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Making Neopia a Greener Place

by jayandcourtneyk


As I walk outside, I hear Weewoos cooing, see the sun high in the sky, feel the fresh wind in my hair... and smell the fumes of somebody’s crashed Virtupets spaceship?! I find myself thinking, this is unjust! I shouldn’t have to live like this!

Sadly, every day I see recurring problems similar to this. Some lazy person has thrown their wrapper into the pond. Someone else spat their gum onto the sidewalk. It’s horribly disgusting, and little do these people know they are gradually destroying Neopia!

What can we do to help? I decided to come up with a few ideas to make Neopia that much nicer. These ideas will hopefully revolutionize this world, and ultimately lead to a greener Neopia!

1. Create a Garden

If you haven’t already, start your own garden. It’s only a few Neopoints to start and manage one, and it’s very fun. You can get your Neopets to help you (don’t say you don’t have at least one Neopet who doesn’t like getting their paws filthy!), and flowers are generally inexpensive and pretty. How about a bouquet of pansies to brighten up the yard? You’ll create a habitat for stray Petpets to live, and it’ll simply be beautiful! Even if you just have a garden full of fishing junk (like me), you’ll still develop a passion for gardening and help our dear Neopia.

2. Clean Up your Local Park

It’s not as trashy as it sounds. Grab a bag, a pair of gloves, and a random Skeith or Grarrl (optional) and get to work! Don’t think of it as a chore; think of it as a game. Bring a buddy along and see who can pick up the most garbage within a certain time limit. If you opted for the random Skeith or Grarrl option, you can have them eat the junk (don’t worry, they’ll eat anything).

If your cleaning interests lie more towards the aquatic category, don’t be afraid to dive in and help! Put on your favourite bathing suit and go for a dip in the nearest pond. Don’t forget that not every piece of trash floats! For bonus points, see how many wrappers or other related garbage items have moss or mould on them.

3. Adopt a Grundo

Maybe Grundos aren’t supposed to get wet, but adopt one anyhow. You’ll be doing Neopia a favour by taking away one of Sloth’s slaves and slowing down factory progress. Without anyone to make robotic ship parts, there won’t be any ships to cause oil spills, explosions, smoke, or waste. Plus, you’ll get a loyal companion who will follow you everywhere! Just don’t be surprised when your Grundo tries to replicate Virtupets Space Station with all your best egg beaters and sporks.

4. Go Fishing at the Underwater Caves

I’ll tell you something: almost every time my pets and I go fishing, we catch some sort of junk. Whether it is a tin can, a rotten flip-flop, or anything else along the lines, it’s never a fish. But who cares? While we have awful luck fishing, we’re gradually helping the environment! Also, with No. 1 of this list, fishing junk may help.

5. Get Creative

Rather than throwing away all your unwanted junk, reuse it to make something fabulous! For example, I had many piles of dung from my constant findings that I get from the Money Tree (I’ve never really had good eyesight). I looked and thought, “I don’t think anyone’s going to want this. What should I do with it?”

Let me tell you, it was the best and cheapest sofa I’ve ever had, but for some reason none of my pets wanted to sit on it.

Oh, well. But this story just goes to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Try turning your broken fuzzles into new lamp shades or making plant pots out of your old trombones. Whatever it is, just remember to have fun and be creative (with emphasis on “creative”)!

6. Save the Trees

Being a tree hugger isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You and your Neopets can each take care of a tree. Plant it, raise it, water it, name it, hug it... do anything that’ll help our environment (especially the naming part—my tree’s name is Ludwig Tomothy Frances III). Just remember, though, that “Firewood” is not an appropriate name for your tree.

You’ll learn to love your tree so much that you’ll want to care for other trees. But don’t ditch your tree! Play with him or her every day, and try to get him or her acquainted with other trees. Hey, maybe your tree and Ludwig Tomothy Frances III could arrange a play date!

7. Be a Safe Driver

We all know how fun it is to steal one of Sloth’s spaceships and go for a ride around the galaxy. But please, be a considerate driver! If you accidentally crash your spaceship into Neopia, not only will the damaging smoke be released into the air, but I don’t think Dr. Sloth will be too happy.

And please don’t tell Sloth I said that...

8. Garbage Cans Have a Purpose

If you’ve tried all of the above, the least you could to is throw your garbage out into the right place. This does not count as your neighbour’s yard. Litter goes into the litter bins. Who would have guessed?

It’s best to not even need to throw things out. What I’m saying is that you should avoid using wrappers and bags at all costs. While sometimes this is not an option, try to stay as litter-less as possible. I’d venture further on this, but so far, garbage hasn’t been a problem ever since I adopted my ever-so-hungry Skeith.

So this is it... my eight reasons and suggestions on how to greenify Neopia. Just remember to always use the trash can for your rubbish, and to water your plants every day. Just think about it for a moment—if everyone in Neopia followed these tips, maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about our future... but for the good of us all, you do the best you can and I’ll pitch in on my part. Have fun!!!

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