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What Have I Done?

by knannia


She said nothing. She looked into the mirror and said nothing. Staring at her face, noticing even the tiny freckles on her pale, pale face, noticing even the strands of brown seeping through her raven crow black hair. She studied it all, looking for a tiny flaw in her face; it was normal, big mole and all, except for the frown painted on her face... that was different. She clenched her fists and looked at the sink; it looked flawless too, clean and ready for use.

      This house of hers was empty of neopets now. Two bedrooms in the house, one for her and one for... guests as it were now. Her house was fairly large for only one person: a bathroom, two bedrooms, a living room, a entrance way, a kitchen, dining room, three hallways and an attic upstairs. The attic was filled with memories that she couldn’t bear any longer; even as she thought about it, they filled her mind and thoughts. Everything she did made her think of her Peridot.

      She remembered everything about her dear Wocky, how the first time she saw Peridot, Pera as she called her, she ran over to her knowing that she was the one, the only neopet that would take up her heart. Pera had a knack for coloring and drawing, ever since that day five years ago she had almost always been drawing pictures, of her perfect petpet, a Bika, of her room, of herself, of her plushies, of... Sera... her owner. She always drew them hugging, or side-by-side, a Wocky and human. She was so detailed, even the brown hair creeping through Sera’s hair was drawn on.

      Pera’s favorite, and only, friend was a stuffed faerie Wocky, which brought the green pet’s joy to a high level. After she got home from neoschool everyday, she’d tell the plushie and Sera everything that happened. She named the plushie Sara, after her owner but spelled differently. That memory brought pain to Sera’s heart; she had to undo what she had done.

      Sera sighed and let everything run out of her, the pain and tears she was holding back. She messed up all of her face; her makeup, too, got messed up, and she redid it, trying to forget all about Pera. But then another memory shattered in through her. She noticed she was using the dark red lipstick she had used for Pera on girls night, when they had fun painting each other's nails and doing their hair (Pera’s was a dark green hair that ran down her back and ended in the middle) and doing each other's makeup while watching a movie on the Neovision. Sera dropped it right away and closed her eyes tight, clenching her fists and her sharp nails dug into her skin; she just couldn’t breathe either... for Pera.

      I bet you’ve been wondering what happened to Pera, aren’t you? Well, it will all soon be revealed in time. Sera sighed again, letting a tear fall from her face, then leaving the room and headed to a place where she could express her emotions in peace, with no recognition of Peridot or Sara or any of this sort.

      She looked up to the ceiling of the hall she was in, pulling a rope that dangled from the ceiling. A large set of stairs came crashing down, almost crushing one of Sera’s feet. Another memory would have struck her if she remembered the day after Pera’s arrival; the staircase squashed her foot and she had a broken ankle for two long months and then was never able to walk long distances, let alone run, ever again. Pera had been a pound pet, if you were wondering, but Sera adopted her at (Pera) age seven. But Sera did not remember this, thankfully, and walked up the stairs.

      The attic was filled with things Sera had forgotten. Like her old music box she bought WAY back when, the old holiday tree that had been stuck up here for seven years and never knew Pera, the couch that she put up there two years back and covered with a ratty old white sheet. Everything was covered in dust except one thing, a box Sera put up there just yesterday. It looked as if it was a toy box, pink stripes lining a white box, not dusty at all. Sera was shocked afterwards that she didn’t remember. She was curious, so she sat on the couch and opened it, then gasped and filled with tears.

      There, at the top of the mountainous pile, sat a faerie Wocky plushie with the nametag that said, ‘Sara Peridot Sera Wocky, My Best Friend; Peridot Anne Wocky-Sanders’. Sera sighed this time her tears all gone and for the first time for two days, she spoke. “I-I can’t lose you, Peridot...”


      A small Wocky was huddled up on a cold, lumpy bed. She was cold too; the thin sheet she was given did not warm even the smallest petpetpet so they would be cold as well. The Month Of Celebrating night was coldest as it ever could be, the wind rattled at the window and some trees were desperately clinging from their roots for their dear lives! Not helping. The small Wocky was a color green, with her darker green hair tied into a ponytail that messily ran down her back. She was given a nightdress to sleep in; it was cold and a dim coral pink, and it had been used by others before also.

      She hated her room. Instead of her blue curtains, warm soft bed, carpet with a warm blue cloud pattern, toy box filled to the brim, and a dresser filled with any clothes she’d ever want, plus her petpet Spardel, Ona (weird... isn’t it?), she had a cold stone floor, no curtains, no toy box, a dresser filled with ratty, old, torn gray clothes, a tiny, tiny rocking chair, a lumpy, cold, plain bed with a thin white sheet and no company at all... how she missed her life.

      She wanted to go home.

      But was this home now?

