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Multiple Personalities - Ownership of a Mutant Hissi

by brokensilent


Hissis are beautiful and exotic creatures and even more alluring is the Mutant Hissi. The Mutant Hissi is not attained easily. You can only get one through a transmogrification potion, the lab ray, or through a fountain faerie quest. Despite its difficulty, if you can be so lucky as to add a Mutant Hissi to your neopets family, you will find yourself in for a world of entertainment.

There are many pros and cons to owning a Mutant Hissi that the brand new owner may not realize. Walking blindly into owning a Mutant Hissi can be a surprise that may shock even the most experienced Neopets player. A Mutant Hissi is rare due to the two heads that it has. What most players don’t realize is that with two heads come two personalities. This is where the pros and cons can be directly attributed to.

The two personalities of a Mutant Hissi are usually very distinct; generally, there is a good head and a naughty head. That being said, the very first drawback is when you first get your Mutant Hissi, it’s very difficult to tell the two apart. When the naughty head does something, you may accidentally end up yelling at the good head, who more than likely tried to stop the mischievous counterpart. Whereas, when the good head has done something good, the naughty head may be gloating over some new plot it’s hatched and between the two smiles, it’s hard to tell who to award for the good deed. Luckily, this is only a problem that lasts for a short period during the beginning of ownership. It doesn’t take long before you can remember which side is which.

Even when you can tell them apart, the two heads still present a problem. How do you punish or reward just one head out of two when they’re on one body? You can’t send your Mutant Hissi to its room for deciding to juggle your favorite lamps, even though it doesn’t know how to juggle, without punishing the head that was protesting and trying to put the lamps back. The only way to punish the naughty head would be physical punishment, and I personally don’t condone any physical abuse on any neopets, so that’s not a method I would even begin to recommend. The same goes with rewards; how do you reward the head who chose to rescue the Sproing from being eaten by the Jetsam without also rewarding the head who attempted to feed it to the Jetsam? It’s a dilemma that presents itself to the owners of Mutant Hissis almost on a regular basis.

However, having two personalities does not mean all trouble despite how it sounds. When you have two thinking beings in one body, that means they always have each other no matter how tough life gets. Often, when a Mutant Hissi owner strolls by the Hissi’s room late at night, they can hear the quiet whispering of the two heads in the dark. They always have each other to comfort and gossip with and will never be lonely. Granted, like any set of siblings, they tend to bicker, but in the end, they’re always there for each other.

Another asset to having a Mutant Hissi can be summarized in a great six word saying, “Two heads are better than one.” Mutant Hissis are often awesome at solving problems and playing logical games because they have the two different perspectives looking at the same issue from different angles. Very little stumps them, for instead of one brain focusing on the problem at hand, they have two. This makes many Mutant Hissi owners and siblings hesitant about playing games that require thinking with their two headed friend, because it’s almost a guaranteed loss.

On the same note, though, having two brains versus one presents problems in other areas such as neoschool. Often, teachers tend to count a Mutant Hissi as one being and grade it as such, which seems a tad bit unfair. The naughty head is notorious for looking at other students’ test answers, stealing homework, or even just sleeping through class while the good head tries very hard to be a diligent student. Often, these two dramatically different styles collide and wreak havoc in the classroom, leaving the bewildered teacher with the choice of flunking the good student or passing the cheater. Even those who do count the Mutant Hissi as two separate beings find themselves dealing with the same issues. The naughty head tends to try to take advantage of its good side’s steady study habits and is often caught copying homework word for word if not outright stealing their counterpart’s work as their own. How do you separate a head into a corner of the classroom for cheating? It just doesn’t work well and has most teachers at a loss as to how to deal with the multiple personalities in one body issue.

Granted, the multiple heads thing has more benefit than just logically thinking. There’s another infamous saying “I’ll watch your back” that is perfectly suited to the Mutant Hissi. No matter what situation they may find themselves in, no one will be sneaking up on them. They always have the capability to have one head keeping an eye on their rear view, so to speak. This keeps the Mutant Hissi well protected from pranks, bullies, other homework thieves, the Pant Devil, etc.

Another issue that is not often thought about because very few owners of Mutant Hissis think of repainting, but should be addressed, is the idea of “repainting”. If one decides to repaint a Mutant Hissi, they are destroying another being. Their Hissi is always going to miss its other head, like a phantom limb and may be prone to fits of depression and loneliness. Don’t subject your Mutant Hissi to losing part of itself; it’s a cruel punishment that should be served to none.

If the beauty and allure of a Mutant Hissi has you entranced and you want to own one, keep in mind that it’s no picnic. The two heads are both best friends and at war with each other and almost on a daily basis, you will have some mishap to deal with. However, if you can handle cleaning up after the naughty head and are not swayed by multiple personalities, then a Mutant Hissi may be just the pet for you. You will be getting not just one great new addition, but two, and as that old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”.

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