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Why Write For The Neopian Times?

by absdafabs


The Neopian Times has been brought to you from many generations of writers. Wonderful adventures of discovery and intriguing and informative articles have been emotively narrated to us by award-winning authors and young, imaginative Neopians. These talented scholars spend many tireless hours each week, toiling over battered notebooks and exhausting their pens to create masterpieces of literacy. Millions of characters, bursting with endless personality, owe their entire existence to the Neopian Times writers and the fame of many faeries, such as Illusen and Jhudora, originated and has continued to grow from articles and stories within the newspaper.

But is it really worth all that huge amount of effort? The only material gain from having work published in the Neopian Times is a trophy, except in special issues, such as Fyora Day, when successful writers may receive a selected item. To many Neopians, this may not be a justified award for such magnificent efforts. So, I made it my mission to investigate what is the driving force behind some Neopians’ ambitions to become roving reporters for the Neopian Times.

1. The number one reason has been announced as many Neopians really want the trophy. The elegance of the golden, shiny quill is understandably enchanting to many. Also, many Neopians are attempting to gain a complete trophy cabinet, a great achievement for which the Neopian Times trophy is required.

2. Everyone has something they go bonkers for, and writing has been the passion of many Neopians. Many are amazed by all things wordy and find that happiness is embedded in the pages of a book or journal. Great enjoyment and fulfillment can be gained from a storytelling experience and isn’t fun what the world of Neopia is supposed to be all about?

3. Practicing writing skills can be a daunting, boring but necessary task, but it is made so much more fun when the tool of imagination can be called upon to assist. I myself write for mainly this reason, although also for enjoyment and the feeling of satisfaction that walks hand in hand with achievement of this kind.

4. Published works are read by thousands of other Neopians and most writers receive many neomails of praise and admiration and even some containing words of constructive criticism! Some extremely talented authors have even managed to acquire groups of fans who restlessly wait for their next publication! Attention of this type is pleasing for many and the emotion of great pride is high on many Neopians’ wish lists.

5. Witnessing the literature published by others generates a unique, indescribable perspective that forms a wonderful panoply of thoughts and emotions. Neopians who have never experienced this feeling may be confused by this, but it definitely boosts self-confidence and happiness levels considerably and, strangely, makes you want to do it all over again.

6. Some Neopians feel that Neopia needs a little bit extra creativity, the type which can only be gained by an adventure emerging from deep within someone’s cranium. A few have made it their task to provide all neopets and owners with this missing, but vital, inspiration.

7. It is true, boredom can result in success! Some writers get frustrated, sitting in their neohome with nothing to do except read the Mystery of the Kougra Paw for the fifteenth time. This lack of something to do lures them to a chest of drawers containing a long forgotten and dusty notebook and a chewed tatty pencil. They then take a seat on their straw sofa and escape from their world of nothingness into a magical place within their mind where anything can happen if they imagine it for long enough.

8. Writing can allow the author to escape into their own world, away from moaning neopets and fussing neofriends. When Neopia is not being too kind and neopoints are scarce, writing is a great way of easily gaining access to the world of relaxation and harmony. You can become lost in your own thoughts and forget all your worries.

9. To show other people that what you can do. It’s nice to display to other Neopians what you have written and listen to the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ you receive in reply. The thought that you are making a masterpiece which others will get a lot of enjoyment out of is fantastic and makes you feel on top of Neopia.

10. Strange as it seems, characters in stories are sometimes so well described they could even seem to be real. I am sure many Neopians have had invisible and imaginary friends at some point in their lives, and characters can sometimes mean a lot to their creators because of the amount of time and effort spent bringing them to life. It’s good to have someone to talk to, where you know they will appreciate every word you say.

11. Neopian Times avatars can be gained for being published over ten times or having a publication in special issues of the Neopian Times, such as the 350th or 250th issue.

12. The final, but probably most important and valid, reason is that fellow innocent Neopians must be warned about the dangerous threat that meepits pose. Neopia has yet to realise the true extent of the jeopardising situation we find ourselves in. These seemingly harmless creatures may look cute and angelic, but inside they are devilish little creatures and Neopian writers have made it their mission to ensure that the rest of Neopia realises this before it is too late.

Other writers of Neopia may have different, but just as interesting, reasons, but the most general and common ones are explained in my list. This should have helped you understand what goes on inside the mind and world of Neopia’s leading authors so, next time you come across a Neopian writer, you will no longer be perplexed by their will to write rather than make conversation or play games. If you are thinking about becoming a writer yourself, make sure at least two of these reasons apply to you before writing as, if you don’t find any of these reasons strong enough, you may find yourself dreadfully disappointed by the lack of recognition you receive once your article or story is published in the Neopian Times.

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