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The Meepit Army Chronicles: Durian Wars

by dogglefoxgirl


Chapter 1

Kat gazed down at the pitiful Neopians through her window. The Overlord grinned, as she knew that, in time, all she could see before her eyes would be ruled by Meepits. The tall building she saw in the distance would be replaced by a giant Meepit statue, and all Neopians would kneel before it.

     "Oh mighty Meepit Overlord!" cried a voice from behind her. A Meepit warrior rushed into the room and kneeled, a troubled look on his face. Kat recognized him as JT.

     "A Feepit prisoner has escaped!" he gasped, raising his head.

     "WHAT?" Kat gasped. "That's impossible! What about the reinforced steel cage bars?"

     "They were ordered for today at 3, and the escape was suspected to have happened at noon." Even through his robotic armour, Kat could tell his face was pale and his eyes wide with panic.

     Kat's thoughts immediately switched to Avery. The Disco feepit was her trusted advisor; yet she was one of the few petpets that had the key to the Feepits' cages. The only others were protected by Arwen, Libby, and herself. It would be easy for Avery to fake loyalty to the Meepits and free her Feepit allies.

     "Have any other prisoners escaped?" she asked tentatively. She could imagine the chaos if all the prisoners were free. She shuddered.

     "Not as far as I know," JT admitted. "But there would be plenty of time to escape between now and when the escape happened."

     "Well, what are we waiting for?" Kat's eyes blazed. "Let's go!"


     They rushed to the Feepit prison. To Kat's dismay, all the cages were empty but one. The fearful eyes of Candy shone through the cage. Kat approached her, followed by JT.

     "What's going on?" she growled. The starry Feepit trembled in the presence of the Overlord. "Where are the others?"

     "It was a Feepit," Candy began. "She came to our cages and started unlocking them with a key. Maybe she stole it from Arwen," she suggested. Arwen was the Meepit on guard duty at the time.

     "Katie rallied the escaped Feepits and fled," she continued. "I didn't want to leave, for fear of getting caught," Candy admitted.

     "That means," Kat said with a jolt, "that the Feepits are still in the HQ, on the loose!"

Chapter 2

     "KAT!" called JT. He ran up to the Overlord, panting.

     "What is it?" asked Kat. "You look exhausted."

     "I found," he panted, "a mysterious opening. In the wall. I chased a Feepit into it. I think it," he took a deep breath, "I think it might be the Feepit's hidden shelter."

     "Orly?" she asked. "Take me there at once."

     JT nodded and let Kat down the Great Hall. Meepits going about their duties bowed their heads or gave a respectful nod at their leader.

     Eventually they came to a wall. As Kat stared at it, JT nodded encouragingly. He pointed with his battle lipstick to a very small opening - small enough for a Feepit to get through. Fortunately, it was small enough for a Meepit as well.

     "Stay here, and observe through the opening," Kat ordered. With her ghostly form, she slid through the hole, and her presence was unknown by the Feepits, who could not see the ghost.

     "Welcome, Feepits," boomed the voice of Katie, the leader of the Feepits. She raised her Durian Sword to the small gathering of escaped Feepits. The other Feepits raised their weapons in salute.

     "I knew I shouldn't have given the Feepit prisoners weapons," Kat muttered.

     "The Meepits can contain us no longer! We will find our fellow Feepits, and together, we will destroy the Meepits once and for all!" Cheers rose from the crowd. "How will they like it, when they are OUR prisoners? When WE rule the world? When WE are the ones capturing THEM?" Katie encouraged the cheers until the voices of the cheering Feepits rang throughout the room, echoing off the walls. Some Meepits turned their head quizzically at the faint cheering noise before returning to their duties.

     "We will gather our sisters," she went on, "and we attack at dawn!" The Feepits cheered even louder as Katie started giving instructions. Kat didn't stay to watch; she glided through the opening, and nearly through a startled JT, and into the Great Hall. Her ghostly eyes flashed.

     "We cannot let them destroy our honor," she said to JT. "If the Feepits gather their sisters, we will need a strong force as well. We must intercept the next gathering. We won't go down without a fight. This means war."

Chapter 3

     "Monica!" barked Kat. The ghost Meepit came running. Yes, ghost Meepits can run if they want to. Got a problem with that? Good.

     "Yes, Overlord?" Monica dipped her head. "How may I be of assistance?" Kat nodded towards the hole in the wall.

     "Feepits," she explained. "They plan to gather their brethren and attack the army. I need you to inspect for any entrance other than this hole. We must ensure they cannot escape."

