and 30 points. These are found in all levels other than the first.

Fungus Ships: Large, fungus-shaped ships. They fire fungus in a curve shape, which can be destroyed (earning you five points per shot). Fungus ships are stronger than the previous two ships, but if you manage to destroy one, you will receive forty points, along with quite a few bonus objects, these ones earning you ten multiplier points per collision. These are only found in Fungor V (Level 3).

Fungus Blobs: Collide with these, and you will suffer a good deal of damage. Destroy one of these, and you multiplier-multiplier will increase by only three points. It will also drop a bonus item that increases your score multiplier by twenty-five points. These are found in Fungor V and Sloth Headship (Levels 3 and 7).

Chomby Fighters: Tougher ships. They fire a barrage of blue shots. Get caught in the ship’s fire, and you will surely lose a life. Their destruction gives you ten bonus items, each increasing you multiplier by five, and fifty points. These ships can only be found in Meridellia (Level 4).

Stationary Guns: In my opinion, these are the hardest opponents yet. They fire three shots at a steady pace. These shots are fired in your direction. As if this was not bad enough, these enemies will, every so often, fire only two shots. However, these two will eventually detonate into a circle of shots. The only consolation is that Stationary Guns (as the name suggests) don’t move. If you manage to destroy one of these, you will score seventy-five points, and no bonus items. These are found only in Meridellia (Level 4).

Missile Ships: Very tough ships. They fire a barrage of tracking shots. These ships may take quite a while to destroy, and are quite dangerous. However, their shots can be destroyed, and they will give you ten points upon destruction. Defeating a Missile Ship will reward you with 60 points. They will drop ten bonus items. Each one can give you twenty-five points. These ships are found in all levels after Meridellia (5-7).

Space Drone: Green, circular, ships. These are insanely tough. If you attack one, it will strike back with an aimed shot. Also, some drones will fire shots in a spiral formation. If you defeat one (which can take some practice) you will receive 75 points, along with several bonuses. These are found only in Aishon IX (Level 6).

Stationary Guns (II): Similar to the originals, but silver. These can also take a while to defeat. They shoot just like the regular Stationary Guns. Defeating these will reward you with 100 points, and no bonus items. You can find these only in Sloth Headship (Level 7).

Battle Stations: These very large ships are incapable of being destroyed. They fire shots in many formations. Stay away from the center of the screen when facing these foes; many of their shot formations barrage the center. Battle Stations are found only in Sloth Headship (Level 7).

Sloth Frigates: Yet another large ship. They barrage you with rapid shots. Move between their shots to survive. Should you destroy one of these ships, you will receive several bonus items, each capable of increasing your multiplier by twenty-five. Sloth Frigates are found only in Sloth Headship (Level 7).

In-Depth Level Guides


Level 1 – Kreludor

Level 2 – Barbaria

Level 3 – Fungor V

Level 4 – Meridellia

Level 5 – Sulphagne

Level 6 – Aishon IX

Level 7 – Sloth Headship

Mission 1 – Kreludor

Enemies: Space Bats

Obstacles: Small and Large Asteroids

Wave I: Many Space Bats enter from the middle of the top of the screen. Attack them with a stream of fire. This formation repeats two more times. Afterwards, a few bats will attack from the center of the screen, while two more come from the sides. To destroy every opponent, start at either side of the screen and move to the other, whilst holding the space bar. Remember: avoid the enemy ships at all costs.

Wave II: In this wave, five Space Bats come down from the center, in a triangular shape. This pattern repeats a few more times.

Wave III: In this wave, a set of three bats move horizontally across the screen, and then one more appears. This repeats several more times. To destroy all of the bats, sweep across the bottom of the screen while firing. Be sure to dodge enemy fire. If you merely wish to survive, move to one side of the screen, and shoot at anyone who approaches you.

Wave IV: You’ll have to figure out a strategy to this wave yourself; otherwise there would be no challenge to the game! However, I will say this: Wave IV is easier than the previous one.

If you’re going for a trophy, your score should be over 180 million, and you hopefully will have destroyed more than 90 bats.

Mission 2 – Barbaria

Old Enemies: Space Bats

New Enemies: Interceptors

Obstacles: Small and Large Asteroids

Wave I: Interceptors come down from the left, one at a time. After three appear, one flies very quickly from the center. Then three come from the right (once again one at a time, slowly getting close to the center). Then, one rushes down from the center. This formation repeats once more. When taking care of this wave, fire at one, and then move away in order to dodge the fire.

