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Skies Over Meridell Game Guide

by alpha_squadron_166


Hello, everyone, it’s alpha_squadron_166 today. This is my first game guide ever published. Here I will talk about the game Skies Over Meridell. This game guide will clarify the game and also give some tips to help.


Skies Over Meridell is a classic player versus CPU game. You play as one plane trying to shoot down your opponent. Many powerups allow you to boost your speed, turning ability, shot distance, etc. Skies Over Meridell is also a two player game allowing you to have some fun with one of your friends as well.

In Skies Over Meridell, you play as a young pilot who, unfortunately, encountered a band of air pirates who have challenged you to a duel. You must defeat each and every one of them to win the game.


Player 1 uses the arrow keys to turn and the m , . / keys to shoot.

Player 2 uses A and D to turn and the X C V B keys to shoot

There is no difference in using which key to shoot (I think).

You start the game with three spare planes. The game map displays a green field with a blue sky. You will take off on the right side of the field while your opponent takes off on the left. There is a big barn in the middle indicating the point where your plane must be launched by then. Every now and then, Kiko blimps will appear and will release certain power ups when destroyed. Each powerup is worth 5 points except for the yellow orb one that gives 10 points. As you progress through the game, your opponents will be harder to shoot down and will need more kills to pass to the next level.


Plane powerup: Extra life

Yellow orb powerup: Extra points

Rotor powerup: Increases speed

Pile of ammunition powerup: Increases number of shots (also increases effectiveness of stunts, you’ll hear about that later)

Speeding shot powerup: Increases shot distance (also slightly increases accuracy)

Plane wing powerup: Increases turn ability


Nealy Nose Bill

Nealy Nose Bill is the first opponent. He is quite slow, which makes him an easy target. He requires two kills to proceed to the next level

Shotgun Saul

Shotgun Saul is the second opponent. He is more challenging and faster. He requires three kills to proceed to the next level.

Mad Maxime

Mad Maxime is the third opponent. He is quite tough because he is fast and not quite an easy target. His steering is quite clumsy, though. (When I played him, he crashed into the barn house and into a couple of Kiko blimp baskets.) He requires five kills to proceed to the next level.

Tiltawill Sam

Tiltawill Sam is the fourth opponent. He is a hard one to beat because his shots have far range and he is fast. He requires eight kills to proceed to the next level

Unfortunately, I have not beaten the game, so I do not know all the opponents


Here are a few tricks you can try against your opponents.

Straight Fire

This stunt is basically just firing your gun when going straight. When you fire while not turning, all your shots will be in a straight line. When you are on your opponent’s tail, this is the stunt you should use even if your opponent is twisting and turning.


This stunt is when you fire your gun while turning. When you fire while turning, your shots will go in all directions in your turn. This is most effective when your opponent is right up close but is inaccurate when your opponent is far away.

Get the pile of ammunition powerup to increase the effectiveness of stunts.


Shoot down your opponent

Don’t just let your opponent crash all the time. When your opponent crashes, you do not get any points and you waste a kill. When you shoot down your opponent, you kill him AND you also get 20 points. 20 precious points! That’s the highest amount of points you can earn at once in this game!

Get powerups

Get them before your opponent does. Each powerup is worth 5 points, except for the yellow orb one, which is worth 10. If your opponent gets the powerup before you do, you won’t get the 5 points. Speed towards the powerup, especially the extra life powerups! Some users say that powerups are useless, but you should still get them. There’s nothing that is useless about getting 5 extra points!

Stay on your opponent’s tail

This is the most important tip. When you are on your opponent’s tail, you are not only safe from your opponent’s shots, but you can hit him more easily. In basic words, when you are on your opponent’s tail, you can hit him and he can’t hit you. If you have your opponent on your tail, don’t let him stay there. SHAKE HIM OFF before he hits you!

Keep trying

Practice makes perfect. You won’t master the game on your first time even with this guide, trust me. It takes time. Even I’m not a professional myself; I still sometimes lose lives on Nealy Nose Bill!

NP Ratio

The NP Ratio is currently 4.01. So you have to get about 250 points to get 1000 NP. Now this may sound hard once you first play the game because you would probably get about only 40 or 50 points. But try my first tip: shoot down your opponent instead of having them crash. Shooting down your opponent gives, as said earlier, 20 points.

Have fun

Stay calm. Don’t get frustrated when you get only 45 points. Skies Over Meridell isn’t a game you can master on your first time, like I said earlier. If you stay calm, concentrate, and follow my game guide, you can end up with 255 points. That’s nothing compared to the high scores but it’s enough to give you 1000 NP when you send score.

And that’s it, my name is alpha_squadron_166 and you have just finished reading my game guide: Skies Over Meridell. Remember what I said: you won’t master the game on your first time, but keep trying! You’ll soon get the hang of it.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop a neomail!

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