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The 10 Best (and Cheapest) Pieces of Furniture

by flying_tigre


Flying_tigre: Hello, I’m flying_tigre and I’m here today interviewing one of Neopia’s finest furniture collectors, Alabaster Chesterdrawers. He’s here today to inform us what the 10 best (and cheapest) pieces of furniture are here in Neopia. So, Mr. Chesterdrawers, let’s start at the top. In your opinion, what is the number-one best piece of furniture you can buy for your neohome for a reasonable price?

Alabaster Chesterdrawers: Oh, that’s easy. The best piece of furniture by far is the Blue Bean Bag Chair. Why, you may ask? Well, for one, it’s comfortable! Go sit in one of those and then plop yourself down on a Hewn Stone Chair- it doesn’t compare! Another reason is that it is very stylish. It matches just about anything. All the cool Neopians have them, in case you haven’t noticed. The Blue Bean Bag Chair is a must-have for any modern neohome.

FT: Wow, it sounds like I’ve got to get me one of those! It’s comfy, stylish, and matches everything- what more could you ever want? Plus, the Shop Wizard tells me that this chair ranges from about 450 to 500 neopoints, no? Anyway, what would you say is number two on your list?

AC: Hmm... I would have to say the Fresh Bamboo Bed. They’re nice and bouncy because the bamboo is so fresh, so they’re a necessity for a great night’s sleep. A Fresh Bamboo bed is perfect for any Mystery Island-loving Neopian- they will be reminded of the island all night long by the fresh scent of Bamboo! And this nice bed only costs approximately 4,200 neopoints.

FT: I agree- the Fresh Bamboo Bed is a great piece for any Neopian’s home. And you can get the whole set of bamboo furniture to match. Ok, so what’s the third best piece of furniture for your neohome?

AC: Well, the Green Shoyru Sofa has always been a favorite of mine. It goes great in any young neopet’s room. You could even have it right in your living room, paired with two matching bean bag chairs! It’s also very comfortable, and you feel as if you are flying every time you sit in it. And it gets better! The Green Shoyru Sofa only costs around 2,200 neopoints in most shops.

FT: The Green Shoyru Sofa sounds like a great choice. And it’s relatively inexpensive too! And those wings on the side are just adorable. Well, what is the fourth best choice on furniture that you have for us today?

AC: Let’s see... well, every neohome needs light, right? And the best lamp to do the job is definitely the Rainbow Lamp! Not only is it functional, being a bright lamp and all, but it has flair. You can add a rainbow to any room in your neohome with this lamp!

FT: And such a great price too! The Rainbow Lamp usually costs about 950 neopoints. That’s nothing compared to the price of a more expensive lamp like the Ultranova Lamp- that one costs approximately 19,000 neopoints! Anyway, what’s number five on your list?

AC: Every neohome needs a conversation piece, and the Amber Coral Coffee Table is a great one. It’s made from real coral and looks great. I would recommend putting it in the center of your living room. Plus, you can buy it for as little as 1,100 neopoints on the Shop Wizard!

FT: Oooh, and they’re so pretty. Well, we’re halfway through the top 10, and these have all been wonderful picks. What is the sixth best piece of furniture for your neohome?

AC: The Pineapple Rug, of course! Not only does every neohome need a conversation piece, like I said before, but every neohome also needs an awesome rug. The Pineapple Rug will just make people feel welcome every time they come into your home, so a great place to put it would be in your entry. The Pineapple Rug also has a matching bed and chair, so you can use them all to decorate an entire room.

FT: Also, fellow Neopians will think you paid a lot for this rug, but it only costs between 1,000 and 1,300 neopoints. Well, Mr. Chesterdrawers, what would you say is the seventh best piece of furniture?

AC: Hmm... well, another necessity for every neohome, for obvious reasons, is a toilet! Many Neopians think that their toilet needs to be fancy, but I think it’s best just to stick with the Plain White Toilet. It’s cheap, it does the job right, and if you choose to redecorate in the future, it will always match. Any bathroom will look great with the Plain White Toilet, which you can buy for about 2,400 neopoints- that’s half the cost of any other fancy toilet!

FT: Yes, there’s no reason to spend all your neopoints on a fancy toilet! The Plain White Toilet is just perfect. So, what is number eight on your list?

AC: Many Neopians enjoy having various types of artwork in their neohome. This includes stained glass windows, posters, paintings, and more. One inexpensive and artistically pleasing painting is the Red Elephante Painting, which you can purchase at a price as low as 899 neopoints. The Elephante in the painting has such a wonderful smile it will brighten up your day.

FT: Aww, that Elephante has such a dazzling smile. Wow, we’re almost to the end of the list! What would you say is the ninth best piece of furniture for your neohome?

AC: Stamp collectors are going to love this one. My favorite pillow is the Stamp-Shaped Pillow. It’s nice and large, and it will look great in a young neopet’s bedroom or the master bedroom of your neohome. You will dream of stamps all night long when you sleep on this lovely pillow! And, like all of the other pieces of furniture on this list, is very inexpensive at only 899 to 999 neopoints!

FT: What a nice pillow! It looks so big and soft. Well, we are nearing the end of our interview. What is the tenth best piece of inexpensive furniture you can buy for your neohome?

AC: Well, this is going to sound a bit odd, but number ten on my list is the Cookie Jar! Not only will this jar keep you from eating all of your cookies at once, but it will make your kitchen seem warm and cozy to you, your family, and your guests. There are many types of cookie jars, but the Cookie Jar is the cheapest, being only between 350 and 450 neopoints.

FT: Mmm, cookies! Well, there you have it, readers! That was the 10 best (and cheapest) pieces of furniture available to you here in Neopia, told by Mr. Alabaster Chesterdrawers and hosted by me, flying_tigre. Thank you for allowing me to interview you, Mr. Chesterdrawers, and thanks so much for your input! And thanks readers, for, well... reading!

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