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Hannah Meets Hannah: Part Five

by alicia_jewel


Hannah Jewel felt herself changing. Everything was a blur for a few moments. It all stopped at once. When Hannah Jewel looked into the mirror again, she was a Darigan Usul. She growled evilly and flew up to Vira's eye level when she was released from the magic bubble.

      Eliza woke up to see the Darigan Usul. "Oh… my… gosh," she whispered. "Hannah Jewel?"

      Hannah Jewel hissed at Eliza. She flew up to the Zafara and touched her cheek with a long claw. Eliza's vision blurred for a few moments before she passed out again.

      "Perfect," whispered Vira. "Hannah Jewel, I have an assignment for you…"


* * *

      "How are we going to get out of this, Hannah?" asked Armin. He, Hannah, Slushie Jewel, and Princess Cindy had been sealed in a magic bubble.

      "It's pure magic," sighed Hannah. "I can't break it unless I have a magic wand or something…" She sighed lightly. "I wonder if Hannah Jewel is looking down at us right now…"

      "I wish I could see her again," whispered Slushie Jewel.

      "Me, too," sobbed Princess Cindy.

      "Princess Cindy, can I ask you something?" asked Slushie Jewel.

      "Sure," replied the Cybunny.

      "Why were you so mean to my sister?" asked the Ice Bori. "You had no reason to do that."

      "It was all part of my disguise as a regular Cybunny girl," replied Cindy. "I got sick of the palace, so I ran away. All the major villains have been after me ever since."

      "It must be hard being a princess," whispered Hannah.

      "Harder than you think. You have to sit around all day doing basically nothing but play Cheat! all day. It gets boring after a while. I want to play real Cheat! instead of playing my servants who let me win."

      "Man, that does sound boring," said Slushie Jewel.

      "Yes, it does," came a cold, raspy voice. A Darigan Usul flew up to the bubble. "It sounds very boring, indeed."

      "Who are you?" asked Slushie Jewel.

      "Why, Slushie Jewel, don't you recognize my voice?" the Usul asked. "Figures, you never cared for your sister, anyway."

      "What are you talking about?" growled Slushie Jewel.

      "Slushie Jewel, it's me, Hannah Jewel." Slushie Jewel gasped. "Master Vira transformed me into this, and I like it! Now, it is your turn! Become one of us, brother."

      "Never," growled the Ice Bori. "I will NEVER join you!"

      "Very well. In that case, I'll just have to force you to!" She growled deeply and used her newly acquired magic powers to remove Slushie Jewel from the bubble. She pulled out a magic mirror and forced Slushie Jewel to look at it.

      "Hannah Jewel, please don't!" cried Princess Cybunny. She gasped and felt magic form inside her. She knew what she had to do. "Please don't transform your only brother! I understand why you want to be so evil! Vira isn't forcing you to do this. It's entirely my fault. I should've been nicer to you back then, and I'm sorry!"

      "Sorry… Sorry… Sorry…" The word echoed in Hannah Jewel's head. Her purple shin turned yellow again, and in a few moments, she was back to normal.

      "Hannah Jewel?" whispered Slushie Jewel as he and the others were released from the bubble. "Is it really you?"

      Hannah Jewel smiled. "It's really me."

      The siblings began crying and embraced each other. "I can't believe it, Hannah Jewel!" cried Slushie Jewel. "You're alive!"

      "It's a miracle!" shouted Armin.

      "It sure is," whispered a voice from behind. Hannah Jewel looked behind her to see Eliza floating there. "It's hard to believe, Princess Cindy, but you broke the spell."

      Princess Cindy looked outside the bubble. "I know just who am now," she said. "I'm the legendary magician of my kingdom. I can break evil curses by mending angry hearts."

      "How'd you break free of the monster's grasp?" asked Hannah Jewel.

      "The broken spell destroyed the monster," replied Eliza. "It also temporarily put Vira out of commission. She won't be able to use her magic for about a month now."

      "You know what we should do now?" asked Hannah. "We should go back to the Ice Caves and get some more treasure. That's why we traveled all the way here, isn't it?"

      "She has a point, you know," laughed Eliza. "However, going back into those caves isn't necessary." She did a little magic spell and made a large treasure chest appear out of nowhere. "I found all of the treasure you collected and put it all in here."

      "Nice thinking," commented Armin.

      Eliza smiled. "We'd better get back to Neopia. It's getting late."

