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Altador Cup III Questions

by th3_edge


As I'm sure you already know, Altador Cup III is almost here! Yay! We're all excited, we're all getting in our boats and heading off to Altador, but most importantly, we're trying to figure out what is going on with signing, retirements, team arguments, stars on the rise, and teams that are going to disappoint us yet again! Here are some of the top questions leading into this year's Altador Cup.

Haunted Woods fell from 1st to 7th after they won the first Altador Cup; will Darigan Citadel, the champions of the second Altador Cup face the same fate?

Going into the Altador Cup 2, Terror Mountain had signed Osielle Lidel onto their squad as their new right forward. All the experts were saying that Lidel would be the most celebrated rookie that year, and then all the experts were shocked when Terror Mountain only finished the year at 10th place. So, the question of whether 10th place was just some bad luck, or is a sign of things to come for Neopia's snowy world, still hangs in the air.

Everyone was falling out of their chairs when they saw what Shenkuu was doing their debut year, winning, and not just winning, they were blowing the competition away. Neopia's ninjas won every game in the second half of the double round robin before sneaking into the third place game and beating Krawk Island. Could it have been beginner's luck?

Now that Tyrannia has faced two unsuccessful seasons, we expect to see the legendary 'Forsaken Five' break up. Of the five, we expect to see Evrem Guilako, right forward, to be cut due to his small size, and the legendary goalkeeper, Harlis Neyhbol, cut too. Tyrannia would love to keep Harlis; it is just that Harlis become very expensive and Tyrannia is running low on money. "Harlis has been discussing possible contracts with Roo Island and Mystery Island."

As we all know, Mystery Island's injury prone Maital Koric left the field in a heated match against Meridell and did not return to the field for the rest of the season, luckily for the Islanders, a skilled Vela Binal was on the bench and helped lead the squad to 6th place, the same spot Maital lead his team to in the first cup. So, will Mystery Island keep the now expensive Vela Binal starting or will they hope the injuries are done with Maital Koric? Also, will both even stay on the squad? Kiko Lake sure hopes not, a team in dire need in some offensive powerhouses who has been talking to Mystery Island about some possible trades.

The press has been expecting Roo Island's goalie, Clutch Billaban, to announce his retirement for years now, and now that he is the oldest player in the league, we should see him hang his jersey. Although, an anonymous source says he is afraid to because of what happen to Haunted Woods, dropped from 1st to 7th, when their centre defender, Chelo Binay, retired after the first Altador Cup.

Another possible retirement to look at is that of the marvelous right forward of "Dasher" Soley of Krawk Island. It has been noticeable for a long time now that Dasher has been losing speed and stamina due to his age for quite some time now, and now that he was on the All-Neopia Second Team last year, we should think he would want to go out on a good note.

Poor Faerieland; everyone thought they were going to easily win the cup in the first Altador Cup with their three forwards, then boom, they got destroyed by Mystery Island in the first round. We all thought this might have been a fluke. We were wrong; Faerieland finished 15th out of 16 teams in the Altador Cup II. Now, we all want to see Faerieland get back on their feet, even if just a little, but the question is, can they?

Maraqua's fans are not at all that happy with any part of their beloved team. Tonie Plessix, their goalie, is known as one of the least mobile goalies in the game. Oten Runeu and Barit Jowes, left defender and right defender, are not exactly the most skilled offensive players in the league. Left defender Filo Desenz's fights with Maraqua's centre forward, Elon Hughlis, are famous now. Plus, Elon, who was also voted "Most Selfish Player" in 2006, also has adopted the nickname "The Black Hole" due to the fact that once he gets the ball, he will not pass it, no matter what. This is probably the reason the that the skilled Jair Tollet, Maraqua's former left forward, choose to leave Maraqua for Roo Island after the first Altador Cup. Maraqua needs some serious help; when can they start it, though?

Kreludor and Haunted Woods showed us an amazing game in the first round of the Altador Cup I, but Kreludor let their guard down for a second and Haunted Woods slipped right by them and into the second round, and we have not seen Kreludor play since. Kreludor did not play in the second Altador Cup because at their training center, the gravity level got to be lower than that on Neopia, so playing would have put their health at risk. We can only hope they got the problem fixed and can come back to wow us again!

I think we have all learned that cheating does not work, at least if you're on Brightvale, that is. For two years now, this mischievous crew has been covering boundaries with dirt and tripping people, and what has it brought them? Two seasons that left a lot to be desired. The Brightvalians have been begging "Squeaky" Tressif, the team's left defender, team captain, and possible only player on the team that sticks to the rules, to convince the team's owner to make some serious changes to their roster before the Altador Cup III.

It seems we have another team in dire need of some help, we just need to know if they can get it.

The feel good story of the first cup, small world, no media coverage, considered one of the worst teams in the game by many, catches a break when Lilo Blumario, right forward, passes up huge offers from top franchises to go play for his home team. Lilo seems to get the other Roo Islanders excited, Fenny Vail, left defender, becomes the most improved player in Altador Cup I, Gordo Gunnels, right defender, is nominated for the "All-Stars Defender" award, and Clutch Billaban, goalie, is nominated for the "All-Stars Goalie" award. The Roos finished at an impressive and surprising 4th place that year.

We could hardly wait to see what the Roos would do the next year. We soon found out it was worth waiting for. Jair Tollet was brought in to play left forward to give Lilo some help, and boy, did she help. Roo Island won 25 of its 30 yooyuball games, which helped Roo Island get into the championship game and finish in an impressive second place.

So, Lilo and company have been going up for two years now; going up anymore will put them at the top. Is this the Roo's year to shine?

Well, those are the biggest questions leading into this year's Altador Cup! I hope we can get the answers quickly; I don't know if I can stand waiting much longer. Well, good luck everybody. I wish you all the best of luck in the Cup!

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