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Tarla's Toolbar - Do You Have What It Takes?

by featherwingedangel


All right, so the title to this article is (admittedly) a bit more dramatic than necessary. But just think about it for a moment and relive the thrill of the moment. Say you were playing a mindless game of Destruct-o-Match II on Zen mode for a bit of relaxation when suddenly, Tarla's button begins flashing! It's rather unsettling, I know. However, there are ways not to be caught off guard by this miraculous happening! And this article wouldn't be fit to wipe Skarl's shoes if I didn't share them, now would it? So, without further ado...

1. Locate the Button. If you have the Tarla Toolbar, the button will be located on the right end near the corner of your screen. Normally, the button will be coloured light blue, but when it flashes yellow, be ready to click away!

2. Put down that cup of Borovan. We all know that it's the tastiest drink in Neopia, but it becomes a little less pleasant when you spill it all over your front in your haste to press Tarla's button.

3. Speaking of which... Don't press Tarla's buttons! She is a moody little Ixi, and can become quite upset when confronted with open greed. So make sure you're a good-hearted Neopian, or find a way to stop wishing out loud that she would give out more paint brushes.

1. Posture, posture, posture. If you're going to sit around all day waiting for Tarla to come, the least you can do is sit up straight and give your back a break. Otherwise you'll end up walking around as crooked as Cap'n Threelegs at the Swashbuckling Academy. For him, it adds to his pirate image. For you, it is unattractive.

2. Don't get distracted! With all the fantastical things to do on Neopets, it is incredibly easy to become very distracted and miss the blinking yellow button. Especially if you are the proud owner of a very large computer screen. (Which of course means more ground to cover when keeping an eye out for the yellow blinker. ) If you have trouble separating yourself from activities to watch for the button, try breaking them up into smaller segments. For instance, if you are roleplaying, glance up after every message you send. If you are playing the game Castle of Eliv Thade, you can check after solving every anagram.

3. The last, and most important step is of course... Speed! You have to be as fast as a Kougra if you hope to catch Tarla and score a great item before the rest of Neopia cashes in. Remember, this is *healthy* competition!

Please, everyone, keep in mind that you are only allowed to collect one prize from Tarla per day. Also keep in mind that your neofriends do *not* want to hear about how you collected the primary prize if they only received the secondary prize. What are these primary and secondary prizes, you ask? Well, the primary prize is awarded if you click on the flashing yellow button immediately. Primary prizes are generally better. (Secondary prizes are also referred to as Consolation prizes. )

Of course, there are some bad aspects to Tarla's Toolbar as well. Recall, if you will, the sky-high prices of starry paint brushes before our dearest Tarla began giving them away. This is bad news for sellers, but incredibly great news for the rest of us!

If you generally sell the items you get from Tarla, make sure to store them first in your safety deposit box for at least a month. If a thousand Iced Ceiling Fans are given out and everyone tries to sell theirs the same day, the prices for Iced Ceiling Fans will drop drastically. If you really want to get the most out of your items, you must be patient! Wait to sell them unless you are in desperate need of fast neopoints.

And now, for your pleasure... I have convinced Nigel the Commodity Broker Chia to participate in a very private interview regarding the massive shifts in Neopian economy due to Tarla. Without further ado, I give you the master of selling and buying, Nigel, the Stock Chia!

Nigel: Thank you, feather. Are you aware that if you abbreviate featherwingedangel with FWA, it will look like you're panicking every time you ask a question? FWA sounds very much like an exclamation of fear. I would change-

FWA: [shifting around nervously in chair] Ahem. Yes, I suppose maybe I should change that. All right! Back to talking about the stock market! Could you please give us a quick rundown of what's been happening lately?

Nigel: Yes, of course. Well, stock in pet-painting companies has of course dropped drastically in the last few months. With the rock-bottom prices of paint brushes, people are panicking and withdrawing their stocks and choosing to invest in other things.

FWA: Such as... ?

Nigel: It seems to me that food is becoming a very popular investment these days. There are notable changes in the MYNC, KAUF, and HELT stocks.

FWA: Have you suffered losses personally due to Tarla's giving nature?

Nigel: [chuckling nervously] Well, I... ah, no. I know my stocks. How do you think I could afford such a red sports car?

FWA: What's a 'sports car'?

Nigel: I have no idea. But Adam told me they were 'cool,' so I bought one. It sure is shiny!

FWA: Indeed. Nigel, are people investing as much in stocks now that Tarla has begun giving things away?

Nigel: Well, now that's a tough question, feather. The interest in stocks began to drop off well before Tarla began her... [unpleasant look] daily displays of charity. We are hoping that eventually the market for paint brushes and certain other, rarer items will pick up and things will return to normal. I would encourage people to invest in paint brush stocks now while they are low. After all, when it hits rock-bottom, the only place to go is up! [waving hands wildly in the air and looking similar to the wheel of excitement]

FWA: Yes, well... thank you so much, Nigel! We hope to hear from you again very, very soon! Well everyone, now I leave you with a few last important bits of information. It seems some strange and unusual rumors have been circulating around Neopia concerning Tarla and her Toolbar that call for clarification...

-Tarla's Toolbar is only for Premium Neopets members!

A while back the Toolbar was downloadable to everyone on the front page of Neopets. Isn't that exciting?

-Tarla is Sloth in disguise!

Honestly, where do you people come up with this stuff?

-Tarla stands for Tall Aishas Reading Long Articles

Tarla isn't an Aisha, and if the Neopets Staff wants to make up acronyms, let them. Because they're just cool enough to do that.

-You can win avatars/trophies from Tarla's Toolbar!

Is Tarla's Toolbar a game? No. As thrilling as mashing that little button once per day might be, you cannot receive a high score, thus no trophy. If you think avatars should be awarded through the Toolbar, bombard TNT with emails next time, not me!

-Wah! I can't get Tarla's Toolbar anymore!

Yes, you can, silly! Plenty of petpages out there offer the correct link to the download site. If Neopets had wanted to limit the availability, they would have taken down the download site. :)

-If I click on Tarla's image repeatedly, she'll restock and I can get better items!

This is not Tarla's shop, dear.

Thank you for reading through all these tips and secrets so patiently! Good luck, and happy clicking!

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