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The Chronicles of K'drathe: Part Three

by aislynn7777


“K’drathe has returned to the Realm of the Evergreens! She has regained her lost memory, and will lead us to victory when we attack Neopia.” Senka looked at the rest of the Dark Faeries assembled below her on the ground. Senka was perched in a tall pine tree. “It has been her choice that we should attack Faerieland first, as this is where Fyora is. Who agrees with her?” Senka’s question was answered by shouts of agreement. “All of you practice your magic. We attack in two dawns.”

     The next morning, K’drathe was looking at herself in the mirror. She was already used to being a Faerie again. She had purple hair with green highlights, and wore a dark green dress. She also had red eyes. She could even see in the dark now. And she could do magic – that was always a plus.

     Someone knocked on her door. “Enter,” called K’drathe.

     Rajani walked in. “Hi, K’drathe. How are you doing?”

     “Fine. You?”

      “Fine. Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to take a quick tour of the forest, since you haven’t been here for years.”

     K’drathe smiled, displaying sharp white teeth. “Sure.”

     As it turned out, the tour took all day. K’drathe and Rajani flew around until sunset. Eventually, Rajani announced that she was exhausted and had to rest.

     “So, are you looking forward to tomorrow?” asked Rajani as they both landed on a branch of a tree.

     K’drathe thought about it for a moment. “Sort of. I mean, I’m nervous, of course, but I’m really excited. I want revenge!”

     Rajani grinned. “I know. And we’re going to meet Jhudora! Isn’t that like totally awesome?”

     “Yeah!” said K’drathe, completely forgetting about the Illusen poster on her bedroom wall in Neopia Central.

     “I can’t wait to meet her. Nila said that she is going to lead us in the battles. Maybe we’ll defeat Fyora in Faerieland.”

     The next morning...

     “Hey! Everybody up! The war begins today!”

     K’drathe leapt out of bed. She got ready to go out, and then went outside.

     “Hi, Senka. Are we going soon?”

     “Yep. Just as soon as everyone else gets up,” Senka responded.

     “Oh, I can’t wait!” exclaimed K’drathe.

     “I know,” agreed Senka.

     “Hey, what’s up?” yawned Rajani, coming out of her room in the tree house above K’drathe’s in the pine tree.

      “We’re almost ready to go!” said K’drathe excitedly. Rajani smiled back as Nila came out of her tree house. Many other Faeries came out from their houses shortly after.

      “Are we ready?” called Senka to the other Faeries. Her question was met with cheers of excitement.

      “Then let us attack!” cried Senka.


      Fyora was in her room in the Hidden Tower when she first saw the dark cloud heading for Faerie City. “Uh-oh...”

      Fyora rushed downstairs, through the castle, and ran out into the city. She went over to the podium where she always addressed the citizens of Faerie City. “Attention, all Faeries!” she shouted, but when that didn’t work, she screeched, “Oi! Get over here! Prepare for an attack!”

      All the Faeries flew over to her.

     “What’s going on?”

     “It’s Jhudora, isn’t it?”

      “All of you separate into groups! Earth Faeries make a forest around the city, Light Faeries, glow as brightly as you can. It hurts their eyes. Fire Faeries, you create a wall of fire outside the Earth Faeries’ forest – just don’t catch the forest on fire. Air Faeries, make sure they have wind going against them. Water Faeries, do whatever you can to help. Throw water at them if you like. Dark Faeries, pick a side. I hope you make the right decision,” she added, glaring at them.

      “What’s going on?” called out a Light Faerie.

      “There’s a large group of Dark Faeries coming towards us.” Fyora answered. “They are currently heading for Jhudora’s Cloud. There are at least three thousand of them.”


     “Are we almost there?” asked K’drathe.

      “Nearly,” answered Senka. “We’re going to Jhudora’s Cloud first so we can meet her there. She’s going to help us with the battle.”

      “You can see it from here,” said a Faerie named Sauda. “See, it’s all purple.”

      A sudden gust of wind blew them backwards. “Fyora must have seen us!” Senka shrieked. “There must be Air Faeries working against us!”


       Jhudora glanced up at the sky as the purple, black, and green cloud of Dark Faeries came closer and closer to her home. “Finally...”

      “What took you so long to get here?” snapped Jhudora as they landed.

      “Air Faeries,” explained Senka. Jhudora nodded.

      “What we’re going to do is first get into the city. Then we work our way through the rest of the Faeries to get to Fyora. I’ll have two or three of you attack her.”

      Rajani looked eagerly at K’drathe and Nila.

     “Let’s go!” cried Jhudora.