Wave II: Two Interceptors drop from either side, curving in towards the center. Destroy them both before they reach it. Then three Interceptors swoop down: one from the right, another from the left, and one from the center. Sweep the bottom of the screen, while holding the space bar.

Wave III: Two Interceptors drop from the center, moving toward either side of the screen. This repeats several times. To destroy them all, sweep the center of the bottom of the screen, and be ready to dodge enemy fire. To just survive, move to one side of the screen, and quickly attack the oncoming Interceptor, and then move back to the side of the screen. Afterwards, Space Bats attack, dropping from the center and both sides.

Wave IV: Once again, I will not provide a strategy for this wave, as you should be able to use your knowledge of Interceptors and Space Bats to survive.

If you want a trophy, you should have over two billion points and should have destroyed at least forty-five Interceptors and twenty Space Bats.

Mission 3 – Fungor V

Old Enemies: Interceptors, Space Bats

New Enemies: Fungus Ships

Obstacles: Fungus Blobs

Wave I: Fungus Ships charge in this order: left, center, right. This repeats once more. Finally, one more ship comes at you from the center. Fire quickly and steadily to penetrate the “shields” of fungus fire.

Wave II: Two Interceptors and one Fungus Ship appear from the center. Then one more Fungus Ship comes from each side. This pattern repeats once. Fire hard at the center, and then sweep the screen to defeat the ships here. The wave ends with three Space Bats.

Wave III: This one begins with five Space Bats flying at you. Afterwards, three Interceptors appear in a V-shape. Then, three Fungus Ships do the same. This pattern repeats once. When faced with Fungus Ships, attack the ships on the sides, then the center one. As for the other enemies, sweep the screen. The wave ends with three Space Bats.

Wave IV: This wave is shorter and easier than the others of this level. Therefore, you should not need my strategy for it.

If you plan to get a trophy, you should now have a minimum of six billion points.

Mission 4 – Meridellia

Old Enemies: Interceptors, Space Bats

New Enemies: Chomby Fighters, Stationary Guns

Obstacles: Small Asteroids

Wave I: This level begins with two Interceptors and one Space Bat charging in a V-shape. Due to your new weapon upgrade, you should fire at the bat. Afterwards, Chomby Fighters swoop down from either side. Destroy them before they can move across the entire screen: if they do, you will be caught in deadly fire. A Stationary Gun also appears with the swooping ships. Quickly attack the gun. If you cannot destroy the gun before it fires its two-shot attack, rush to the other side of the screen, and prepare to evade a circular pattern of shots. After you defeat the Stationary Gun, be ready to face another Chomby Fighter. This full pattern repeats, except for the placement of the Stationary Gun. After the second time you see this pattern, you will encounter four Space Bats, spread in a line at the top of the screen. Hastily defeat them. You will take damage from their fire, but try to head through the smallest amount of it as possible. One more Space Bat attacks. You will see this pattern of bats once more in this wave.

Wave II: This wave starts with a Stationary Gun on the right side of the screen. It is the first enemy not to appear at the top of your screen, so be ready for it. The next part of this level consists of two Chomby Fighters coming at you at a time, along with some Stationary Guns. Try to defeat the Stationary Guns first. This wave ends with three Space Bats.

Wave III: This wave begins with Stationary Guns and Space Bats in threes. The wave ends with four Chomby Fighters. They are divided like this: one, two, and one. They will barrage you.

If you wish to acquire a trophy, you should currently have at least 18 billion points.

Mission 5 – Sulphagne

Old Enemies: Space Bats, Interceptors

New Enemies: Missile Ships

Obstacles: Small and Large Asteroids

Wave I: You will now encounter Missile Ships. At first, one will come from either side at you. Destroy them both, and return to the center of the screen. Their shots will follow you there, and you can now destroy them easily. Being in the center is also good, because another Missile Ship will charge through there. Although it may take some time to defeat these ships, it is worth it; they will drop quite a few multiplier bonus items, each one worth twenty-five points! This pattern repeats once. Then, a Missile Ship, guarded by two firing Interceptors, rushes down from the center. Barrage them. This sequence repeats once as well.

