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If You Can Swing It, Bring It!

by deuceloosely4711


MERIDELL - The game is only half the battle in the Kass Basher World Challenge.

If you have ever been discouraged from participating in the Kass Basher Meridell World Challenge because the top scores range from 1178 to 1183, and all you have ever been able to manage is something in the neighborhood of the mid-900s, there is hope for you. All it takes is a bit of patience, a watchful eye, and good timing.

Kass Basher is a simple enough game to make your daily 3000 NP from, but certain dynamics involved can elevate you to high-scorer status if you are able to take advantage of them. If you wish to have a chance at putting the Meridell World Challenge picture together, the following tutorial should set you on your way.

For the purpose of today's lesson, we will be using our computer's mouse. It's all you really need and, for many, easier to deal with.

Let's start with the basics. The Blumaroo stands under a tree branch where a mini-Kass is waiting for you to push it off. Whether you're starting with bread or bat in hand, the first thing you must do is wait for the wind speed (displayed at the lower-left corner of the screen) to reach 9 meters per second – no less! If you're especially low on patience and the starting wind speed is at 5mps or below, simply send the Kass falling to the ground. To make the Turtum immediately set the distance marker to end the round, click your mouse pointer anywhere on the screen. Click again to start a new round.

One of the dynamics in play is there are wind patterns you can follow to determine whether you should wait a few seconds or set up the next swing. The longer you watch the number fluctuate and the more you pay attention, the sooner you'll learn and recognize these wind speed changes in the future. This certainly makes for quicker game play, especially when the World Challenge clock is winding down and you need one or two more winning scores to improve your chances at winning a picture piece.

Moving forward, we need to swing at the proper time. As the hapless Kass plummets toward your waiting weapon, keep an eye to the distance. See that mountain? See the yellowish hill in front of the mountain? Pay attention to the top of the hill. Once the nose of the Kass touches that line, swing for the fence! Keep the left mouse button down. The reason for this is the Kass wings will angle its flight more sharply upward, giving it greater altitude before its descent.

On that note, keep watch on the flight. In about three seconds, the Kass will level off and prepare for landing. Still holding that mouse button? Good. Once your Kass reaches the top of its arc, let go. On the way down, pay particular attention to a pair of clouds you will pass. If you see you have flown under them, forget it. You won't be able to achieve the target distance for purposes of the World Challenge. If you manage to sail through the upper portions of these clouds, you have a chance. It's what you do when the Kass reaches the ground that will make all the difference between frustration and a possible win.

When you see the tree tops whizzing by, prepare for the tricky part. During the split-second before Kass touches down, hold down your mouse button as you did to send it on its way in the beginning. See how it bounced? This is because you angled its wings so it would take a sharper descent, forcing it to hit the ground harder. As we all know, this causes anything to bounce higher. These bounces happen fast, though. Now you must depend on your timing to get the maximum distance possible.

When the Kass reaches the top of each bounce, let off the mouse button. Quickly click again as it touches back down. Repeat the process.

Have you been counting bounces? If not, you need to pay attention to this. By this method of maximizing the effectiveness of your Kass' flight, you will usually achieve four bounces but no more than six. Oh, you've reached the sixth bounce, have you? Splendid! At the instant your Kass touches down for its skid landing, hold down the mouse button again until it comes to a complete stop. If you have followed the above instructions exactly, you should net a distance of typically at least 1170 meters. Bear in mind, however, your ideal target – the one which will net you a win more times than not – is 1179 or more. It takes practice, but the desired results are obtainable.

Remember that the World Challenges have three ways to win a prize. The most important is the “tally” (number of losses subtracted from the number of wins). If your result is a negative number, keep trying because you can't even place if your tally is below zero. The second level of emphasis is placed on the hour's high scores. Even if your tally doesn't place you in the top three or four and is at least zero, you can still win a prize as long as your highest score for the hour is within the top three. The final consideration (which is not always counted) is highest score total. This creature is tricky, so it's best to shoot for one of the other two.

If you approach the Kass Basher World Challenge and there are only two or three players competing, your presence in the contest will help attract passing browsers who are looking to challenge for prizes rather than pride. There is rarely ever an hour when the quota of five eligible players isn't met. Also, don't look immediately at the current hour's high score and be discouraged. Chances are, even though you can't see them, there are scores waiting to be processed which you can beat if your Kass Bashing skills have been honed enough. The high score you're seeing on display may be that player's only good one, so don't be afraid to take chances. It's also possible, as the head-to-head competitions are chosen at random, your score may not be compared to that player.

If you have scores that still need to be processed after an extended period of time, it either means one or more players have become satisfied with their standing on the leader board and are simply waiting for the end of the hour... or they have left the challenge altogether if they feel they have already won. Keep at it for the entire hour with the possibility in mind of lurkers who are confident enough in their skill to attempt a takeover of the top places within the final ten minutes. Yes, you may fall victim to these vultures, but it's also feasible that they won't beat the scores you're waiting to be processed.

Finally, remember that even if you've submitted your three allotted plays for Neopoints, you can submit unlimited scores for the World Challenges. Kass Basher is an easy-looking game that actually takes practice and skill to master. However, it's only half of the big picture. You always have to be mindful of the other players in the Challenge. Don't give up, no matter what. In the end, it only costs a meager 100 NP.

...and how much of a bargain is that when you win a picture piece and a share of the jackpot?

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