      "Yeah," Slushie Jewel agreed.


* * *

      "ALICIA!" Hannah Jewel shouted as the group stormed into the Neohome. "We're home!"

      Lisha Jewel and Maya Jewel ran out of their rooms to give their siblings greeting hugs. "We missed you both SO much!" said Maya Jewel. "How was it?"

      "It was great!" replied Slushie Jewel. "We got to go exploring, get a TON of treasure, and make a few friends." He laughed softly and stepped to the side to reveal Princess Cindy, Eliza, Hannah, and Armin.

      "New friends, huh?" asked Alicia as she walked in. "Nice to meet you all. Hey, I have the greatest idea ever!"

      "What?" squealed Hannah Jewel.

      "How about one HUGE slumber party?" laughed Alicia.

      "Really?" asked Slushie Jewel.

      "Really," replied the pet's owner. "While you're going crazy, you can tell me all about your adventures."

      A little while later, Hannah Jewel, Slushie Jewel, Lisha Jewel, Maya Jewel, Princess Cindy, Eliza, Hannah, and Armin were sitting in a circle.

      "Hannah Jewel, I have something I want to give you," said Armin shyly. He pulled out a small box and gave it to the red Usul. "I hope you like it."

      Hannah Jewel opened the box to see a brand new Hannah Usuki Doll. "Oh my gosh," she whispered. "Thanks Armin!"

      "You're welcome," laughed Armin. "I had two of them, so I figured I'd give one of them to you."

      Alicia walked in. "Having fun?" she asked.

      "Yeah," all the pets replied at the same time.

      "Hey, Hannah, can I ask you something?" asked Lisha Jewel.

      "You just did," laughed Hannah. "Go ahead, ask."

      "Do you think you could take us on your next adventure?" asked the Aisha.

      Hannah thought for a little while. "Why not? Besides, it could be fun bringing you guys along. I'll need help invading the Pirate Caves next week."

      "Sweet!" cheered Lisha Jewel.

      "Sounds interesting," laughed Maya Jewel.

      "I like the idea," Eliza said. "I could use my psychic powers to navigate the caves."

      "I could use my magic to defeat enemies," Princess Cindy said suddenly. "It'll beat sitting around in the palace all day, anyway. No more Cheat! games."

      "I think we're all ready for adventure," said Slushie Jewel. "Our last one was okay, but I'll bet this next one will be even better."

      "Can we, Alicia?" asked Maya Jewel. "Please?"

      Alicia thought it over for a minute. "Ok," she finally said. "What could it hurt?"

      Everybody cheered at Alicia's words.

      "I know who's going to be the leader," laughed Lisha Jewel. "Me!"

      "Yeah, right," laughed Hannah Jewel. "I'll be the leader."

      "No way!" Hannah laughed. "If anybody's going to be the leader, it's going to be me!"

      "How about a pillow fight to determine the leader?" asked Slushie Jewel.

      "You read my mind," growled Hannah Jewel as she took her pillow. She hit Slushie Jewel in the head with it. His reaction was to sweep at her legs and knock her down. Eliza came from behind and hit Slushie Jewel's tail. The Ice Bori was steamed after this, so he hit her tail as well. Hannah and Armin were having their own personal pillow fight at the same time.

      "Well, no matter who gets to be leader," started Hannah Jewel as she bopped Princess Cybunny on the head, "this next adventure will be the best one yet."

      "I agree, and I'm the psychic one," laughed Eliza. "There will be more perils, more puzzles, and more treasure!" She laughed and hit Hannah on the tail.

      "We're going to be rich!" exclaimed Lisha Jewel as she hit Maya Jewel on the foot.

      "I can't wait to get more Neoquest stuff," said Maya as she hit Lisha Jewel's ears.

      "As long as Hannah's by our side," started Armin, "we'll be safe. Yep, this will be the best adventure yet!"

      "We can plan out our adventure tomorrow," suggested Princess Cindy. "For now, let's get some sleep."

      "Good idea," yawned Maya Jewel. "Time to hit the hay! Good-night."

      Everybody went to their rooms and flopped into their beds. Hannah, Armin, Princess Cindy, and Eliza slept in sleeping bags in the living room. They were all thinking about their next adventure.

      It would be the greatest adventure ever.


It looks like Hannah's taking everybody on another adventure. I MAY make a sequel to this, or I may not. This is my first submission to the Neopian Times. I hope you enjoyed it!

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