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The Top Five April Fools Tricks In Neopian History

by shakinheadtotoe


In a very short time April Fools Day will be upon all of Neopia. It happens every year on the first of April and according to the calendar it is the “time to play crafty tricks and generally be mischievous”. I love playing tricks on others! Who doesn’t? Even The Neopets Team gets in on the fun most years. So, in honor of this holiday I thought I would list the five top April Fools tricks of Neopian history.


In Year Four The Neopets Team decided to do what they did every year and pull an April Fools Joke on the entire site. On this April Fools the news read “The Pant Devil has struck again - doh! He has chosen a select few people on the site and totally stolen all their items”. The Neopets Team had the Pant Devil steal everything. And I do not mean a few little items from your inventory – I mean everything! He cleared out safety deposit boxes, entire inventories, and shops. Eventually TNT announced it was only an April Fools Joke and all of the items were returned. This was a great trick because the majority of people fell for it. However, it was also pretty terrible since those who were missing items were in a mad panic and no one knew if items would be returned.


The number four spot is actually a tie between the prank of Year Six and the prank of Year Seven. The news on April first of Year Six featured “The ancient land of Quigara, home to the Quiguki for hundreds of years is under threat, and it's up to YOU to make a difference”. And in Year Seven the news showed fifty new neopets that would be introduced. (You can view all of them here - you might recognize of them as pets and petpets we now have.) These pranks tie because in both cases most of us were very excited about these new features and were very disappointed when they did not happen. To me, the prank was actually in taking away this promised new feature! However, both years also brought brand new items and creatures into Neopia. I think these pranks were equally successful and fun for all of Neopia!


Year Eight featured a prank that caused some of the most protests I’ve seen in all my time of play Neopets. This year The Neopets Team decided that they would “charge” everyone for using the site by having each page visit cost a certain amount of neopoints. There was an entire page explaining the new system. (You can visit it here if you’d like There was even a little counter that showed the total amount of neopoints you owed. Many people found themselves thousands, if not millions, in dept by the end of the day. And the boards were crowded with people shouting about how unfair this was, how they were going to quit over this, and how TNT had promised never to charge for the site. Of course, the next day everything was clear up and The Neopets Team had a pretty good laugh over the whole thing. I ranked this joke as number three because quite a few Neopians fell for it and because of all the ruckus it caused. This was one of the few times that most of Neopia was caught up in the prank and very few stopped to realize it was April Fools Day.


The best April Fools joke that TNT has played by far is the first. The very first April Fools prank featured makeovers for all the species. TNT announced the makeovers would take place soon and provided a sneak preview for all of the users to see. They are still viewable if you use this link: As you can see these were some very terrible drawings. You might be asking yourself why is this one so great compared to other pranks? Because no one saw it coming. Everyone was in horror at how ugly their pets would become with the new looks (if you thought the panic over customization was bad you should have seen the boards this day). And no one realized it was a joke until TNT announced it. They managed to fool everyone. Every year since at least a few Neopians realize it is a joke and work hard to calm those who don’t know. This is the only time TNT truly pulled it off, which is a big part of what made it so fantastic.

The #1 April Fools Day Prank is …

The best Neopian prank of all time (in my humble opinion) was a joke not done by TNT but executed by a group of clever Neopians. It has gone down in Neopian history as Faerie Wars. Last year on March 31st, just one day before April first, issue number 285 of the Neopian Times was published with a series of articles that discussed a new plot with Faeries battling each other. This plot was soon named “Faerie Wars”. The boards were abuzz with two main questions. First, where was the traditional joke by The Neopets Team? Second, what exactly was “Faerie Wars” and how did only a handful of writers know about it? Several people produced banners for which side you wanted to support and many people debated what side to pick. After a while it was discovered that Faerie Wars was just a very good prank. This is my all time favorite prank because a group of fellow users worked together to pull a prank on the entire site.

I hope you enjoyed this list of funny past pranks and are a little wiser for the future. Don’t forget to get into the spirit yourself this April Fools Day. Because I want to see even more users attempt fun pranks (following all the rules, of course) and see at least one attempt to pull a brilliant joke on all of Neopia. Of course, that means I wouldn’t mind seeing The Neopets Team get in on the action. So, here is to hoping this years April Fools joke can be considered as good as those listed here!

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