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The Petitorials: Painting Puzzlers

by amiyumifan96


Are you pondering that one question that you just can’t seem to answer? Stop scratching your head and read the Petitorials!

Painting your pets. Everyone’s doing it! You want to, too. (If you don’t, why are you even reading this article?) I, amiyumifan96 (but you can call me Fan) am here to answer questions about painting that are perplexing you.

Q: I really want a painted pet, but I don’t want to blow all my NP on a paint brush. Is there any other way I could get my pet painted? -Wannabe Painter

A: Of course there are other ways! If you want, you could buy pieces of a map to get to the lab ray. Be warned, though, it’s really expensive, and may cost more than a paintbrush (wouldn’t that be ironic?). Or, you buy a transmogrification potion. They can be pretty expensive too, but sometimes you have to pay the price for things. If you are really lucky, you could get a quest from the Fountain Faerie. If you complete it, she’ll paint one of your pets. Also, if you want a baby pet, you could hope for a zap from Boochi. Just one bolt and they’ll be Baby.

Q: What are the colors a pet can be painted? -Color Questioning

A: - jaw drops - You really want me to name ALL OF THE COLORS? Well... I guess I do have a 1,000 word limit to reach. Okay. Please note that you cannot paint every pet these colors. Here goes: Alien, Apple, Asparagus, Aubergine, Avocado, Baby, Biscuit, Blue, Blueberry, Brown, Camouflage, Carrot, Checkered, Chocolate, Chokato, Christmas, Clay, Cloud, Coconut, Custard, Darigan, Desert, Disco, Durian, Electric, Faerie, Fire, Garlic, Ghost, Glowing, Gold, Gooseberry, Grape, Green, Grey, Halloween, Ice, Invisible, Island, Jelly, Lemon, Lime, Mallow, Maraquan, MSP, Mutant, Orange, Pea, Peach, Pear, Pepper, Pineapple, Pink, Pirate, Plum, Plushie, Purple, Quiguki Boy and Girl, Rainbow, Red, Robot, Royal Boy and Girl, Shadow, Silver, Sketch, Skunk, Snot, Snow, Speckled, Split, Sponge, Spotted, Starry, Strawrberry, Striped, Thornberry, Tomato, Tyrannian, Usuki Boy and Girl, White, and Yellow. Whew! Please don’t make me repeat that. Just go to the Rainbow Pool, where I got it from.

Q: I’ve heard that a pet’s attitude and skills can change when I paint them. I’m scared, because I want to paint my Usul Royal, but I don’t want her acting like a snob! -Attitude Unacceptable

A: It’s true that most pets change when they’re painted (like Halloween pets wanting to go to the Haunted Woods a lot), but if you think that all Royal pets are snobs, you’re stereotyping. In fact Royal pets can have the nicest manners around!

However, some pets do change. They can want to visit a certain place more often, or they have different idols now, like an Aisha suddenly liking Princess Amira after being painted desert. It’s normal, so just accept their new tastes. You’ll get used to it after a while.

Q: Help! I recently painted my Gelert Strawberry, and now all of my friends and their pets have started wiping the drool off their mouth as soon as they see him! I really don’t want to paint him a different color. What should I do? -Stranger to Strawberry

A: Pets that are Biscuit, Chocolate, Coconut, Custard, Garlic, Jelly, Mallow, or Strawberry, or any of the Food Chias, are in serious danger of getting devoured. The only thing you can do about this is to tell your friends that your pet is not Kelp’s finest feast, and that if they can’t handle your Gelert’s tasty look, they aren’t real friends at all, because real friends are true no matter how you look. Real friends also sometimes give you cookies. They’re nice that way.

Q: Do pets learn languages automatically after they’ve been painted? I want to paint my Lupe Tyrannian, but I can’t understand “Ugga! Ugg ugg ugga!” - Tyrannian Trouble

A: The Tyrannian sentence you said actually means, “Hey! Wait for me!” I’ve used it plenty of times, after my friends have all gotten their omelette before me. - silence - ...Anyway, pets don’t automatically learn languages, but your Lupe might want to start learning Tyrannian. It’ll be useful at the omelette.

Q: Should I give my Ice Bori an ice room? I didn’t know what color I wanted him to be when I first made it, so I just gave him a marble room. He seems perfectly content in it. -Room Too Soon?

A: If your Bori likes his room, keep it! Just because he’s Ice doesn’t mean everything has to match him! You could if you want to, but why waste the NP?

Q: What can I feed my Robot pet? -A Bit Rusty

A: You can feed your pet anything you want! Robot pets eat just like other pets. Don’t even worry about rust!

Q: My Blumaroo is a big prankster! He pulls a prank, like, every day! He recently told me he wanted to be painted Camo to play even more pranks on people. I do not want this to happen! Some of his pranks seriously hurt. How can I stop him? - Not Proud of Pranks

A: Well, you can’t really stop your Blumaroo from wanting to be Camouflage, but you can prevent it from happening. If he really wants to use it to prank, you can have a talk with him. Or, to prevent from sounding like a mom, just paint him blue! It’s just like a Blumaroo camouflage color, except without all those little splotches.

Q: I’m looking everywhere for a brush to paint my Grundo Mallow. Where can I find one? -Mallow Mystery

A: Some colors are not available through paint brushes. They can only be obtained by the lab ray or a Magical Chia Pop. So, basically, there is no such thing as a Mallow Paint Brush.

Q: My owner LOVES faeries. She has a faerie gallery and a faerie shop, and she takes us to Faerieland practically everyday. Now she wants to paint me Faerie! I don’t want to be Faerie! I would be rather be Split. However, I know my owner would be heartbroken if I told her I would hate being a Faerie, so what should I do? -Faerie Unfair

A: You can avoid yelling at your owner by telling her (quietly) that you would really not like to be painted Faerie. Suggest painting your brother or sister Faerie, or saving the money on a paintbrush to get the full collection of faerie dolls. After she has gotten over the whole Faerie thing, you can tell her about your dream of being painted Split.

Q: Is there any way I can show my support for my favorite Altador cup team, the Haunted Woods, while painting my pet a cool color? -Altador Asker

A: Of course there is! If you want to support your team, the Haunted Woods, you could paint your pet Halloween, Ghost, or Zombie. If you wanted to prove that Terror Mountain is terrific, you could paint your pet Snow or Christmas. Or, if you wanted to say that Mystery Island rocks, you could paint your pet Island. These are only a few of the boast-worthy colors to show your support of your favorite team in the Cup!

Well, that’s all the time we have for now. I hope you have enjoyed this article and solved some of the many mysteries about paintbrushes! Pull out the paper next week, and you just might see us again! -waves -

If you are reading this, you should be proud that you can read. Oh, and I just got into the NT. Yay for both of us! :)

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