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Don't Lose Your Head!

by anamya


People keep telling everyone to use their heads to be successful. Well, in Neopia there are headless items that are funny and desirable! How did they succeed?

Some people say Headless items are scary; other people say they were just intensely used. Headless items can be found everywhere in Neopia, from the Haunted Woods to Krawk Island. Okay, okay, maybe they're not common at the Lost Desert, but it doesn't make them less interesting. Why they lost their heads will always remain a mystery, but after making intense research and putting our heads to work (got the pun?), we can guess what happened with them and learn to see how cute they can be.

But if you have no interest for headless items, this article also list the head-only items! They are the opposite of the headless items, what means they have nothing but a head. And some of them are extremely cute, believe me! So, go ahead and read everything about heads!

7- Headless Sidney Plushie

Headed Equivalent: Sidney Plushie

This Deserted Fairground plushie has an advantage over the 'complete one': it can't make any sssssiiibilating noise. As the Haunted Woods are inhabited by mysterious and dangerous creatures, this little plushie could have lost its head in many, many ways. The combination of blue and purple of this uncommon article is interesting for plushie collectors.

6- Headless Horsefish

Headed Equivalent: Unknown.

This rare fish can be fished some miles away from the Smugglers Cove. Very similar items are the Fish Nibbles - usually identified as a small version of Horsefishes. Neopians can try the spicy taste of Headless Horsefishes by paying five dubloons at the Golden Dubloon restaurant at Krawk Island. No one knows why the head of this exotic being has never been seen. Even the Golden Dubloon's cook says the fish gets to the kitchen already headless.

5- Headless King Skarl Plushie

Headed Equivalent: King Skarl Plushie

This - very - stuffed plushie probably lost its head after a lot of Biscuit Brigade wars. Even without a part, this toy is still bigger than most of other plushies. And you should better not dare to tell any joke while playing with it.

4- Headless Jeran Plushie

Headed Equivalent: Giant Jeran Plushie

If you read the description of this item, it says, 'Oops. Maybe you should stitch his head back on.' But as there are no Jeran's Head Plushies in any store of Neopia, you have two options. The first one is to rip a new Giant Jeran Plushie to take its head off and sew it on the headless body. But it'll just give you another headless plushie to fix, and so on. The second option is to sew any other head on its place. We suggest the Meowclops Head Pillow, if you want something cute. Or a Fish Negg Plushie, if you intend to be funnier than any other thing. If your intention is to match the perfect color, I'm sad to tell you a Codestone Plushie will unfortunately be the better choice.

3- Headless Magax Plushie

Headed Equivalent: Magax: Destroyer Plushie

Many Neopians would love to have a Magax Plushie: he's fierce and strong! But as the headed version of this plushie was only released once as a Lenny Conundrum prize, most of us must satisfy ourselves with the little Headless Magax Plushie. With some effort, you can even recognize it's Magax!

2- Headless Dr. Death Plushie

Headed Equivalent: Dr. Death Plushie

The current explanation for the absence of head in this plushie is that some pets, after coming and going to the pound many times, got angry with the scary Techo. As a way to show their dissatisfaction, they took off many heads of Dr. Death Plushies and use them as a symbol of the campaign 'Do not abandon your pet; he doesn't deserve it.'

1- Headless Von Roo Plushie

Headed Equivalent: Von Roo Plushie

The most loved and popular headless item of Neopia! You probably have already played with one of them with your pets. This one is much better than its headed version. When you play with the normal Von Roo Plushie, it usually says: 'I want to drink your blood!' Is that something you want your beloved pets to hear? No! So, go to the Deserted Fairground to take the headless one, or buy one at the Market. It's cheap, cute, and SILENT!

And now, let's go to the second part: the head-only items! Different from the items above, whose origins are unknown, the head-only items were usually created to be decorative and interesting. Take a look:

11 - Cheese Draik Heads

Made in Blue Cheese or Savoury Cheese, these draik heads are a great, specially for Draik lovers.

10 - Jelly Draik Heads

Again, Draik head items! It's true, Draiks know how to use their heads to become more popular! This item can be found in Blueberry and Raspberry version.

9 - Raspberry Scorchio Head Cookie

Like cookies? Like Scorchios? Although a Scorchio head covered with raspberry cream does not sounds the tastiest thing in the world, this cookie is a delicacy!

8- Iced Cybunny Head Cookie

This one is a good option for a snack in hot days. Can you eat this cute cookie? And can you repeat 'can you eat this cute cookie' three times, fast?

7 - Cool Wooden Tiki Head

If you put all the previous options together and this item among them, you've just done a special feast for Mumbo Pango!

6 - Stuffed Fish Head

Simply gross.

5 - Double Headed Uni Plushie

A toy you'll never know if it's coming or going!

4- Meowclops Head pillow

Can you sleep with that big eye observing you?

3- Shiny Sloth Head.

A tribute to Neopia's greatest villain!

2 - Chocolate Sloth Head

A DELICIOUS tribute to Neopia's greatest villain!

1- Quigquig

The best and most interesting head-themed item of all. Take a look at it. Now, look closer. Keep looking. Don't you feel... a bit... dizzy...? Wooowww... Amazing!

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