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How to Take Care of Your Meepit

by nr_gh889


So, have you just come back from the petpet shop with a little furry creature in your hands? If that little petpet is a Meepit, whatever the colour, read this guide to learn how to take care of the little bundle of joy now resting cozily in your arms.

1. Feeding your meepit

Feeding your petpet is an integral part in taking care of any petpet, and meepits are no exception. Meepits seem to enjoy juppie juice most as a drink, but they may take favor to other types of juice. Hey, everyone’s different.

So, to find out what type of drink your meepit really prefers, first blindfold your meepit and have it sit on any spot in the house that has enough area for the next step. Then take the five types of juppies which are: Red Juppie, Golden Juppie, Teal Juppie, Purple Juppie and Cocoa Juppie. Juice them into one cup of juice each and lay them in equal distances from each of your meepit, like a circle. Let your meepit sniff around and see for itself which juice it prefers. It may run for one cup of juice, sniff it, then change its mind; it’s perfectly okay for a meepit to do that. Usually, the meepit will go for one of the cups of Juppie Juice. If it doesn’t, then here’s a backup plan.

Most meepits prefer Juppie Juice, but some seem to prefer juices of other kind. After further investigation, it is shown that all of these meepits choose juice that is their own color (meepits are strange like that). So depending on the colour of your meepit, get some items that are of its colour and, like the juppies, juice them into one cup each. Lay them in a circle around your blindfolded meepit and let it choose which juice it really wants.

Okay, so that’s the drinking part of a meepit’s diet. Meepits not only have a favourite drink, they have a favourite fruit as well. Yes, only fruits; be relieved as then you have less food to go through.

Take the blindfold off of your meepit and let it drink its favourite cup of juice while you prepare your next step. Take a few fruits (namely banana, strawberries, green apples, blueberries, oranges and blackberries) and lay them in front of your meepit. If it is done with its juice, it will immediately run to its favourite fruit and immediately start devouring it. Otherwise, it will look around and see all of its non-favourite foods and just blink at you. If this is the case, then it’s your responsibility as an owner of your meepit to take it and go to the food store and watch the restocks go by. If something restocks that your meepit really likes, then your meepit would just tug your sleeve and point to it. Buy the food and let your meepit enjoy its little lunch.

2. Activities with your meepit

Unlike its food, your meepit doesn’t have any favourite activities or anything of the sort. It enjoys to play in playgrounds (although keep it away from bigger petpets and neopets which may crush it) and it also enjoys to play in little obstacle courses that you can build from scratch. Meepits enjoy jumping around and sliding, and you shouldn’t let your imagination limit what you can do with your meepit in your, and its, spare time.

So, to create a little obstacle course, go down to your garage and see what you have in store for that new petpet of yours. Spare tyres make perfect jumping courses, and twirly half-pipes would make a great slide for your meepit.

Meepits also love playing with things that they can throw around. Marbles and little rocks combined with some slides would amuse your little meepit for a few minutes or so. Or, you can try making a little boomerang by putting three small pieces of card together and bending all of them in, that would keep your little petpet amazed for hours.

However, you shouldn’t leave your petpet alone to play by itself. Bonding is an integral part in the neopet-petpet relationship, and to not bond with your meepit is as well as saying, “Go away to your stupid little hideout and hypnotize all of us with your big eyes when you are ready for world domination for all I care.” Yes, you should recognize the meepits’ power. Muahahahaha.

Anyway, you should bond with your meepit a lot. First of all, play with your meepit. You can play little games like fetch and hide-and-seek, and meepits don’t mind playing a little card game like poker or go fish once in a while. They’re very smart petpets. Or, as an alternative that would keep your meepit healthy and exercised, you can take your meepit out for a walk once in a while. Not too often, like daily; maybe once per four days would do.

3. A little home for your meepit

I won’t dwell on this too long because a meepit’s bed is easy to make. For a meepit’s bed, you can just take a basket and pad it out with a cushion so that it can rest well at night. You may even put a mini plushie or two in it to make it feel even more at home. Meepits aren’t too picky about their beds; as long as it’s cushy and as long as any meepit can rest in it easily after a long day, they won’t complain too much about their bed.

You should put your meepit’s basket somewhere you can easily access it, like next to your neopet’s bed or next to your bed. Should your meepit need anything, at least there will be someone not more than a meter away from it to easily access. If your meepit should start looking like it needs something extra for its home, answer to it immediately; meepits can get a little bitey if their needs aren’t taken care of too soon, and I tell you; meepit teeth are nothing to be unafraid of.

4. Meepit Security

As you know, there have been some theories and rumours about meepits planning world domination over Neopia. From my own research, here are some tips on how to keep yourself safe from meepit domination.

Anyway, when you bought your meepit, you had already risked your family AND your friends by bringing a dangerous little thing into your home. Fortunately, if you had bought yours from the petpet shop I can assure you that as long as you keep surveillance over your meepit at all times, you will be safe from your meepit, because the petpet shop takes pride in knowing that they sell freshly-born petpets, not the second-hand ones you can find on the Trading Post. As such, if you keep your meepit away from any signs of other meepits, your meepit will not even know about the other meepits’ plans and will not endanger you in any way.

However, if you bought yours from the Trading Post, you are already at risk. I suggest that every morning, you check out for these signs in your Neohome:

1. Mysterious little holes that suddenly appear out of nowhere in corners and parts of your house that you usually ignore.

2. Some of your more high-tech utilities and weapons suddenly disappearing from your home.

3. Freshly-dug holes in your garden.

4. A newly-installed petpet hole in your door that you SWEAR that you’ve never installed before, and guess what? It just nicely fits a meepit.

If you find any signs of these in your home, immediately take action. Cover those holes with titanium covers. Fill up those holes in your garden. Fix your door and take out the petpet door. Can’t do anything about the weapons and utilities, though; what is done has been done.

These are definitely not the only signs of your meepit getting into contact with the other side of the meepit population. When your meepit is out there planning your demise, you will also definitely see these signs in your meepit’s behavior.

1. Your meepit seems a little thoughtful and is walking slower than usual while being taken for walks.

2. Your meepit’s eyes are shifty and seem to be looking out for other things in the park while you are playing fetch.

3. Your meepit seems to be more intelligent than usual while you are playing cards.

4. Your meepit disappears at night, and is not usually on its bed.

These signs are clearly tell-tale of your meepit doing its part for the meepit domination plans. As such, I encourage you to take an active part and cut off your meepit from its headquarters. The first thing you should do is to borrow a sleep ray from a friend that trusts you enough to lend you an expensive item and use it to put your meepit to sleep for a while. Then, you can use a Virtupets ™ tracking device and locator and put the device on the meepit’s back, and cover it up with the fur it has. When it wakes up, pretend to be asleep and let your meepit trot off for its destination. This way, you will know where your meepit is from anywhere on Neopia, and even if the meepit discovers it and takes it off, at least you know where one of the meepits’ headquarters could be. One of them. Yup, they’ve got lots more.

Well, that concludes my guide on how to take care of YOUR meepit. See you soon, take care!



“Curse that little user. He has discovered our plans and has found out a way to stop them, and also signs of us calling our fellow meepits for duty. We must take action as soon as possible. Meep Agent Alpha, kidnap him as soon as possible. We shall wipe every piece of knowledge and awareness of our plans off the face of Neopia. Watch out, Neopia, because our victory is inevitable.”

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