      She pondered this for a second, then all of a sudden, as if to break her concentration, her window shattered, glass bits shooting every which way, and a branch on fire stormed inside, and she soon got up after looking at her small glass cut on her arm, and ran out to the bathroom, getting all the water she could out of the tap and then ran back and poured the glass of water on it. The fire was out in seconds. She sighed and looked at the window in fear; all this snow and ice was flying through the window. She soon grabbed the blanket and plopped in the rocking chair, her head covered by the blanket. She did not at all notice the door opening and the pink Uni coming in the room until she spoke in whisper, “Peridot? Where are you? Are you okay?”

      “Yes!” The Wocky screeched and flew into the warm Uni’s arms and then she, the Uni, carried the little Wocky, Pera, down the stairs and into a room with a roaring fire and hundreds of tiny neopets sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags.

      “We were prepared for the storm, and please don’t speak loudly; others are asleep. There you go, into the sleeping bag you go, warm and cozy by the fire, bye, have to get the others...” The Uni trailed off, she spoke very quietly as she snuggled Pera into the warm sleeping bag. That was when Pera realized the storm was bad. How she didn’t want to be pounded!

      She missed her warm, snug little home,

      She missed Ona,

      She missed Sara...

      She missed Sera.


      “Pera... I can’t... lose you... never... ever... my sweet Wocky... ever,” Sera said to her as she walked to the Pound. She thought Peridot could hear it; wait, she did not think, she knew. Sera looked at a snow-covered tree, looking just like a cookie, it brought just more memories, so Sera quickened her pace and got there in a matter of seconds.

      “Yes!” Sera yelled out loud. She had known the storm last night was very bad, and wished she had came to her senses earlier, so she and Pera could have snuggled together on the couch and sipped borovan together, happily covered by a large quilt while hugging Sara. That was what they did usually. The human ran into the door of the pound, and found it even colder than outside! She walked to a desk, which a pink Uni was occupying, writing something about neopets being adopted on a giant long list of names, species, colors, genders... a little shaded circle was there if the neopet was adopted. Sera stared at the list, looking for Pera’s name. Paama, green Pteri, male, shaded, Pam, blue Kougra, female, not shaded, Pat, purple Grundo, male, not shaded, Pat, blue buzz, not shaded, Pat, red Zafara, shaded, Pazzi, yellow Aisha, male, shaded, Peri, green Lenny, female, not shaded, Perri, Fire Wocky, male, shaded, Peridot, green-

      “May I help you?” the Uni asked suddenly, startling Sera and causing her to look up, right as she found Pera’s name. Sera nodded and sighed.

      “I want to see... Pera... dot...” Sera said, not used to using her full name. The Uni nodded, scanning her page then looking back up at Sera with neutral eyes, not caring that much.

      “Peridot male green buzz, Peridot female speckled Kacheek, Peridot female green Kougra, or Peridot female green Wocky?” she asked, and Sera immediately answered ‘Wocky!’ as soon as it came out of the Uni's month, whose nametag read, ‘Kayla Uni-Johnston’. Then she, Kayla, nodded her head, a bit surprised, went down her page, and was about to speak when it was cut off with a shriek of joy from across the room. Then Sera was nearly knocked over by a giant blow on her back that wouldn’t stop squeezing her.

      “Sera!!! I-I thought... you’d-you’d come b-back! I kn-knew!!!” It sobbed and at once Sera knew what, and who she was, and turned around and hugged the little Wocky tight, “Pera...”

      “You... who are you?” an unfamiliar man’s voice asked. Sera looked up and saw a stern man, holding a briefcase and an ugly frown spread across his stiff face. “I’m adopting this pet!”

      Sera’s hopes sank, and her life couldn’t be any worse. But then Sera got the courage to say something. “She was mine first... SHE WAS MINE FIRST!!!”

      The Uni was astonished by the human’s outburst of emotion, and stammering quickly, the Uni said, “Ar-Are you Se-Sera Sanders or Brena Morris?”

      “Yes! I AM SERA SANDERS!” Sera yelled, hugging Pera tight, then picking up the little Wocky, then whispered to her, “No matter what, Pera, I will never give you up... I made a mistake... I can’t lose you... Peridot... never... ”

      “O-OK... Ms. Sanders... you have had abandoned Peridot for...” She stopped and looked at a paper then continued, “... for 47 hours now... and if you don’t claim this pet in... the next hour... she may never be yours again!”

      “Oh please... Kayla... I need her! She’s mine and no one ever shall own her but me!” Sera said to the Uni, squeezing the Wocky tight again. The Uni nodded, and crossed out ‘Peridot, green Wocky, Female’ on her page and took the abandoning form and ripped it in half then said quietly, “She’s yours again Ms. Sanders.”

      “Thank you...” was all she said and then walked out the door, and then it was Pera’s little voice that spoke up, soft as a meowing Meowclops, and as sweet as honey, she asked, “Am I home now...?”

      Sera paused in her walking, set the little pet down, looked right into the little Wocky’s eyes, knowing her life could never be complete without her, her sweet, beautiful, kind Wocky. Sera knelt down, kissed her on the top of her furry head and whispered, “Yeah, Pera... you will be... I’m never going to let you go again... never...”

The End

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