     "But what if they see me?" gasped Monica.

     "They won't. You're a ghost. But beware the pink warrior," warned Kat. She pointed through the hole to a pink Feepit that resembled their leader. "Ghost has unusually alert senses. Get too close, and she will detect you." Monica gasped; with that danger, it seemed like an impossible task. But this was an order from the mighty Meepit Overlord herself. She had no choice but to obey.

     Monica nodded and slid through the hole. Her eyes darted around warily as she rose into the air. Ghost was speaking to a yellow Feepit known as Banana. Monica glided past her, and a few feet away she froze. Ghost stopped to sniff the air. Something was wrong.

     Monica stealthily glided away, as fast as she could. She had to get away from Ghost. After a few minutes, Ghost shrugged and resumed her conversation. Monica nearly let out a sigh of relief, before remembering she must be silent and remain undetected.

     She scanned the room. There appeared to be no other exit... until she spotted a faerie Feepit emerging from an innocent looking wall. It was really wallpaper acting as a drape; very clever.

     Monica glided to various walls, inspecting to see if there were any other hidden entrances. But she found none other, and glided through the hole to tell Kat.

     "Well done," praised Kat. "I shall order JT and Alicia to guard the second entrance. Return to your duties." Monica dipped her head and walked towards a nearby room.


     JT was knocked to the ground as a tough looking fire Feepit burst in.

     "Outta my way, you pile of Meepit dung," she growled. An island Feepit followed her into the secret wall entrance.

     Hundreds of Feepits were flooding the room, pushing past the two Meepits trying hopelessly to stop them. Soon there was a gathering of Feepits nearly the size of the Meepit Army itself!

     "ATTACK!" called Katie. The Feepits flooded out through the mysterious hole and into the great hall, attacking all who stood in their path.


     "What do you know of this?" growled Kat. She was talking to Avery about the prisoner escape.

     "Nothing, I swear!" gasped the disco Feepit. "I was in here the whole time!"

     "We'll see if the other Meepits believe your story..." started Kat. She never got to finish.

     "KAT!" cried a Meepit. Lynds came bursting into the room, her sullen Grey eyes wide with panic. "It's the Feepits, oh mighty Overlord! Hundreds of them attacking! And they're headed here!"

Chapter 4

     "Gather the Meepits!" barked Kat. "We'll need a fighting force the size of Neopia Central to combat these Feepits." Ten by ten, Meepits arrived in the Overlord's chambers, with weapons. The Feepits wouldn't win that easily.

     Avery was placed in a cage. She couldn't be trusted.

     As the Meepits swarmed out to attack the Feepit army, they did not notice the spork in Avery's paws as she picked at the lock.


     The Meepits charged into the Great Hall. The Feepits were waiting for them. Sword met sword, lipstick met SuAP, carrot kabob thing met trident. Weaponless Meepits fought with their teeth, and weaponless Feepits kicked and punched.

     Some fire Meepits scorched the Feepits with their flaming ears and tails, while ghost Meepits scared the wits out of Feepits. Faerie Meepits and Feepits flew up high, and some Feepits threw durians.

     Icey, a well-armed island Feepit, attacked any Meepit that got near her. Her SuAPs dealt great damage all around the room. A custard Feepit wearing a Durian Chia Costume poked everyone around, Meepit or Feepit.

     And in the heat of the battle, nobody noticed the small disco Feepit sneaking around the shadows.


     Avery walked carefully, treading lightly, not letting her spork touch the ground. She came up behind an unsuspecting Meepit and raised her spork. It came down with a crash upon his head, and she recognized the robot Meepit as JT. She smirked and crept back to the shadows.

     Ghost seemed to be the only one who could tell the location of Avery. Her alert senses told her she was lurking the shadows, readying her spork. Ghost leapt on top of a Tyrannian Meepit and kicked with all her might. The Meepit let out a cry of pain and tried to bite. Ghost jumped off and curled into a ball, rolling into the Meepit and knocking him to the ground.

     Avery suddenly jumped into the fight with a battle cry, and swept her spork around, knocking five Meepits to the ground. Some stared in horror at the traitor. Avery took advantage of this opportunity to kick and spork the distracted Meepits.

     "Stupid dung-eating Meepits." She smirked. "Did you really believe I would befriend you, after you captured my friends and put them in cages? Fools!"

     Kat tried to listen while fighting the Durian Feepit Queen, Katie. She couldn't believe her ears. She suspected Avery was a traitor, but never believed she was plotting against them the whole time!