Wave II: Two Interceptors and Space Bats drop from the left, and then one Missile Ship attacks from the center. The same happens again, except the weaker ships come from the left. This full cycle repeats once more. Start by firing at the Interceptors and Space Bats, and then bombard the Missile Ship. The wave ends with two Missile Ships dropping from the center.

Wave III: At first, Missile Ships and Interceptors swoop down from either side. Move horizontally with the opposing ship. Then, Space Bats attack, two from the center and one from each side. Afterwards, a Missile Ship attacks. This part repeats once.

Wave IV: This wave is, in my opinion, the hardest of the level. However, if you keep in mind what I have said about Missile Ships, then you should be able to succeed without my strategy.

If you aim to get a trophy, you should have more than 65 billion points, and shouldn’t have missed too many ships.

Mission 6 – Aishon IX

Old Enemies: Interceptors, Missile Ships

New Enemies: Space Drones

Obstacles: Small and Large Asteroids

Wave I: Space Drones line either side of the screen, and move horizontally. A few Interceptors charge through the center of the screen. I strongly advise that you do not shoot at the Space Drones. You most likely will not destroy them, and they will fire a barrage of shots at you. You should, however, attack the Interceptors and asteroids whenever possible. Your score multiplier is hopefully 9,999,999 at this point, so destroying enemies will earn you hundreds of millions of points. This is definitely the easiest wave of the level.

Wave II: A Space Drone appears from the left, and moves horizontally. It fires a circular pattern of shots. Then, another comes from the right, doing the same. This pattern repeats several times. My suggestion: fire rapidly at the drones. As soon as the drone’s shots are about to reach you, move out of the way, and continue firing, so that your outer shots collide with the opponent. This wave, with practice, is not very difficult.

Wave III: Space Drones line the sides, like in Wave I. However, instead of Interceptors charging through the center, Missile Ships do. These ships fire at you, so you should destroy them quickly. The second ship is the most challenging. After the Space Drones no longer appear, move forwards, as one more Missile Ship will attack. However, you are not in the clear yet. Three firing Interceptors will drop down from the center. This happens twice. Another Space Drone, this one firing, soon appears. Destroy it using the Wave II strategy. A second will soon follow suit. Shoot it as well. The third drone fires a different pattern; the spiral is not as large, but is more rapid. You can destroy this Drone, but if you do not like risk, learn to dodge the pattern. As this ship leaves the screen, move ahead of it and hold down the space bar. A swarm of Interceptors (fifty, to be exact) zoom down the screen. You must take them down. Fire in a sweeping motion. Fortunately, these ships do not fire at you.

This level is quite difficult. Do not be discouraged if you fail at first; it took me a lot of tries before I could consistently win it. At this point, you might be able to win a trophy. If you want the gold, (on a non-reset day) however, you should have 105-120 billion points.

Mission 7 – Sloth Headship

Old Enemies: Interceptors, Missile Ships

New Enemies: Sloth Frigate, Battle Stations, Missile Ships, Stationary Guns (II)

Obstacles: Fungus Blobs.

This last level is a bonus one. Therefore, I refuse to give specific details about it. However, I suggest that you, at the end of the level, crash into a Fungus Blob. By doing this, you will be able to earn a few billion points.

Hints, Tips, and Tricks

*There is a code for this game, which rewards you with an extra life (if you have already lost one). I shall not reveal it here, as Dr. Frank Sloth would be very upset. The code will help you defeat Dr. Frank Sloth. Even if I did “subtly” reveal this code, Dr. Frank Sloth does not condone of your usage of it, considering he finds that it disgraces his good name.

Avoid enemy shots. The only reason that you should intentionally stray into enemy fire is if you would lose a life if you did not.

In wave four of mission five, Sulphagne, two Missile Ships will come towards you, one faster than the other. If you are unsuccessful at destroying both, remain calm. As soon as the second ship leaves the screen, rush to the top, and then go back down, around the enemy fire. If you are not fast enough with this, you will fall to the Interceptors and Space Bats. If you are too fast, you may accidentally collide with some fire.

While wave two of Meridellia is loading, quickly move to the right (about halfway between the bottom and top of the screen), and start firing. This will help you destroy the nearby Stationary Gun.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide. Now go play!

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