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Having a Great Time for Under 500 Neopoints

by laylah_9__30


With prices soaring and inflation high, many Neopians are forced to pinch pennies these days. However, tight budgets don't often allow much money for having fun. Think how bored your pets must be, hanging around the neohome all day long. Thankfully, there are many ways to have a great time with your pet that take minimal neopoints out of your budget. These attractions are spread across Neopia, so chances are high that you can find something fun (and inexpensive) to do with your pet close to home. In addition to these, don't forget about the Battledome. You can find very inexpensive weapons on the Shop Wizard, or you can get them from the Snowager.


The Roo Island Merry Go Round is famous throughout Neopia. It is a fun ride for your pets, and especially beautiful at night when it is all lit up. Cost = 50 NP

Dice a Roo, also on Roo Island, is a fun game in which you can win neopoints and other fantastic prizes. There are five dice total. You start with a red one, and each side means you win NP, lose NP, or proceed up a level. One side also means you lose the game. With each different die, the amount you win or lose increases. The author has also heard rumors of a sixth die, but has not yet confirmed these rumors. Cost = 5 NP per game


The Wishing Well, located in the Neopian Plaza, is a great way to get items. For a donation, you can make a wish for an item you need or want. The higher the donation, the more likely you are to get your item. Cost = Depends

The Secondhand Shoppe carries donated wearable items. Most of the donations are dung or potato sacks, but occasionally something good slips in. It works like the Money Tree- click on an item, and you might get it. If you don't, then you are free to try again. Cost = Free

The Art Center is a great place to go. You can participate in a story telling contest, read poetry, and see original artwork. This great cultural center is near the main shops in Neopia Central. Cost = Free


Cheese Rolling is a popular sport in Meridell. The cost of the cheeses varies, but the least expensive cheese is Spicy Juppie cheese. I have also heard of brick and dung cheeses, but spicy juppie is very inexpensive and works just fine. Depending on how well you do, you can win neopoints. Cost = 150 NP (with spicy juppie cheese)

Pick Your Own, in the Meri Acres farm, is a berry picking game that lets you search the farm for berries. Your basket can hold six items. Sometimes you find wool, dung, and other things like that instead of berries. The berries you find differ, and sometimes they are half-eaten. Either way, it's fun to see what six things you collect. Cost = 400 NP


The Lair of the Beast is on the Tyrannian Plateau. It's worth a visit, but is not for weak-hearted pets (or owners, for that matter). Only one of my four pets have been brave enough to catch a sight of the beast so far. Cost = Free


Near the ruins of Maraqua, you can go Underwater Fishing. All of the fish you catch are edible, but you can also hook kelp or boots. Your pets sometimes increase their level of fishing skill when they catch certain things. In the meantime, they catch delicious fish to eat for dinner. Apparently, when your pet catches a giant squid, you get a prize. Cost = Free


Taking a Tiki Tour of Mystery Island is fun and relaxing. Your pets can see the beauty of Mystery Island, narrated by a knowledgeable native guide. Enjoy the white sand beaches, the friendly natives, and the nice, Island-y ambiance. Cost = 50 NP

The Island Mystic, the famous purveyor of cryptic knowledge, has a hut on the north-west corner of Mystery Island. You can go there if you or your pet is in need of guidance. Good luck figuring out what he's saying, though. Like I said before, his messages are extremely cryptic. Cost = Free

The Haiku Generator is a fun way to put a little poetry into your day. The poetic Kougra composes a new, original haiku each day for you enjoyment. Sometimes (all right, most times) they are absolutely hysterical. Cost = Free


What better way to spend an afternoon than at the races? The Poogle Races take place every fifteen minutes (four per hour), and are exciting to watch. You can place bets of your choice, or just cheer on your favorite Poogle. Five Poogles race, and their odds are listed if you want to bet. Just remember, the underdog sometimes wins. Cost = Free


The Deserted Fairground is the Haunted Woods' main attraction. There are a variety of games, although the author suspects that most of them are rigged, as much as the people running them swear they aren't. In addition to the games, there are many stores around the carnival to browse in.

Bagatelle involves tossing a ball down a box and seeing where it lands. Cost = 250 NP

Cork Gun Gallery is pretty self explanatory. You fire a cork gun at prizes and try to knock them off the shelves. Cost = 100 NP

Test your Strength- the classic carnival game. Take a hammer, try to make the bell ding at the top of the meter. You can usually win neopoints. Cost = 100 NP

Coconut Shy consists of throwing a ball at coconuts balanced on top of cups. You get 300 neopoints if you almost knock the coconut off the cup. Cost = 100 NP


A fun and educational place to visit, the Hall of Heroes is definitely worth visiting. It has statues of the twelve heroes of Altador, all very nicely labeled. Unfortunately, you'll need to run to the Neopedia to see what their contribution to Altador was. Also, here you can see the mysterious button in the corner. Don't push it, though, or else the janitor will get angry. Cost = Free

Thankfully, many of these attractions are free, and the others are very low priced. I know that I am forced to give up pricey-er pastimes as the cost of things increases. Also, for you frugal Neopians, don't forget about the Money Tree in Neopia Central, and the Omelette on the Tyrannian Plateau. You can find pages of freebies, most with links, on many user lookups.

If you're reading this, this is my first article in the Neopian Times. I hope you liked it!

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