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Which Mystery Islander Are You?

by makanaoaloha


Are you curious as to what Mystery Islander you are most like? Do you know a lot about Mystery Island? Or is Mystery Island just a mystery to you? Take this quiz below and answer the 7 questions to see your knowledge of Mystery Island and which Mystery Islander you are most like. Be sure to keep track of how many of each letter you chose to find which Mystery Islander you are!

Note: This does not have to do with your REAL personality, just how you fit in with Mystery Island and the Mystery Island folk. It’s all for fun. :)

Question 1. What species is the Island Mystic?

a. A Flotsam, duh!

b. Who’s the Island Mystic?

c. Ahh, a Kyrii.

d. Everyone knows the Island Mystic is a Kougra because we are party monsters!

e. An evil one!

Question 2. Which is your favorite pet from the Rock Pool?

a. Kelpflake because it’d look great in a meal!

b. Angelpuss because they are from Faerieland.

c. Primella because it shows the power of Mystery Island.

d. Pooka because they are great partiers!

e. Phnard because it looks evil!

Question 3. Where is the Secret Ninja School located?

a. This question doesn’t really have to do with food, does it?

b. I’m just taking a wild guess... near the beach?

c. This is quite easy; beneath Techo Mountain.

d. I think I had a party there once...

e. Within the rim of my volcano... muahahahaha!

Question 4. Where do you get mystical codestones from?

a. By completing a Kitchen Quest. *rolls eyes*

b. So what is this codestone of which you speak? I do want to get an ice totem, though, if that’s somehow close to a codestone...

c. Well, you either buy one from a user's shop or I believe you can get one from a Random Event.

d. Planning and organizing parties to get their rewards, right?

e. Of course all you do is free me from my volcano and I’ll give you all the codestones you want. *smiles*

Question 5. Is Geraptiku part of Mystery Island at all or in any way?

a. I’ve personally never ventured to that part of Mystery Island, though I’ve worked a lot of hours recently.

b. No, I’m pretty sure that Geraptiku is part of Maraqua if my calculations are right...

c. Yes, it is and it’s only recently actually been discovered.

d. I’ve never planned a party there before, though I’m pretty sure it is somehow part of Mystery Island.

e. I’ve seen it once or twice from this volcano that I know you want to free me from. :)

Question 6. Can the Haiku Generator give you an avatar?

a. Yes, I’ve been there a couple of times.

b. No, I’m pretty sure that you don’t get any type of avatar.

c. Yes, if you’re lucky. :P

d. Yeah, and I should know I’ve had a party there before.

e. Well, yes but it’s not evil enough for me to like.

Question 7. Does the Tombola give prizes?

a. Yeah, just like me if you complete one of my quests...

b. Umm, where or who is Tombola?

c. Yeah, if you are lucky. :)

d. Yup, I’ve used on as a decoration for a party.

e. Well, I don’t know; it’s still not evil enough!

If you answered mostly A, you are like...

Kitchen Quest Chef! You know all there is to know about Mystery Island, but working in the kitchen has messed up all your memory. All you begin to think about is cooking. With Mumbo Pango always ordering for food, you begin to feel stressed and overworked so you rely on people to help you finish getting ingredients. If they don’t get the ingredients, you are the one to take the full blame. So for all this you offer rewards to those who can get the ingredients for you and save yourself from being yelled at from the mighty Mumbo Pango, who does scare you a bit... or tons!

If you answer mostly B, you are like...

Tourist! You are an absolute tourist to Mystery Island. You actually began to realize that the reason it’s called Mystery Island is that Mystery Island is a big mystery to you! You know lots about all the other worlds in Neopia just not Mystery Island. You need to start by taking a Tiki Tour to learn a bit about Mystery Island. Why not explore all around the island to get to know the island folk? Also, find something to do there. Just remember; learn all there is to know to Mystery Island before you go back to the Harbour and travel to another world!

If you answered mostly C, you are like...

The Techo Master! You know everything there is to know about Mystery Island! You are no tourist to Mystery Island! Like the Techo Master, you have explored Mystery Island and have learned all there is to know about the Mystery Island folk as well. You teach at the Training School and therefore you must know a lot about training and battling. You are the wise Techo Master and that’s what everyone already knows!

If you answered mostly D, you are like...

Rufus! I bet you don’t know who Rufus is, right? He is the Kougra who is the party animal of Mystery Island! He is the Grand Bogen of Mystery Island and he gets to plan all the parties! So if you go to Mystery Island, be sure to have fun and look around like how Rufus the yellow Kougra would!

If you answered mostly E, you are like...

Moltenus! You know all about Mystery Island... though not in a good way. Moltenus was a giant Moltenore that was let out of Techo Mountain by Eithne. They were both featured in the Mystery Island plot and in the end Moltenus dealt with Eithne.

So now that you’ve seen which Mystery Islander you are, why not visit Mystery Island to go out and discover for yourself the beauty and mystery of Mystery Island? Also be sure not to run into the Pant Devil or Ghost Lupe on your way there!

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