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A Hissi's Tail

by ally_cat220


Lilah swept the floor of her shop. It was about time to close up for the night and she wanted to have the shop taken care of before dinner. Sweeping the dust outside, the red Hissi looked out the doorway and at the orange sunset.

      “I wonder what it’s like out there...” she thought out loud. She had always wanted to go on an adventure, beyond Neopia Central. Maybe one day she could go Mystery Island, or Terror Mountain, or maybe even –

      “Lilah, dinner is ready!” The Hissi was struck out of her thoughts by her owner calling.

      “Yes, Ally, just a second!” she called back. She set her broom in the corner of her shop. Picking up her pet Hydruplit, she closed the door to her shop and started to slither over to her Neohome.

      Lilah sat down at her chair at the dinner table. Ally set an omelette before her.

      “Omelette? Again?” asked the Hissi.

      “Lilah, I thought you loved Omelette. What made you change your mind now?” asked the girl.

      “No, I do, it’s just... when could we have some exotic food?” replied Lilah.

      “Exotic food?” asked Ally. “Lilah, were you daydreaming about going on some grand adventure again?”

      Lilah sat uncomfortably in her chair. She longed to do something different, to stand out like the Neopets she read about in her books. 'Maybe this is all bit silly...' thought Lilah.

      Lilah stood up. “I’m going to go for a walk,” she said, putting a collar and attaching a leash to each of her Hydruplit Huldra’s three heads.

      “But Lilah, you haven’t even –” began Ally. Lilah didn’t stop to hear the rest of her sentence. She closed the door and stood outside.

      “Huldra, do you think we could make it on an adventure?” she asked her Hydruplit. He looked up at her, his eyes shining brightly, and nodded his three heads. “Okay then,” said Lilah, smiling, “We’re going on a trip.”

     ~ ~ ~

      Lilah walked into a shop in Neopia Central. “Excuse me,” she asked the Shadow Eyrie shopkeeper, “but do you know how to get to Mystery Island?”

      “You’ve got a long way to go, lass,” he replied, pulling out his map of Neopia. “You’ll have to go through the Haunted Woods – or around it, your choice. I suggest going around it; it’s slower, but safer,” the Eyrie said. “Then you go past Faerieland and over Krawk Island - by that time you’re almost there.”

      'He sure likes to ramble a lot, doesn’t he?' thought Lilah as he was talking.

      “Then you head down to the island with the giant mountain. That’s Mystery Island. And there you are,” he said. “Here, you can keep the map,” he said, rolling it up and handing it to her.

      “Thank you! You’ve been a great help,” she said, walking out the door. The Eyrie nodded.

      Her next stop was the School Supplies store; she would need a backpack to carry all of her supplies – and Huldra – in. She walked into the store. There were two backpacks left – a Grey Backpack and an Explorer Backpack. The Explorer Backpack was far too heavy to carry. She would also have to be flying half of the time, and this would drag her down. Although it suited the occasion, Lilah chose the Grey Backpack instead.

      Lilah walked out of the store and put her map in her backpack. Next she put Huldra in. With not too much difficulty she managed to get him inside. He poked his heads out. Lilah slung it onto her back. Now she had everything she needed – she could stop for food when she needed it. With that, she began her journey.

     ~ ~ ~

      The Hissi flew over the Haunted Woods, the wind blowing at her face. It was getting dark. Lilah had already made some progress in the little time she was flying. She was almost out of the Haunted Woods, although it frightened her to be in such a place at night. She looked behind her to ensure no one was following her. When she looked ahead, she was scared silly. She was staring into the face of the Brain Tree. Lilah reared back, frightened.

      “Mortal, I need your help!” he growled.

      “No!” she exclaimed, sounding very young. 'I should have listened to that Eyrie!' she thought. Lilah turned to the East and kept flying from there, happy that trees couldn’t walk.

      Luckily, she was headed in the right direction. She landed on the grass, tired. Soon she fell asleep.

      She awoke the next morning. Lilah stopped for some food, and then she and Huldra continued their journey. Soon they were under Faerieland.

      “We’re almost there, Huldra!” she said, looking at her Petpet. It was amazing to be flying under Faerieland. It was fascinating to see a whole world above you.

      After a few more hours of flying, they reached Mystery Island.

      “It’s so... tropical,” said Lilah. “How about we take a Tiki Tour first, the head over to Geraptiku?” she asked. Huldra nodded. The Tiki Tour was very nice (as anyone that has gone on the tour can tell you). Soon they came to Geraptiku. Lilah slithered over to a huge stone tomb.

      “So this is the Deserted Tomb everyone was talking about?” said Lilah. “It’s a lot bigger than I expected...” she said, walking inside. A few minutes later, she came to a huge room filled with treasure. She picked up a Codestone, a Bottled Faerie, and a few Neopoints and stuffed them into a compartment in her backpack. 'That was lucky... I didn’t walk into a trap like most people do,' she thought, shuddering.

      After a few hours of exploring and playing games on the beach, a thought occurred to Lilah. 'Oh no... What about Ally? I said that I was going on a walk and I ended up coming here... She’ll be worried sick unless she thinks that walks take a few days!'

      Lilah picked up Huldra and took the beach shell out of his mouth.

      “Come on, Huldra! We have to go home now,” she said, putting him in her backpack. "Ally's probably worried about us," Lilah concluded. She spread out her wings and began to fly home.

     ~ ~ ~

      The next day Lilah arrived at her Neohome. She burst through the door. Ally looked up at her from the table, a distressed expression on her face. This soon turned into a surprised smile.

      “Lilah, you’re back!” she exclaimed. “I thought something happened to you,” she said. “All of my friends are looking for you.”

      “Oh, come now...” said Lilah.

      “Where have you been?” asked Ally.

      “Mystery Island,” she said, pulling the Neopoints, Bottled Faerie, and Codestone out of her backpack.

      Ally stared at the treasure and then at Lilah, giving her a strange look.

      “Mystery Island?” she asked. “Well, wherever you were, I never want you to do that again,” she said.

      “I’m sorry... I know I shouldn't have done that; I should have listened to you,” said Lilah.

      “Well, you should be!” said Ally, beginning to smile. “Next time, you should to take me with you!”

The End

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