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It's Illusen's Day In Every Neohome

by confutation


MERIDELL - The day of Neopia’s most loved faerie is just around the corner and as the whole of Meridell prepares for this day; every Neopet should join in the fun and celebration that’s a part of Illusen’s Day. ‘How do I celebrate Illusen’s Day?’ you exclaim. It’s not that hard, all you need is a little bit of creativity and a dash of vigour. ‘I am too poor to celebrate!’ you argue. You and your pets don’t need Neopoints to have a fun and festive day. You will only need a minimum amount of about 10000 Neopoints. I assure you, if you invest some time (and some Neopoints), you and your Neopet will have the most memorable Illusen’s Day ever. Now come on, read for the things you can do to kick-start your Illusen’s Day celebrations!

1. Plant A Tree – Illusen is an earth faerie after all. She loves plants, trees and flowers. She spends a good amount of time in gardening herself. In order to honour Illusen, we shall start by planting a tree in our Neogarden. This will not only bring a sense of festivity but also beautify your Neohome! You can plant a Leaning Tree or a Yellow Eesa Tree or find a tree that you like best. Once the tree grows, your Pteris and Eyries can perch on its beautiful branches. Now for those of you who don’t have extravagant Neogardens and can’t afford a tree, how about growing a plant? Plants are beautiful, especially when they bear those lovely flowers and fruits, and I am sure those little Gnomes hiding in your gardens would love some company. Love Petal Plant, Faerie Bean Plant, and Potato Plant are some great ideas.

2. Beautify Your Neohome – In order to bring the festive spirit right into your home, decorate your doorways with garlands and flowers. Illusen’s Day is not complete without putting up an Illusen’s Poster in your pet’s room. You can also add some wooden or earthy furniture. Your pet would love a brand new Illusen Wardrobe and Illusen Canopy Bed. Other things to choose from are – Wind Up Illusen Doll, Illusen Snowglobe, Illusen Orb Ornament and the like. All you really to do is pay the Furniture Shop a little visit.

3. Preen Yourself Green – Yes, you read it right! Illusen’s Day can be celebrated by not only decorating your Neohome and Neogardens but also getting your pets into the mood for celebration by buying toys, clothes, paintbrushes and plushies on this day. Pets can dress up in earthy clothes and wear garlands as necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, anything they want! Those of you interested in painting your pets for the day can opt for Clay, Green, Brown and Island Paint Brushes. You can also play Illusen Day themed games with your pets. Baby pets will surely love Illusen’s Building Blocks and other young pets can spend their summer morning flying the Illusen Kite.

4. Earthy Tones - All those coding and graphics experts out there should have started on their beautiful Illusen’s Day themed lookups, pet lookups, petpages and shops long ago. You can be a part of this festive spirit too! If you’re not an expert at coding, don’t worry! You can merely add an Illusen’s background to your gallery or an Illusen’s blog to your shop. There are several Illusen’s adoptables that you can do to your lookups and petpages too.

5. The Quest Fest – How can Illusen’s Day celebrations be complete without helping Illusen with collecting some items from around Neopia? In order to make your favourite faerie happy on her day, make sure that you help her find an item that she wants in the minimum amount of time. She always has those interesting hand-made treasures as rewards, remember? ;)

6. A Swift Gift – What good is a festival if your loved ones aren’t reminded of how loved they are? Now of course you have already bought gifts for your own pets but what about their friends or those that can’t afford anything? Yes, we do have a solution! Send across a gift or two to put a smile on the face of your fellow Neopian. You can do this by either sending a gift to any random person that you see doing an act of kindness like helping out a Neopian in need OR you can donate a bunch of gifts to the Money Tree for those who can afford less. Any form of gifts is great, as long as tried for them to abide by the festive theme.

7. A Grand Meal – Our festivities are almost complete with a grand Illusen themed meal! Yes, you read it right. Go around Neopia and look for foods that will fit your festive theme. This might take a while but be rest assured, it will be worth your effort. You can buy green organic vegetables and fruits or pluck some from those trees in your Neogarden. Also, don’t forget to pay a visit to The Faerie Food Shop. It will have various Illusen’s Day food items stocked through the day. You wouldn’t want to miss out on them, do you?

8. Stories Of Illusen’s Glories – Before your pets get to bed and the amazing day comes to an end, don’t forget to gather all of them around that cosy couch in the living room to tell them the story of Illusen! After all, every Neopet must grow up knowing what a kind and humble faerie Illusen is and how each of them should aspire to be like her. Your pets will not only have a great time listening to her story but will learn a lesson or two as well. Note: Remember to pick Illusen’s Novel, Illusen’s Ixi or a copy of Neopedia from your closest library.

Yes, all this festivity will surely give you the 17th Day of Running that you have never had. You can add your own creative festive ideas too, but don’t forget to share them with the rest of us. A very happy Illusen’s Day to everyone!!

[DISCLAIMER: Neither the writer nor the Neopian Times will take responsibility for the wrath of a certain Dark Faerie resulting from celebrations of Illusen’s Day. Celebrate this day at your own risk!]

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