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Clearing the Misconception About Grey Pets

by cooltrimgirl


As my Grey Krawk, Roxzelle, can tell you, the Grey coloured pets are very misunderstood and cloaked in the myth that Grey pets are always gloomy.

Every now and then a random Neopet she doesn't even know comes up to her and says, 'Oh you poor thing,' and immediately gives her a hug. At the same time, she attempts to explain that really, she's bumbling with joy rather than souring in sadness. Her efforts always result in her fuming and ranting about how no one understands her. Everyone always assumes when they see a Grey pet that not only are they a beautifully painted pet, but that they're automatically wallowing in despair twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

But is that really true?

Are Grey pets always sad all day every day?

I know all Grey pets have that sad yet adorable look to them that makes you just want to hug them all day long. But despite their appearance, they can crack a smile just as bright as a Faerie pet. They can sing a happy tune and dance to their heart’s content just as sassy as any other pet.

To the untrained eye, you automatically assume that a Grey pet is unhappy.

And honestly, I don’t blame you. To veteran Grey owners, we can tell the difference. But for those who are new to caring for a Grey pet or even to those who don’t own one as see one walking to and fro, they really do look unhappy for the most part.

Now, you might be asking yourself, 'How can I really tell whether my Grey pet is happy or actually miserable?' For one, a smile is a dead giveaway. But are there other ways to tell if your Grey pet is happy or sad? Why yes, yes there are. (:

One way to tell is their eyes. Generally, if your Grey pet is in a good mood, they’ve got a twinkle dancing in their eyes. But more noticeably is their sclera, or the outer layer of colour surrounding the eye. The colour ranges from pink to white. More specifically, this range includes: All shades of pink to light-pink, all shades of grey to light-grey, and white. If their sclera is a shade darker than pink to any shade of red, your Grey pet isn't so happy.

The second way to tell if your Grey pet is happy is their coat colour. Generally, Grey pets' coat colours are greyish to light-greyish, although there are a few out there whose coat colours are a darker shade of grey which is perfectly normal if their species comes in that special darker grey. But if you notice that your pet’s coat is an unnatural shade of grey, (ie much darker for the lighter colours, and lighter/or darker for the darker coloured coats) your pet is displaying that they’re unhappy.

Another way to tell if your Grey pet is actually happy is by the way they act. You know your pet's personalities, Grey coloured or any other colour, doesn’t matter. If they’re acting not like their usual selves, obviously something is awry. Body language is a great way to tell if your Grey pet is happy or not. Say for example: Your pet suddenly lashes out at another pet all for slightly bumping into them; your pet is obviously not a happy camper.

‘But how can I keep my Grey pet happy?’ You might be asking. There are numerous ways to keeping your Grey pet happy just like any other pet. You can take them out to the Kelp restaurant, and treat them to a fancy dinner in Maraqua. Or just get them a range of toys and play with them. Most Neopians choose to take their pets on a Tiki Tour or take a ride on the Merry-Go-Round on Roo Island. But those ways are so common and frankly, I’d get pretty bored if I had to ride the Merry-Go-Round for the fifty bajillion times.

Although yes, I know treating your Grey to a dinner at Kelp is costly, but do what you can do. If you can take your pet out to Kelp every night, good on you! But if you can’t afford it, stick to things more simple and less costly, all the while being thoughtful to your pet’s happiness and preferences. That means not just taking them on their thirtieth Tiki Tour in a row or giving them the same plushie toy to play with over and over again.

Personally Roxzelle loves to wash windows. If there’s anything she adores more than those scrumptious vegan brownies, it’s washing windows. If she’s upset, or just really in the blues on any given day, point her in the direction of a dirty window, give her a bucket full of soapy water and any cleaning utensil (she prefers using a squeegee or a clean towel seeing as using a sponge is highly offensive to sponge pets) and her cute Krawky face just lights up as bright as a shooting star. Whatever your grey pet enjoys, it’s bound to turn their frown upside down.

So spice things up a bit for your Grey pet. Step out of the box and out of the ordinary to brighten their day. Find what they enjoy doing, not just repetitive ‘this was exciting only the first time ‘round’ activities they don’t enjoy much. Your Grey pet will greatly appreciate it.

So the next time you see a Grey pet, don’t just automatically assume that they’re in the worst mood possible. Don’t just randomly hug them and coddle them out of pity. You might think you’re doing them a favour, but in reality, they get quite annoyed by that kind of behaviour. Instead, give them a friendly smile and cheerful greeting just like you would to any other pet. Break the chain of negative stereotypes and snarky remarks such as, ‘Why don’t you just paint me grey if you’re gonna leave me like this?’ Take a closer look, don’t just assume, and you’ll see the sparkle in their eyes even if they don’t flash those pearly whites.

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