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Trading Points

by unmerited


"UC grey and royal UFT!" Trading Neopets. It's become quite a hot topic in Neopia, allowing pets to be swapped for one another like items. Some people argue that Neopets are "just pixels", and pawn off their pets to obtain something "better", or "worth more", while more loyal Neopians see the true potential and value of every Neopet, deciding after a long conversation with their pet that they believe it would be in everyone's best interest to move on. It may not be the most ethical means of getting a new Neopet, but it ensures that no pets are left alone in the pound, with that awful Dr. Death. In this article, I'd like to cover the different 'trading points' of pets, and the many terms that you'll hear in the Pound Chat, which is often referred to as the 'PC'.

All Neopets have names; they were all given one at creation. Some people value Neopets' names more than others, which causes some conflict when trading pets. Before going too far into detail, I'll let you in on a couple of those arcane terms the PC uses.

Real-word, or 'RW', names are names that are simply a single, real word. Examples could include nouns, verbs, prepositions; the possibilities are endless! Examples include Sock, Running, Advance, Gained, etc. Get the idea? These names are rather difficult to come by, as most of them have been taken, so people tend to ask for 'expensive' pets for them. I've seen people asking for Draiks and Krawks, just because their pet has a RW name! I, myself, am not too big of a fan of these names, but there's a lot of people who are.

Real world names are not to be confused with real-word. These are names that include names of people that you could actually meet, such as Adam, Fred, or Elizabeth. Pets with these names are usually 'worth' just as much as RW named pets.

Neopets' names mean the world to some people, and will eagerly trade their hard-earned Maraquan Hissi for a blue Gelert named Spork. Now, I am a whole-hearted believer of every Neopet's worth, but this seems to be a bit ridiculous. But, who am I to judge? I'll move on.

Species is another important 'trading point', when trading Neopets. The more popular species, such as Draiks, Krawks, Poogles, and Hissis tend to get more attention than the lesser-loved Buzzes, Grarrls, and Quiggles. There aren't any strange terms for this section, so you got lucky. ;D If you'd like to see a complete list of the most popular Neopets, click the below link. (Keep in mind, this list only accounts for the most popular created Neopets, so morphed, transmogrified, or labbed pets are not taken into account!)


Ahh, colour. This all-powerful attribute can make or break almost any deal. The only time when I've seen this 'trading point' be disregarded would be in situations including pets with RW or Real world names, sometimes just very nice made up names! This point is what often causes disputes, because people tend to put a 'worth' on their pets. I've often seen people create a board, advertising their grey pet. Someone comes into the board, eagerly offering a pet of their own, say a purple pet, only to be turned down as the offer being a 'rip-off'. This always irks me, so I tend to quietly leave the board without offering. If you'd like to see what colours your Neopet can be painted, I'd make a trip to the Rainbow Pool and refer to the images provided there.

Statistics are another important 'trading point'. Statistics are often referred to as, 'stats', so I'll stick to the norm. These include the level, hit points, strength, defense, movement, and intelligence of your Neopet. Pets with high stats are called BD pets, or Battledome pets. People are often eager to acquire one of these BD pets, so the owners take advantage of the demand, often asking for rare colours, or Draiks and Krawks in return. It would probably be cheaper for a person to purchase the Secret Laboratory Map and train their Neopet that way. BD pets usually get ridiculous offers, though their name may be impossible to pronounce, or they may be a basic colour, but that's just how supply and demand works, I suppose.

Avatar pets are usually in high demand as well. Avatar pets are, (most often), ones painted certain colours. These colours include pink, snow, and grey. (But they are not limited to those few!) I'm afraid to say that I often imagine these poor Neopets being traded in circles, just because someone is looking for the next best thing and can trade an avatar pet for something 'better'. I'm quite fond of being able to trade Neopets, but avatar pets should not be pawned off like avatar petpets. After you get the pretty little square of pixels, you don't want the pet anymore. It makes me sorry that avatar pets exist. But there's nothing that I can really do, so I'll just entertain you with this emoticon that resembles a happy Kougra. =^-^=

Moving right along, we come to the final 'trading point', UC pets. What in the world could UC mean? UC stands for unconverted. Unconverted pets are ones that instead of the new, converted picture on their lookup, the Neopet still uses the old art work. Most pets were automatically converted, except certain colours that were a lot different than their converted counterparts. Grey, Darigan, Maraquan, royal, faerie, baby, Tyrannian, and plushie are the colours of pets that could still be running around Neopia, wearing the old art. Unfortunately, the old art is almost all the pets will be wearing, as UC pets can only wear backgrounds and trinkets. Got a new wearable jacket for your UC grey Kyrii? They can't wear it, sorry! (Note: UC pets could be converted by their owner at any point in time.) These pets are coveted among most Neopians, as they are one of the remaining links to Neopia's past. To get one of these pets, you'll have to find someone that's trading, and offer well.

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read through my article, and I hope you've learned something. If you have any questions about trading pets, the PC, or would just like to comment on my job well-done, please feel free to Neomail me! I'd like to thank the PC for being so incredible amazing and TNT for creating the PC, and allowing pet trading. Have a wonderful day, Neopia!

P.S. I don't really have an UC grey and royal pet up for trade. ;D

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