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Ancient Medicine

by niebelheimkonto


What do you do if your Neopet doesn’t feel well? As a good owner, the first step is to find out what’s wrong, of course. Next you head over to the Neopian Hospital. They will surely soon find our what illness your Neopet suffers from; the Gelert doctor is a highly skilled professional, after all. He has every illness in Neopia during his long career and he surely knows the cure to your Neopet's illness, too.

He writes you a note and sends you over to the Neopian Pharmacy. You browse the shelves for ages to find what the Gelert doctor wrote down for you, but you can’t find it. Next you ask the Elephante nurse to help you, but you still have no success finding the right cure. She checks her list and tells you that the special item you need is out of stock at the moment. She looks at your poor suffering Neopet with apologetic eyes, but has to tell you to come back another time.

Now all you can do is take your Neopet home and hope for the Neopian Pharmacy to restock your cure soon. No, you don’t have to just sit around and wait. There is a place up in the mountains where an old and wise Ruki sells remarkable restoratives.

But you have no idea if he sells something that could help your Neopet. And if he does, which remedy would be the right for the illness? Even although the Ruki is very wise and knows much about ancient remedies, there are certain illness unknown in Shenkuu, or, as he has to admit, he hasn’t found a remedy yet, as in the case of Kikoughela.

The old Ruki told us that the people of Shenkuu too suffer from this illness, and he said he was glad that the people of Kiko Lake have invented Kikoughela Syrup and Drops to help. “Must be their greatest export,” he said.

As mentioned before, some illnesses were not known in Shenkuu until recently, like Shock-A-Lots (because in Shenkuu electricity was also unknown), Fuzzy Fungus, or Chickaroo.

“I also had never heard of people reacting allergic to Neggs. We eat lots of Neggs in various ways for generations now; maybe we are not affected. So I have no cure for Neggitus. And since our people meditate a lot, we also seem to unaffected by Jitters,” the old Ruki told us.

Other diseases are unknown to him because they have their origin in other parts of Neopia; Shenkuu has been isolated for centuries. Ugga-Ugga and Reptillioritus are from Tyrannia; Spyder Bite has its origins in the Haunted Woods. And Hoochie Coochies are often a problem on Terror Mountain.

Illnesses like NeoMonia, NeoPox, NeoWarts, and Neo Flu seem to be diseases coming for Central Neopia, where many different Neopets live closely together. “Maybe they don’t get enough fresh air,” the Ruki suggested.

“Some of our people have occasionally developed Fuzzitus, but after a bath in our river, they seemed to be fine again. The mountain air seems to prevent Watery Eyes and since we exercise a lot, I have never seen a case of Cricky Neck yet.”

Doldrums and Pollenitus are rather new diseases and the ancient art of making remedies in Shenkuu reveals nothing to cure them until now. And the Ruki told us that he has been working on remedies for Neezles and Sneezles. “But if we have cases of one of those, we have to send a person to Central Neopia to get help.”

But, as we told you, there are several diseases the old Ruki can help you with.

“Even though until a short time ago, when a Gelert doctor from Central Neopia visited us, I didn’t know the names of the illnesses, I could treat them for years already. If a young Neopet was having hiccups, and bubbles were coming from his mouth, I cured the disease you call Bubbles with Lotus Leaves,” he proudly told us.

If your Neopet sees spots and bumps into everything, suffering from Blurred Vision, the old Ruki knows two ways to help: Finely Ground Bean Powder or Dried Black Mushrooms. “Both are very good.”

Many Neopets are scared of injections and would be very happy to get around NeoMites Injections when suffering from NeoMites to get rid of the itching. “I can help you there. Those Soothing Stones will help.” The old Ruki showed us some light blue stones.

“Because of the delicious food around here, many Neopets get Bloaty Belly. I treat them with White Squid Root; it makes them feel much better.” The White Squid Root looks a bit weird, but the Ruki is sure about its healing power.

The strong Black Cherry Tea of Shenkuu is an excellent cure to all kinds of headaches, especially Achy Head. If your Neopet suffers from that, you no longer have to soak your Neopet's feet in Magic Goop twice a day. Give them a cup of this great tea and they will get better in no time.

“Even around here, some people develop NeoBlues sometimes. They feel sad and won’t eat anymore. But a cup of Steaming Green Tea lifts their spirit like nothing else. They feel refreshed and happy afterwards. It chases the blues away!” The old Ruki smiled at us offering us a taste of hot tea.

We were surprised to hear that NeoPhobia has been known to the people of Shenkuu for a long time. The old Ruki showed us some small crumpled things. “Dried Mushrooms. A few of those and the people will be running from their houses. It works all the time. Never failed once yet.” He chuckled.

Also, diseases like Neogitus or Floppy Tongue are no problem for the Ruki of Shenkuu. “If a tongue is swollen and a Neopet drools all day, you don’t need to put a needle into it! Rub the tongue with my Seaweed Paste and the tongue will shrink, the drooling stop. And swollen gums are best treated with Slimy Tree Bark. Makes the swelling go away in no time.”

If a Neopet has eaten something wrong and their stomach makes loud noises, it suffers from Grumbles. “Young people tend to eat all kinds of wrong stuff. I give them Crumble Fungus, makes the noise stop.”

“Years ago we had a very serious problem in Shenkuu. People were trembling all day and their skin began to flake off. I treated them with Clay and Leaf Paste, which I developed myself. The Gelert doctor told my the disease is called Shaky Flakys. I think I did very well back then,” the Ruki told us in a proud tone.

“From all the walking we do in Shenkuu, our feet are often swollen. Some even develop Bloaty Feet. I was told in Central Neopia they treat it with Smelly Socks. The pollen of the Brilliant Draik Flower works well for us. And it smells better, too.” So if you don’t want to use Magic Smelly Socks, why not try this flower?

D’achoo is a disease spread all over Neopia in the cold month. The old Ruki cures his people with Cobrall Root. It makes the sneezing stop and cures the sore eyes.

“I had never heard of Lumps or Itchy Scratchies, but there is a rule here in Shenkuu: If the lumps are yellow and itchy, scratch it with a Talon Root. If the lumps are red, cover the person in Dried Prampet Leaves. Healing will be granted.” So, if your Neopet suffers from Lumps, use the Talon Root. If it's Itchy Scratchies, you might want to try the leaves.

You see, you don’t always need the cures the doctor told you to get. You can try to find a cure in Shenkuu. The Ruki of the Remarkable Restoratives will be glad to help you find the right cure. And he promised to keep searching for other cures for the diseases he can’t cure yet. So give it a try and visit the old Ruki if your Neopet needs help!

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