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Ten Acts Of Kindness, A Techo Story: Part Four

by indulgences


The Fourth Act Of Kindness

It was October 4th, Grarrl Day according to the Neopian Calendar. The Mystery Island Training School was packed with eager Grarrls young and old, all of them hoping for some free training on their special day.

     The Techo Master trained as many of them as he could. They were all here, painted Grarrls decked out in their nicest finery for the occasion, unpainted Grarrls toting their own special backgrounds and accessories, and even some Baby Grarrls in a corner, mock fighting each other and wrestling each other to the ground. The Training School was always tremendously busy on Neopets’ special holidays, and today was no exception.

     “Use your Grarrl Glare, and THEN your Grarrl Swing,” exclaimed the Techo, as he narrowly avoided a blow from the Grarrl he was training. “That way you’ll have defended yourself instead of taking more damage, and you’ll live to fight another round.” The Grarrl glared, and swung at the Techo, as directed.

     “Lesson finished,” sighed the Techo, as he wiped his face. “Time for me to start meditation class.”

     There was a knock at the door, and a nervous Koi walked into the school. “I’ve c-come for t-training,” stammered the nervous Koi. He looked timidly at the rowdy Grarrls running amok in the room. “I’m paying with Codestones that it took me months to save up for. I would come on a later day when the school isn’t so busy, but my owner is going on vacation and she wants to get all my training done before she leaves. I know it’s Grarrl Day, so I don’t mind if all the Grarrls get through their training first. I’m a very patient Koi and I can wait my turn.”

     The Techo Master greeted the Koi and said, “Please take a seat, and wait for the next available class to begin. I won’t be able to teach you myself, since I’m specializing in Grarrl abilities today, but the Chomby Master is an excellent instructor who’ll be teaching the next class. I hope you’ll join them.”

     “T-thank you.” The Koi went over to one of the meditation mats and sat down.

     The Techo Master returned to the classroom he was supposed to teach and started the day’s lesson. Ten minutes later, there was a dreadful scream in the hallway, and all the students jumped up in fright.

     “Stay seated, and don’t break your meditation pose,” warned the Techo. He rushed into the hall. Standing there, nursing a bloody nose, stood a very angry Purple Grarrl. He was so enraged that he was completely covered in orange spots, instead of the usual two or three. “What happened?” yelled the Techo Master.

     “This pipsqueak punched me in the nose!” bellowed the Grarrl. He pointed at the Koi shivering in a corner.

     “That bully took my Codestones!” yelled the Koi, pointing at the Grarrl.

     “I did not, you worthless liar!” screamed the Grarrl. He started to rush towards the Koi.

     “NO! Stop right there!” The Koi, desperate for a weapon, suddenly seized a Fire Sword hanging from the wall. It was one of the weapons stocked by the Training School, used for training students at the art of fencing. “I’m not afraid to use this!” screamed the Koi, the flames flickering wildly as he tremblingly raised the Fire Sword at the Grarrl. The Techo, sensing something terrible was about to happen, slowly approached the frightened Koi.

     “Now, now,” said the Techo Master. “Put the sword down. There’s no need to wield it at someone else. This isn’t the Battledome, and we’re all friends here.”

     “H-he took my Codestones,” insisted the Koi. “H-he needs to learn that he can’t bully people around. I’m putting him in the Neopian Hospital!” He took a step forward.

     “If you do, there’s no turning back,” warned the Techo. “If you harm him, you’re no better than he is. Only cowards and bullies resort to fighting outside of the Battledome, while valorous and even-handed people know how to control their tempers. Settle this in a calm, fair two-player fight in the Battledome, my young Koi, and then let’s put this dispute behind us.”

     “I’m no match for him in the Battledome, where he has tons of abilities and a sack full of weapons. It’s better to finish him off now, while I’ve got him unarmed!” The Koi took another step forward.

     “Think, my young Koi, think carefully about what you’re doing,” cautioned the Techo. “Some people are so ruthless that they will resort to cruel and savage tactics to accomplish what they want. Do you want to be known as one of those people? Someone who will strike an unarmed Neopet, someone who will win by any means necessary, no matter the cost to his soul? Do you really want to be known as the Koi who defeated a Grarrl only because he was unfairly equipped with a Fire Sword, while the other begged for mercy?

     “No, my dear Koi, think carefully about what you intend to do, because this moment decides your fate. This is the moment where you decide whether you’re a creature of decency and integrity, or a lowly beast of injustice and inequity. Decide now what you want to do, and do it swiftly, for there will be no turning back.”

     The Koi slowly lowered his sword. He dropped it to the floor. “I’m sorry, Techo Master,” said the Koi. “I lost my temper. It won’t happen again.”

     “Aw, we were only trying to have a bit of fun hiding his Codestones,” muttered the Grarrl. His color had returned to its customary purple, with its two normal spots of orange. “Don’t be too hard on him, Techo Master. We’ll give them back. Here.”

     The Koi took the Codestones and tucked them carefully into his belt. Then, after a long pause, he offered a shaky fin to the Grarrl.

     “No hard feelings,” said the Koi.

     “None taken,” said the Grarrl. The two shook hands.

     The Mystery Island Training School would be full of scuffles that day, some serious, some not so serious, leaving everyone just a little more worse for wear than when they had first entered the school. But never again would it see the start of so legendary a friendship as that between the Koi and the Grarrl.

     The Koi would go on to train with the finest instructors at the Training School, and learn that sometimes it was better to refrain from battle than to start one. He learned to overcome his timidity around others, and to stand strong in the face of opposition without the use of a single weapon. Whenever he doubted himself, the Techo Master was there to teach him that in such times, the best thing to do was to offer his services to others and to offer a helping hand to those in need. The Koi became one of the greatest successes to come out of the Mystery Island Training School, eventually becoming an instructor there and teaching others the ways of war and peace.

     “Thank you for disarming me that day,” the Koi Master would say to the Techo Master as they sat meditating together. “I’ll always remember the kindness with which you dealt with me, and how you used words, and not your fists, to put me in my place.”

     The Grarrl went on to become a great explorer, taking part in many plots and coming across countless priceless treasures. Whenever he fell short in abilities, strength, and endurance, he returned to the Mystery Island Training School and trained with his best friend, the Koi Master. Together they taught each other the valuable lessons that come from the mingling of wisdom and exploration, and together they learned that the greatest asset in life is the support of your best friends. The two would remain steadfast companions for the rest of their lives, helping each other out in times of dire distress, and always offering each other a helpful word of advice when the other was in trouble.

     This legendary friendship, sung in myriad odes and melodies throughout Neopia, became one of the most famous fellowships in the history of the world. For the Grarrl, ever famous for his exploits, never lingered over his own successes but did his best to advertise the excellence and quality of the school where he always returned to train. And through his efforts, the Koi Master became famous in his own right, and he trained many students who were grateful for the lessons he could give. The close friendship between the Grarrl and the Koi, one of the first of its kind, became celebrated for the illustrious and wonderful thing that it was.

     But this is all in the future, where our sensible Techo Master has no place. Our Techo simply returned to his classroom after the brawl had been resolved, and finished his lesson. And so the rest of the day flew by.

     But his actions that day did not go unnoticed. No one realized that the Fire Sword on the wall had mysteriously disappeared, and no one paid attention to the faint trail of Faerie dust that drifted through the air where the Fire Sword had been...

To be continued...

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