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Grundos Café: An Eater's Guide on Out of This World Food

by xanax_rulz_314


SPACE STATION - As one might have realized by now, Grundos Café doesn’t exactly have the type of food you’d find in the Food Shop. In fact, this food is quite literally out of this world. Grundos Café is a historic eatery found on the recreation deck of the Virtupets Space Station. This trendy café has long been know for its food that wouldn’t exactly appeal to the average Neopian, but by using this simple guide, you will never say no to the good food from Grundos. The following are the top five foods that I’ve personally tried that will always have you coming back for more.

5.) Cosmic Cheese Stars- While Gargarox describes these cheese stars as cosmic, many Neopians describe them as to die for. Little was known about the cheese used to make them until I sat down with the owner of the café, Gargarox, in an exclusive interview.

A: Hello, Gargarox. So tell us, how did you get started making your cosmic cheese stars?

G: Well, I can tell you it wasn’t very easy. As one would realize, cows aren’t very easy to maintain in space, so it did take me a while to find out how to get cheese into outer space. However, one of my employees suggested building a ramp up to the Virtupets Space Station and rolling the cheese up.

A: So in effect, you created the idea for the modern Cheeseroller?

G: Yes, I did.

A: Wow! So tell me, what type of cheese do you use to make these stars?

G: Well, for security purposes I can’t tell the exact recipe; however, I can tell you that I use a mixture of Smoked Snorkle Cheese and Tyrannian Dung Cheese. The Techo who works at the Cheeseroller supplies us with them in return for a never ending supply of Chicken Cordon Bleu.

A: Is it true that you do not eat your own cheese stars?

G: Yes, that is correct. I am lactose intolerant.

A: Lactose intolerant? It must be so sad to not be able to try your own food! So, what do you see in the future for cosmic cheese stars?

G: Well, Grundos has recently come out with a cosmic stars sandwich. This sandwich, though somewhat pricey, has Neowaiian bread with cosmic cheese stars melted onto it. I truly believe that this sandwich will become the standard for all sandwiches in this galaxy.

A: So, one last question, when will these sandwiches start being featured in your café?

G: They are in stock right now; however, you might not see them for a few more days since there is such a high demand.

While Gargarox uses Smoked Snorkle and Tyrannian Dung cheese in his normal cosmic cheese stars, please note that special orders of cosmic cheese stars containing every type of cheese from spicy juppie to space can be ordered and freshly made. (Quite personally, my favorite is mutated cheese with a hint of alkenore cheese, and some vegan cheese sprinkled on top.)

4.) Lunar Grunpop- This tasty Grunpop has been a favorite of customers ever since the café opened in Y2. It has a tasty mixture of purple sardplant, a rather salty fruit native to Mystery Island, and organic green grapes. This treat has also been under speculation involving a scandal involving Café Kreludor. It would appear that the head chef at Café Kreludor stole the recipe for this indulgence, and remade it into his own version, the Kreludor Grunpop. This Grunpop contains a mixture of orange negg and orange juice, blended for 6 hours, and then frozen for three months. While the Grundos at Café Kreludor can try to beat the Lunar Grunpop, they will most likely never succeed in trumping this scrumptious classic.

3.) Grobleen Salad- This little pink, green-eyed animal is actually a lot tastier than you would think. Grobleen has been a traditional food, dating back to prehistoric tribes in Tyrannia, but only recently has it been added to the menu at Grundos. This salad includes not only the delicious Grobleen, but cosmic broccoli, a highly nutritional, rather tasty version of the broccoli you know and love, and also a small slice of purple negg, which is delivered daily from the Food Shop. While studies have shown that eating raw Grobleen can induce the Neezles, anyone who is feeling rather adventurous should definitely try this savory delight.

2.) Galaxy Cupcake- One would think that Grundos would only be known for their amazing entrees, but few know that in fact, Grundos has the best dessert in this side of the galaxy! Many people on a low budget would choose Chocolate Éclair Paste or a Glowing Pretzel, but if you are going to have a true meal, you should go all the way and buy one of these remarkable cupcakes. It features a blue frosting made of a combination of blue rambus and blue ice apple, and is thinned by the always fresh galactic water. I would also recommend this dessert with a side of Spudnick, because the rambus from the cupcake almost perfectly contrasts with the potato-like taste of the Spudnick.

1.) Glowing Asparagus- Two words: it glows. This Neopian delicacy has been redone by the marvelous chefs at Grundos to not only have the classy taste that all asparagus has, but also, you can eat it in the dark! Not many people know how it glows, but recently, Neopian scientists took a break from Chemistry for Beginners and tested it. They came to the conclusion that it is in fact, grown that way in an oxygen free environment. Who knew? In addition to being delicious, this food is great for those on a budget, averaging around 7,000 neopoints in Neopia; however, it is significantly cheaper in the Space Station.

Well, there you have it. Grundos Café may have weird meals, but if you know where to look, you can find something appetizing around every corner. From the delicious Cosmic Cheese Stars to the somewhat questionable Grobleen Salad or the thoroughly amazing Glowing Asparagus, now you can be an expert on everything Grundos.

This is my first ever article. :)

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