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The Honorary Feepit and the Myth

by ashflash


“The Feepit Defenders of Neopia has noticed that an unusual number of meepits have been traveling to Shenkuu,” reported Orion the starry feepit. “Rufus and Spats, I want you two to go and investigate.”

      “Why doesn’t the Shenkuu division look into the situation?” questioned Spats the purple tasu.

      “That division is still new and they don’t have enough feepits if there is trouble,” answered Orion.

      “Then shouldn’t we send more feepits instead of just me and Spats,” suggested Rufus the feepit.

      “Those meepits may not be hostile,” explained Orion. “Sending an army of feepits might cause a major conflict with meepits from around the world.”

      Rufus and Spats boarded the next ferry and soon arrived at Shenkuu. At the dock they were greeted by a pink feepit. “Welcome,” she said with a warm smile, “my name is Cherry Blossom, but you can call me Cherry.

      “My name is Rufus and this is Spats,” he said as he kneeled and kissed Cherry’s paw.

      “Let me show you the headquarters and then we can talk,” suggested Cherry. She led them through Shenkuu and into their headquarters which was hidden in a small cave.

      “Orion was right about this division not having enough feepits,” commented Spats as he stared at the small handful of feepits assembled.

      “You have a gorgeous cave,” said Rufus in an attempt at small talk.

      “I am going to cut to the chase,” said Cherry impatiently. “My sources tell me that the meepits are wasting their time with an old myth.”

      “What myth?” questioned Rufus.

      “The Mist Orb,” explained Cherry. “Legend has it that a magical orb creates the mysterious fog which covers Shenkuu and can control weather. The orb is supposedly protected by the legendary petpet Kazeriu. Kazeriu is believed to control the wind and only appears to pets who believe it is real. This legend is ridiculous and I feel that it is a waste of time.”

      “We can not assume that the legend is untrue and allow the meepits to control the weather,” rationalized Spats. “We should investigate immediately.”

      “I agree with Cherry,” stated Rufus, “but we came to investigate, which means that we have to at least try.”

      Soon Spats and the feepits were hiking through Shenkuu. Cherry showed them the areas where the meepits had been spotted to narrow their search, but she was still new to Shenkuu and there clearly was not much hope of tracking the meepits. While they were walking, Rufus picked some flowers. “For you,” said Rufus as he handed the bouquet to Cherry Blossom despite Spats rolling his eyes.

      “Thank you,” Cherry Blossom replied. “That is so sweet.”

      “What is that?” asked Spats as he pointed to an orange lump.

     “It is a juma and it looks like someone has tied him up,” replied Rufus.

     Spats and the feepits quickly untied the juma. “Thank you,” said the juma as he regained his composure.

     “How did you get tied up?” asked Spats.

     “Several meepits approached me and said that they needed the legendary Kazeriu to save their family,” he replied. “So I showed them where Kazeriu lives, but she was not home and I suggested that we wait. Then the meepits tied me up and dragged me away.”

     “Kazeriu exists!” said a surprised Cherry Blossom. “Then that means the Mist Orb is real as well!”

     “They are after the Orb!” shouted Rugby. “I can’t believe I helped them!”

     “They have tricked some of the wisest petpets in the world, but it is not too late,” comforted Rufus. “Lead us to them.”

     “With pleasure.” Rugby grinned. Soon the juma led Spats and the feepits through Shenkuu and to the cliff where Kazeriu lived. The meepits already had the Orb and were beginning to leave.

     “Stop,” commanded Cherry Blossom, “and return the Mist Orb.”

     “You are in no position to give orders when you are outnumbered two to one,” remarked the meepit holding the Orb. Spats and Rufus lunged at the meepit in an attempt to get the Orb, but the meepit was faster and used the orb to create a large gust of wind which hurled the two petpets over the edge of the cliff. “Does anyone else want to go on a trip?”

     “What just happened?” asked Spats as they suddenly stopped in midair.

     “The air currents are holding you up,” said a Kazeriu as she glided over to Rufus and Spats. “My name is Mirage and I am the protector of the Wind Orb.”

     “Meepits are stealing your Orb,” Rufus informed her.

     “Not for long,” snarled Mirage as she glided toward the meepits with Rufus and Spats right behind her.

     “The Kazeriu,” remarked the meepit to himself, “but I already have the Orb.” The meepit used the orb to create a thunderstorm and to fire lightning bolts at Mirage. In response, Mirage dodged the lightning and launched powerful gusts of wind which caused the meepit to release the orb.

     “Surrender now,” ordered Cherry Blossom as she picked up the Orb. Realizing they were facing the Orb and an angry Kazeriu, the meepits quickly surrendered.

     “Thank you,” said Mirage as Cherry Blossom returned the Mist Orb.

     “Mirage, I am sorry that I brought the meepits here,” said Rugby, “and I would like to stay and help you protect the Orb.”

     “That is a great idea and I would appreciate the company,” replied Mirage. “The rest of you should head back.”

     “We will not tell anyone where you are hiding,” promised Rufus as they headed back toward the Shenkuu division headquarters.

     “What are we going to tell our bosses?” questioned Spats once they were seated in the cave. “I do not think that they will be pleased that we did not get the Mist Orb.”

     “Mirage and Rugby are more than qualified to protect it,” stated Cherry Blossom.

     “Our bosses would want to use the Orb against the meepits,” replied Rufus.

     “It is much safer with Mirage and Rugby than with any of us,” said Spats. “The F.D.N. might put the Orb to good use, but it is too risky. I think we should leave the orb out of our report.”

     “What?” joked Rufus. “The goody-two shoes is going to ignore protocol! Well, you are probably right.”

     “I agree,” added Cherry as the rest of the feepits nodded their heads in agreement.

     “Cherry, we must do this again some time,” suggested Rufus. “In fact, I think next time you should visit us in Mystery Island.”

     “I think that is a good idea,” replied Cherry Blossom with a grin.

     Once they were finished saying their good-byes, Rufus and Spats boarded the ferry back to Mystery Island and went straight to headquarters. “Welcome back!” said Orion. “What do you have to report?”

     “The Shenkuu division at first didn’t believe there was any danger,” replied Spats, “but they still helped with the investigation.”

     “The meepits were trying to capture the legendary Kazeriu because she can control the wind,” informed Rufus, “but she was more powerful than they thought and she easily defeated them. We barely did anything.”

     “How did they expect to control the Kazeriu,” asked Orion.

     “I guess they didn’t think that part through,” answered Spats.

     “That is unusual,” remarked Orion.

     “Maybe the meepits are losing their touch,” replied Rufus nervously.

     “There is a first time for everything,” remarked Orion. “Sounds like it was a boring mission, but at least you had a free vacation.”

     “Very boring,” replied Rufus and Spats.

The End

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