     Avery rejoined the other fighting Feepits. She fought side by side with Banana, keeping perfect timing, working together. Everyone lost count of how long the fighting had gone on, or how many Meepits were left to fight the Feepits. One cry in the midst of the battle stopped everyone in their tracks.

     "NO!" called a voice, and Monica ran over to a ghost Meepit lying on the ground, unmoving.

Chapter 5

     The Meepit warriors slowly started to move towards the two ghost Meepits. Even the Feepits slowly peered over Monica's shoulder at the unmoving shape of the Meepit Overlord. Monica's face was covered in tears. Silence swept the room like the shadows, and the Meepits and Feepits didn't even exchange hostile glares.

     Katie lowered her durian sword, her eyes wide with shock. Her footsteps were the only sound, apart from the quiet sniffling of Monica, in the room. No triumphant glint was in her eyes; no victorious call sounded throughout the Great Hall. As the Feepit Leader approached the ghost Meepits, a few Meepits tried to block her path. But she showed no hostility, only shock and sullenness. She spoke.

     "I.... I never meant to hurt her like this," stammered Katie. "We are enemies, yet she was the only Meepit I had ever known well." A couple Meepits growled, but most just continued with their sullen stare at the Overlord. Monica wept silently.

     The ghost Meepit suddenly stopped crying. Her tears of sadness turned to tears of joy, as the Overlord stirred. Kat opened her eyes. Seeing her people, she smiled.

     "The battle has been won," she called. A Meepit kicked a Feepit, and a fire Meepit tackled a nearby custard Feepit. "But the war has not," said the ghost Meepit. Katie's sadness quickly evaporated and she stood on top of a ledge in the wall.

     "You're right," she growled. "The Feepits will be back. The war isn't over yet." She barked something in Feep at the gathered Feepits, and they started fleeing in all directions. Kat meeped something at JT and Arwen, and they barked orders as Meepits started tackling the Feepits. Megg and Lulu started bringing out cages that the Meepits were stuffing Feepits in.

     Ellie stuffed Ithaly in the nearest cage, and Lynds shoved Avery into her heavy duty cage. Kat smiled as she stuffed Anh into a cage with shiny new reinforced steel bars.

     Half the Feepits ended up escaping, but the Meepits captured more prisoners than they had to begin with. But one Feepit still remained that had neither fled nor been captured.

     A small starry Feepit crawled into the shadows, tapping her pencil against the ground.


     Peaches spotted the Feepit in the shadows. She growled to Snoweh, who was nearby, and they leapt at the direction of the small Feepit shape. The Feepit hissed and started to run towards the Feepit prison. Seeing the Meepits dash, Lulu, Lynds, and Jimmy followed the chase.

     The Feepit's eyes darted around wildly, looking for a hiding spot. She ducked behind a cage. Snoweh leapt up and pushed her into a cage. Slamming the door, they finally looked at the face.

     It was Candy.


     "All right," growled Lynds. "Tell us what happened. Now." Candy bared her teeth.

     "What's it to you, Meepit," she hissed. "Gonna report me to your Overlord? Big deal."

     "Tell us now," spat Jimmy. "Or we'll send you to Katie in pieces."

     "FINE," snapped Candy. "It was ME.

     "When we were captured by you smelly Meepits, you were stupid enough to let us keep our weapons. There's a reason I chose this Pencil Sword, you know. I knew the Meepits would let me keep it. The lead from this sword is so thin, it's sharp enough to pick the lock. Once I was out, it was easy enough to sleep in a small corner for the night.

     "When I woke up, I snuck to Arwen and stole her key," she hissed. "That little robot JT saw that my cage was open and rushed to tell Kat. I used that as an opportunity to unlock the cages of all my friends and lead them to the hole in the wall I found the night before. I had just enough time to run to an unlocked cage and close the door when Kat and JT walked by. They even believed my act. Ha!" Candy laughed. "I can't believe you didn't even notice me fighting Grace in the battle!"

     By now, growls were rising from the throats of the Meepits. They locked her cage before Candy figured out what was happening. They had the most dangerous prisoner of all now.

     When Libby opened it up to put in fresh Feepit food, she took Candy's sword out. She wasn't going to escape that easily again.

     Avery was kept in a cage like the other Feepits. Even though she didn't free the Feepits, she still betrayed the Meepits by fighting on the Feepit side.

     The Meepit Army HQ was safe.

     But for how long?

The End

My first story in the NT! If you liked it, be sure to check for future Meepit Army Chronicles!

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