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Have a Happy Grey Day!

by neogal_anu


Have a Grey-painted Neopet? If you do, I’m sure you might be a tad too tired of the same old sad expression on its face. Sure, the Paint Brush is pretty expensive, plus Grey pets give you an avatar as well, but seeing your little pet so sad all the time does bog you down. How do you get rid of that expression while still retaining the colour, you ask.

The answer is simple - make your Grey pet happy! How, you ask. Well, that is exactly what the purpose of this article is. And what better day to do this on other than Grey Day, the day dedicated to the Grey neopets!

Now, some of the methods might cost you some of your hard-earned Neopoints. I promise you, however, that I won’t be asking you to do anything too expensive!

The first option is pretty simple - have your pet play with a few toys. I’ve already tried that, it doesn’t work, you say. Well, ever thought that your Grey neopet might not want to play with regular toys? It is possible, isn’t it? Why not have him or her play with grey toys instead?

Here are a few toys, none of them too expensive.

Bushy Grey Eyebrows - 500 NP

Grey Chomby Balloon - 700 NP

Grey Faerie Snowglobe - 1,500 NP

The possibilities are endless. You could make your pet wear the Bushy Grey Eyebrows and laugh at himself or herself. Or, if your pet is too sensitive, you could wear them yourself so that your pet can have a good laugh. Don’t like being laughed at? You’d do anything for your little Grey pet, wouldn’t you? -Wink-

On a slightly more serious note, if your Grey pet is young, he or she will definitely enjoy playing with the Grey Chomby Balloon, or admiring the pretty Grey Faerie Snowglobe.

Have some spare cash? If you’re the kind who only lets your pets have the best (and most expensive) of things, here are some rather pricey options for you to consider.

A Grey Faerie Doll - 8,000,000 NP

That would really cheer up your pet, and would also be a fine addition to your gallery.

Grey Nova - 5,000,000 NP

It is supposed to be a prize from redeeming Rare Item Codes.

Pricey, eh?

After toys, the next best option to get your Grey pet into a good mood is - make it read some Grey books. Yes, some of you might find reading books boring, but not all pets are like that! Also, reading books will increase its intelligence level, and who knows, you might even find your sad, Grey neopet qualifying for the Book Award. I know you want that shiny trophy!

Enough said. Here are a few Grey books for your pet to read.

A Krawks Grey Day - 2,300 NP

Making your pet read about someone else’s bad day might actually cheer it up, you know.

Grey Tonu Tales - 3,990 NP

I know some of the stories in there are absolutely hilarious; they will have your pet in splits.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, only two Grey books exist. I did hear that a Grey scroll also exists, however, Neopets hasn’t made it active yet. -Hint at TNT- We want more Grey books!

By now, I’m sure that your pet might be really hungry after exerting itself so much. Why not give it some Grey food? Why Grey food, you ask. Well, that is the whole point of this article, Grey things make your Grey pet(s) happy. And now, we move on to the foods.

Grey Cupcake - 7,000 NP

Grey Doughnutfruit - 2,000 NP

Grey Turnip - 2,000 NP

Grey Pizza Slice - 2,500 NP

Grey Scorchipepper - 2,000 NP

It is supposed to be rather spicy, so watch out, you might end up making your pet cry instead of laugh. You could also feed it to your unsuspecting Beauty Contest opponent and watch them splutter and stammer, while you and your pet end up in splits.

And, if you want your pet to eat one of the finest Grey foods in existence (and one of the most expensive), here’s what you should buy.

Grey Faerie Mushroom - 5,000,000 NP

An item with rarity 99, it qualifies as a Gourmet food and yes, will count towards your score for that super-shiny Gourmet Club trophy. Now I’m sure that shiny trophy will make your Grey pet happy!

And we come to that category of items classified as ‘Special’, basically a miscellaneous collection of items. I happened to find a few Grey things that might have a hand in cheering up your pet.

Dull Grey Pearl - 1 NP

Floating Grey Faerie Doll - NC Mall item, requires real money to be purchased.

Having a grey companion floating beside your pet would be sure to make it happy.

Grey Paint Brush - 2,900,000 NP

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy, asking you to repaint your Grey pet with the same Paint Brush. No, no, I didn’t mean that at all. My idea is, if you paint another of your pets with the Grey Paint Brush, your little Grey pet will now have a Grey companion to play with! Won’t that make him or her happy?

Grey Petpet Paint Brush - 100,000 NP

Paint your Grey pet’s petpet grey, and now he or she has a small little critter to take care of.

What if your Grey pet goes to school? Give him or her some of these Grey school supplies to cheer him or her up!

Grey Backpack - 2,100 NP

Grey Notebook - 1,000 NP

Grey Pencil Case - 1,000 NP

Grey Scissors - 850 NP

Well, those are just some of the ways in which you can get your Grey pet all nice and happy on Grey Day. The possibilities are infinite; they just require a bit of thinking (and research using the Shop Wizard), and some Neopoints, of course. Have fun, and I wish you all a Happy Grey Day! (Yes, a happy one, not a sad one.)

Author’s Disclaimer: The author of this article is not responsible for any unhappiness caused to Grey Neopets by attempting any of the suggestions mentioned in said article. Please note that these methods are still being researched and are not completely guaranteed to work.

Also, the author is not responsible for any food fights or other fights, quarrels etc. caused by feeding Grey Scorchipeppers to Beauty Contest opponents.

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