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Illusen-Themed Activities to Celebrate Illusen Day

by anamya


MERIDELL - In a calm and peaceful treehouse of Meridell lives Illusen, the Earth Faerie. You may know Illusen's Glade. Most Neopians go there and visit the faerie at her sanctuary covered with soft grass and flowers to ask for her searches. Those searches can give you powerful prizes and even an avatar!

But that's not the only reason people like Illusen. She's a great opposer of the dark faeries (some people say she left Faerieland due to Jhudora's presence). Illusen is also a sweet and nature-loving freckled faerie. And she's powerful! Her potions and staffs are feared at Battledomes all around Neopia!

It was fair this important faerie got a day to be celebrated. So, 17th March is dedicated to Illusen, and here you'll see a list of activities you and your friends can do to celebrate this magical day!

8- Have a breakfast in honor of our favorite faerie!

To start the day with your right foot, prepare a good breakfast. Get some energy choosing delicious Illusen Cream Cookies and putting some Illusen Day Jelly on your toast! Then, prepare yourself to follow a whole Illusen themed schedule, because this is her day!

7 - Ask her for a quest!

The most obvious thing to do today is going to Meridell, stepping into Illusen's Glade and asking her for a quest. First of all, because she DESERVES it. Or would you refuse to help her to find what she wants? The second good reason to ask for a quest is that you can get prizes (and on her day, even something else!). Illusen is sympathetic to everyone who deserves to help, unlike some other faeries out there.

6 - Go for the Battledome equipped only with Illusen's weapons!

Illusen fought in the battle for Meridell. Actually, she found safe shelters where peasants could live during the war. Many Neopians call her 'Lady' since those times, because she was the one who treated them well while the place was crumbling down. Even knowing that war is not a good thing, Illusen created lots of powerful weapons based in nature power and magic. So, take your Earth Potions, Honey Potions and Illusens Staffs and take a friend to the Battledome, to learn how powerful even a peaceful and caring faerie can be!

5- Invite your friends to a party and send the invitations with Illusen's stamps!

A celebration is an opportunity to meet your friends! Why not invite them to your neohome? But of course... When you go to the post office, be sure to choose the beautiful Illusen stamps to put on your letter! There's the beautiful Illusen Stamp, featuring our treehouse celebrity, and the Illusen's Staff Stamp, a bit more expensive (just a bit), but also beautiful. These stamps are also a good gift to collectors: they make any stamp album look better!

4 - Decorate your neohome for the party!

After inviting everyone, the next step is decorating your house! You can make a simple decoration: take lots of Illusen's Posters and hang them on the walls, them finish the job putting a green Orb Ornament on the table. But if you are a real Illusen fan, why not buy furniture that resembles our great faerie? There are soft Illusen Chairs, Beds and even a Wardrobe to put your clothing in. Put a Vine Rug on the floor and add some blossoms: that's the closest you can get to live like she does in the Glade!

3- Gather your friends and read Illusen's stories!

Every Illusen's fan have probably read all that's written about her on the Neopedia. But have you read all the books about her too? There are actually six of them in Neopia, and they are all worth reading: Illusen's Book of Charm, Illusen's Diary, Illusen's Ixi, Illusen's Journey, Illusen's Novel and the rare and expensive Finding Illusen (but remember, knowledge is priceless!). From (literally) faerie tales to make-your-own-adventure books, you have lots of options! After you read them, share your opinion with your neofriends. Illusen would be happy to know Neopians like her stories and like to know about her!

2 - Play with Illusen's toys!

Yay, what could be better than playing with your neopets and friends? And on this special day, all games should be Illusen themed. Being a celebrity, Illusen was figured in lots of toys around Neopia, from dolls to games. Little kids will love Illusen Building Blocks. They are colourful and educational. You can also run around at your neogarden with an Illusen kite - why not to organize a kite championship among your friends? The winner will be the one that keeps the kite flying for a longer time. And - of course- there are the wonderful dolls. There are plushie version, wind-up versions, hand-made version, all in shining green. Illusen is so important that a version of Illusen Faerie Doll is sold at the Hidden Tower. Well, you know where the Hidden Tower is, don't you?

1 - Prepare a delicious Illusen themed Meal!

Now that you have played, read and visited Illusen, it's time to party! And every good party has good food! In this case, you can prepare a real feast for your friend. In Neopia, you can find all kinds of food inspired by Illusen, it's just a matter of taste. If you would enjoy preparing tasty snacks to you neofriends, you could choose Illusen Leaf Burritos or Illusen Day Hotdogs. If even Kadoaties like that, why wouldn't you? Or you can also share a big Illusen Day Pizza, or prepare Illusen Day Burgers for everyone! But if your perfect party is done with cakes, you have nothing to complain about: there are FOUR different kinds of Illusen cakes in Neopia! All Neopians will love it!

After all this celebration, take a cold and refreshing Illusen Day Drink and go to rest. Observe the sun going down on the horizon and think about the nature wonders that Illusen protects. You have a whole year to remember this great day ­- and prepare yourself for the next one!

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