      As the huge mass of Dark Faeries landed at Faerie City, there were bright flashes of colored light everywhere. The battle of the Faeries had begun.

      “Hey! K’drathe!”

      Rajani ran over to K’drathe, breathless. “Jhudora chose me, you, and Nila to attack Fyora!”

      K’drathe gasped. “How did she choose us?”

      “No idea. I think she knew Nila and I were your friends, and you spent so much time in Neopia.”

      “Well, then, let’s go!”


      “Hey, Fyora!”

      Fyora turned around. “What do you want? Do you think you can compete with the Faerie Queen?”

      “I do!” said Nila proudly.

      “Me too!” announced Rajani.

      “I should think so,” K’drathe said calmly, but her eyes were shining with excitement.

      “K’drathe, Jhudora wants you to cast a memory spell on Fyora!” hissed Nila. “To make her forget everything happened!”

      Memory... I remember being a Dark Faerie, thought K’drathe, why not when I was a Lupe? What was my name? S... S... SILVANA!

      “Silvana!” said K’drathe out loud.

      “What?” said Rajani.

      “My name isn’t K’drathe.”

      “Yes, it is,” said Nila, looking confused.

      “No. It’s Silvana.” Silvana turned to the Faerie Queen. “I’m sorry, Fyora. I was born a Dark Faerie and was transformed into a green Lupe named Silvana. I was sent to Neopia Central because the Dark Faeries wanted revenge on Neopia for hating them.”

      Fyora nodded understandingly. She closed her eyes for a moment, and there was a bright flash of purple light. All the Dark Faeries suddenly discovered that they could no longer use magic. “I hate using that spell. So unfair to others.” Fyora sighed. “Silvana, who led the Dark Faeries here?”

      “Jhudora,” replied Silvana.

      “Jhudora!” called Fyora. “Come here!”

      A tall Faerie pushed her way through the other Faeries. “Are you happy now, Fyora? You have proof now that I have been plotting against you.”

      “Very happy. Delighted, even. Now I don’t have to worry about you destroying Neopia anymore.

      “Luminita, Raiden, take Jhudora to the dungeon, please.”

      Two Light Faeries appeared and led Jhudora away. Silvana recognized them as the Faeries that ran the Wheel of Excitement.

      “You haven’t seen the last of me!” Jhudora spat.

      “As for the rest of you...” Fyora turned to the other Dark Faeries. “If you ever do anything like this again, you can expect to share Jhudora’s fate.”

      “Retreat!” cried Senka. “Everyone back to the Realm!”

      “Nice going, Silvana. You could have had revenge on those other two Lupes that are always bugging you. But instead you’ve ruined everything,” spat Nila. Rajani just looked at her sadly before flying away with the rest of the Dark Faeries.

      “As for you, Silvana,” said Fyora. “You may return to Neopia Central.”

      Silvana nodded and felt something changing. She was suddenly much shorter than Fyora. She also had ears, a tail, fur... she was a Lupe again!

     Silvana looked down at her paws and realized that they were covered in yellow fur. On top of that she wore green bracelets made of grass. There appeared to be white spots on her legs, too. Silvana wondered how to point out Queen Fyora’s mistake. “Um... I’m a green Lupe. Not yellow.”

      Fyora smiled at her. “It’s not yellow. It’s Island.”


      “Silvana! Is that you?” Rowan hugged Silvana, then noticed she was no longer green, but yellow and white and green...

      “You’ve been painted Island!” exclaimed Rowan. “But how...”

      “Silvana!” shouted Fuego. She flew down the stairs and gave Silvana a big hug. Zafiro followed a bit more calmly behind her. “Hi.”

      “Silvana, what happened?” asked Rowan.

      “It’s kind of a long story. I’ll tell you inside.”

      The next day...


      The green Kougra turned around. “Silvana! You’ve been painted Island!”

      “Yeah! Isn’t it great?”

      “You know what’s also great?” said Larkyn excitedly.


      “I’m getting a Cloud paint brush for my birthday!”


      “Hey, look... there’s Rex and Princess.” Larkyn pointed at the Royal Lupe.

      “I think I’ll go say hello... I haven’t seen them in days,” said Silvana happily. She knew that Rex and Princess would be shocked to see her new color.

      “Hi, Rex!” said Silvana cheerfully. “How are you doing today?”

      “Uhh...” Rex said.

      Silvana noticed the jealousy on Princess’s face. Royal paint brushes didn’t cost nearly as much as Mystery Island paint brushes.

      “Oh, and I wanted to ask your opinion of something, Princess. Do you like my new color?”

The End

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