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A Slorg's Wish

by dark_song


It started out like any normal day. My owner, Lisa, came and gave me my breakfast, “Tasty Slorg Treats”, and took me out for my usual walk. We passed by the mall, window-shopped at the Beauty Parlour, and popped into the Plushie Shop. That was my favourite part. I loved seeing the many different colours and shapes that aligned the walls and sat upon the shelves. The plushies all looked so happy as they waited for the one special neopet to take them home. It was even more fun to see that one pink Cybunny plushie at the end of the aisle. I officially named it Lisa, after the striking resemblance to my owner.

     “Roy!” came the sweet, melodic voice. It was my owner. “Roy! C’mon! It’s time to leave!” I slithered over as quickly as I could just to see her again. She was the best owner any Slorg could ever ask for. Whenever I looked at a treat, she would buy it and surprise me when we finished our walk. If I ever saw another petpet, she would unclasp my leash so I could go play. All of my other friends envied me dearly.

     With a small pat to the head, Lisa led me out the door and around the corner towards the park. I didn’t pay much attention to the passing scenery or the many neopets that crossed my path. I could only think about that plushie sitting pleasantly by the window. It wasn’t as beautiful as my owner, but cute nonetheless. I knew she would love it. I also knew that I couldn’t afford it. I mean, I’m a petpet. I may have a few coins stored away that I found lying around the park, but I wasn’t able to run away to the store and pay for it. I could barely reach the shelf!

     I sighed inwardly as we passed the rod-iron gates that opened into the beautiful green park. I did my normal routine and played with some friends before I left with Lisa. She seemed to be very intent of going to Faerieland; she hadn’t stopped talking about it.

     “Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to go? I heard that it’s so beautiful there, and I could buy you a new playmate! A cute faerie petpet would be nice, no doubt. What do you think?” Lisa turned her attention towards me and the dreamy look in her eyes dimmed. I nodded swiftly and beamed a bright smile. She giggled. “You’re such a good petpet.” Once again she patted my head. I enjoyed the scent of her paw lotion so much. It smelt like star berries.

     We headed back home before traveling straight back to the shops. When Lisa heard the exciting news that she was finally old enough to go to Faerieland, she screamed so loud a few windows broke. She gently picked me up and danced around the living room, singing a cheery tune I heard just heard her sing this morning.

     “Thank you! Thank you!” she cried, hugging her parents so tight they could barely breathe.

     “Lisa! I’m glad you’re excited, but please remember your inside voice!” her mother pleaded.

     “I’m sorry. I’m just so happy!” She punctuated the last word with a small shriek before claming down once more. Her father shuffled through his wallet and pulled out a few neopoints.

     “Here you go,” he started as he handed them to her. “Add this to your own money and it should pay for anything you need-” He could barely finish before his daughter snatched the money and ran towards her room... with me in her arms.

     “I’ll need a new outfit...” she started as she cleaned out her best purse. “Oh! And maybe some cute bracelets...” She kept going and going as I slowly made my way over towards a little bag that sat upon my small, fluffy bed. The name “ROY” embroidered the bottom with gold stitching; clearly visible against the sky blue material. I peered inside and counted the coins, including the ones I had found today. It was amazing how many coins one could collect just by visiting the park every day. I couldn’t believe how careless some people could be.

     My heart began to pound as the realization sank in: I finally had enough to buy Lisa the Cybunny plushie. My heart leaped in my chest and I zoomed around the bed, screaming inwardly. “Finally!” I carried the small sack over towards the pink Cybunny that stood before her bed, counting her money. She smiled at me kindly.

     “Are you all ready to go?” she asked happily. I nodded. “Great. Me too.” She clasped the leash on once more before skipping excitedly over towards the clothing shop. She bought a new outfit and accessories to match, and then hurried out as quickly as she could.

     “Hurry, Roy! I want to leave as soon as possible!” she cried, pulling on my leash. I saw the Plushie shop quickly pass by us as we rushed down the small street. I strained against the small, red rope tied around my neck, trying hard to make it to the door. “What’s wrong, Roy?” she asked quickly.

     I tried hard to look through the window that was barely in my grasp. I strained my eyes as much as I could just to see that the doll was sold out. Wait, hold on, sold out!? There it was. A small sign sitting upon an empty space of the shelf with bright red letters clearly advertising that the doll was no longer available. My heart sank down to my feet. Gone... I thought sadly as I allowed Lisa to pull me away. It was now impossible for me to buy the present for my well-deserving owner. I stared, shocked, at the dirt-covered path that led towards the big, shiny cloud.

     Lisa excitedly hopped off towards the sparkly, fluffy clouds that lined the bright city. Lisa cried out a yelp of excitement before they even reached the large, sparkly gates. Our mouths fell open as we saw the bright lights and buildings that surrounded us. Of course, who could miss the tall castle that overlooked it all? Lisa shrieked once more before darting off into every shop possible before lunch.

     I followed behind solemnly, continuously thinking about the doll I had just saw that morning. How could it be gone so quickly? No one ever bought it before... why now? I thought grimly. I waited outside the change rooms as Lisa tried on some new outfits, excitedly asking me when she came out if I liked it. I nodded every time. What else was I going to say? She wanted me to be supportive of her so I always tried my best. The pink Cybunny skipped towards a small table that nestled in a small corner by a restaurant, small flowers growing around the walls.

     “Isn’t this wonderful?” she breathed. The sun shone directly upon the small vines, illuminating the bright petals. They were quite lovely. We stopped for a break and relaxed, watching the faeries and other neopets quickly bustle past. Eventually her excitement grew too overbearing to contain and she hopped away with me in her arms.

     The Wheel of Excitement caught her eye. Lisa skipped over happily, watching the colorful wheel spin round and round. A small Kacheek had just won 75 neopoints. He walked away with a hop in his step as the light faeries handed him his prize. We waited in line patiently as we watched the others be awarded their prizes; some good, others not so much. Our turn finally came and I waited on the side for Lisa. I sighed sadly as I saw the happiness in her eyes. I wished that I could spark that look up every day and cheer her up with a nice present if she was down. A bright light floated towards me and I looked up. A beautiful light faerie looked down at me with a kind smile.

     “What’s the matter, little slorg?” she asked softly. I explained to her what had happened as Lisa shouted with joy by the wheel.

     “I see...” she pondered. “Well, then. I think that if you keep believing, your dreams will come true...” With that she walked away and left me curious.

      When we arrived back home, Lisa quickly ran up to her room to put away all of her new things. I slithered upon her bed and sighed once more until something caught my eye. A small, pink Cybunny plushie sat by her pillows, waiting ever so patiently for its new owners. My heart leaped into my chest and pounded quickly. A small tag was connected to her ear. To Lisa. I hope all of your dreams come true. From, your loving petpet, Roy. The golden ink glittered brilliantly in the sunlight as I stared shocked at the small toy. I picked it up and nudged Lisa’s leg enthusiastically. I couldn’t wait to see her face.

     “Oh... what’s this?”

The End

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