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Life is a Playground - The Discarded Magical Grundo!

by larenchan

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Detective Desmond and the Missing Diamond
On the door, in bright blue letters, were the initials "P.I." and a magnifying glass. As you might be speculating, this is the home of Bori detective, Desmond...

by chichikokoyamma


Caring for your Cloud Racer
There are many means to oil your Cloud Racer and each Faerie swears by a different way. The Space Faerie insists on using the finest Grundo drool, though, understandably, many people are disgusted by this.

by little_gothic_wowen


Island's Tales
Never trust a cute pet...

by juliaduarte


Random Thought o.o!
Where's my Rubber Duckie? :(

by metalbent

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