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The Seven Wonders of the Neopian World

by swilight


From the days of slow, prehistoric Tyrannia all the way to the hustle and bustle of Neopia Central, architecture has played a major role in Neopian society. Whether it be the Obelisk of old that used to grace the Tyrannian skyline, or the defined, glorious thought and detail that went into building the underwater city of Old Maraqua, we've seen some amazing structures throughout Neopian history. Seven of Neopia's finest citizens and historians have assembled themselves for what some have called one of the most important decisions ever decided in Neopia. Each of these seven Neopians has chosen a place or structure and after much squabbling and hair pulling, these Neopians have made a list. These places and structures listed will hereby be placed under extreme security, touch-ups, and refurbishing to help preserve them for as long as possible. So don't act naughty when you visit them! We now present to you the SEVEN WONDERS OF THE NEOPIAN WORLD!!!

1. Techo Mountain

This strange feature of Mystery Island is 100% shrouded in secrecy. It is said that one night the inhabitants of Mystery Island went to sleep, and the next morning at sunrise an incredibly loud gong sounded, waking everyone up. The first thing everyone noticed was the face of a Techo carved into the side of the mountain that stood in the middle of the island. Still to this day no one has taken credit for the art. It is also said that the lava that bubbles in the middle of this mountain does not burn pets who are strong enough to enter the secret ninja training school.

2. The Healing Springs

How is it even POSSIBLE?? Waterfalls cascading from puffy cloud to puffy cloud. As one looks up through the downpour of water as one's pet is getting healed, he can really appreciate what went into building the Healing Springs. The structure is so extensively planned out that it seems impossible for it to even exist. If one bothers to count, there are 354 clouds and 412 waterfalls that make up the enormous Healing Springs. How one managed to form a cloud that water does not sink through is beyond us. Kudos to him. Folklore says the healing waters that come out of the springs are tears of water faeries who felt the pain of sick and injured Neopians everywhere.

3. Coltzan's Shrine

It took 11 teams of 300 people 3 years to assemble this recognizable obelisk that marks King Coltzan's final resting place. The sheer energy exerted building this major part of every daily Neopian's life made it a shoo-in for the seven wonders list. From the markings that are displayed on the outside of the shrine to the near unbelievable height it soars to, the shrine is all-in-all breathtaking. Legend has it that a blessing ceremony was held for every stone that builds the shrine, and that is why Coltzan's magic is still able to exude from them still today.

4. The Castle of Eliv Thade

One cannot make a list of the finest Neopian structures and not consider the home of Neopia's most famous recluse. The gothic architecture really stands out in the Haunted Woods. Such precise detail was added to the statue of Thade's face that makes its home near the castle's roof. The team of architects who helped design this home really knew what they were doing. We don't even want to consider the price tag that such a place must hang from its neck. Superstition states that those who make their way in to Thade's castle never come out again without extensive anagram knowledge. Ooyspk!

5. The Tyrannian Concert Hall

It is absolutely incredible that this outdoor stadium still stands, and even MORE incredible that it is still functional. It's still a mystery how the prehistoric inhabitants of Tyrannia managed to erect such a structure without the use of machinery. The stones that make up the outside walls weigh tons upon tons a piece. Hopefully one day we come to understand the ancient mechanics that went into building this theatre. Contrary to popular belief, concerts and shows ARE still help regardless of the weather (not that it rains too much here, though). Some modern additions to the stadium include cushions you can purchase to place upon your rock upon which you sit and speakers built into the majority of the stone walls.

6. Shenkuu's Flying Ship

It can float. It can fly. What more can you ask for in a device made for transportation? The crew of this enchanted ship spent many moons trying to construct a ship that would serve both purposes. The outcome was way more than they bargained for. Historians say that on the first Lunar Festival in Shenkuu a curse was placed upon the flying boat. Ever since the curse was placed on it, every time the ship takes flight one of its members is slowly driven crazy and plots to overthrow the rest of the crew. Recent attempts by Sophie the Swamp Witch to remove the curse have been made to no avail.

7. The Darigan Citadel

Lord Darigan's architectural team really outdid themselves with this one. The dark gloom that resonates from this entire area is no accident. Perhaps the most magnificent aspect of this structure is the ridiculously giant propellers that keep the large clump of earth afloat. Twice a month a team of Darigan citizens bravely must climb to the bottom of the earth clump to oil the propellers to keep them from rusting. If they rusted, the propellers would jam... and we ALL know what would happen to Meridell if this occurred.

And there you have it! The seven most amazing, fabulous, unique, original, surprising, and innovative architectural designs that Neopia has to offer. Make it a point to visit these places during your stay in Neopia. During your travels throughout Neopia, load your camera with a new roll of film, and unleash some flashes on these designs so you too can cherish these delights forever... or at least as long as they stand.

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