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200m Peanut Dash: Game Guide

by star_shine_88


So, you are looking through the games section and you see your favorite game, the 200m Peanut Dash, has been updated. Excited as you are, you notice that this game is not the same and in frustration you decide that you no longer like this game. Don’t fear, my friends, as I am here to help you. With a few easy tips you will be back to getting high scores in no time.

In this game you play a puppyblew who is playing fetch with a green Elephante. The object of the game is to shoot the peanut out of the Elephante’s trunk as far as you can, catch the peanut with the puppyblew and acquire some snazzy jump trick points along the way. And beware as there is a pesty Crokabek with bad intentions who isn’t playing nicely.

The Basics:

To start the game, press the right and left arrow keys as fast as you can until the Elephante’s face gets bright red and then press the up arrow key to release the peanut.

Use the right arrow key to make the puppyblew speed up.

Use the left arrow key to force the puppyblew to put on the brakes.

When your puppyblew is running, use the up arrow key (press it twice) to jump. (Read below in the High Score section on how to perform special jumps worth more points.)


Throughout the game your puppyblew will come in contact with various obstacles to try and stop him from catching the peanut.

Obstacles to avoid:

  • Spinning fallen down tree trunk
  • A hole in the ground
  • A lake
  • A Crokabek in the sky will try and steal the peanut for himself

Obstacles you don’t have to worry about:

  • Blue Elephante lying on the ground: Although you do need to jump when you come across this guy, if you don’t quite make the jump and you land on him, your puppyblew will not get injured. In fact, if you land on this guy, your puppyblew will be shot quite fast and quite high, boosting you a little bit closer to the peanut you are trying to catch.
  • The lake if a Quiggle is in it: If a Quiggle is in the lake and you don’t jump over it, the Quiggle will make it so your puppyblew does not get injured.

What happens if you hit an obstacle?

If at some point in the game your puppyblew hits an obstacle, he will get injured. A little cast will appear on the puppyblew’s leg and he will significantly slow down. However, if you hit the up arrow forcing him to jump he will no longer go slow and will actually go back to normal speed. The only down side is you will not have accrued all the points for clearing the obstacles.

Arrow at the Top Right of the Game Window

You will notice after you launch the peanut that there is an arrow with a peanut in it at the top right of the game window. This arrow shows the direction and angle that the peanut is travelling. If the arrow is pointing straight up, it means the peanut is still travelling to the right and gaining height. When the arrow begins to point towards the right of the screen, the peanut is beginning to descend. When the arrow is pointing directly right or at the three o’clock position, the peanut is falling and you had better be ready to catch it.

How do I get a high score?

To get a high score in this game, you do not only need to catch the peanut in all three rounds, but you must perform trick jumps to get them. The Trick jump controls are as follows:

  • Front Flip: Right arrow key, Up arrow key, Left arrow key: 5 pts
  • Back Flip: Left arrow key, Up arrow key, Right arrow key: 5 pts
  • Straight jump: Up arrow key 2 times: 0 pts
  • Double Front Flip: Left arrow key, Right arrow key, Left arrow key, Right arrow key, Up arrow key: 10 pts
  • Double Back Flip: Right arrow key, Left arrow key, Right arrow key, Left arrow key, Up arrow key: 10pts

My Strategy:

My suggestion in this game is very simple. After you have shot your peanut as far as you can, constantly press the right and left arrow keys. Right Key, Left Key, Right Key Left key and when an obstacle comes along just hit the up arrow key and you will automatically do one of the 10 point trick jumps. By doing this, you are easily maxing out your score. Just make sure to keep an eye on the peanut and be there to catch it when it falls and you will easily have a high score.


In this game you are scored for three different things. One, you get points for actually catching the peanut. The amount of points you receive for catching the peanut depends on how far you were able to shoot the peanut at the start of the game. Also, you win points for every obstacle you clear successfully. For every obstacle you clear you are awarded 5 points just for merely jumping over that obstacle. On top of that, you are awarded a separate amount of points for the trick jumps you perform. The trick jumps can be worth 5 or ten points and for each one you are awarded the trick jump points as well as the points for clearing the obstacle.

The neopoint ratio in this game is 1.23. This means for every point scored in the game you get 1.23 neopoints. So to receive the maximum of 1000 neopoints per play in this game you will need to score 814 points in the game. If you can score this or higher all three times you send your score, you will receive the maximum 3000 neopoints possible for one game in one day.

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