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Baby Passion - Advice for the New Parent

by brokensilent


Few pet colors hold as much appeal as the baby paint brush, for who can resist the gentle coo of an infant neopet? Before investing the six hundred thousand it costs to turn your pet back in time, you should be aware that babies are not all fun all the time. Granted, they are terribly cute and irresistible, but that is part of the problem too.

First off, be aware of their irresistible powers. Baby neopets tend to have these big eyes and sweet smile that when you can manage to say no to them, turn to glassy teary eyes and a big pouty lip. It's next to impossible to resist the pouty lip. That pouty lip comes out when you say no to the baby Bruce squeaky toy that they're reaching for or that "oh so cute" baby lupe plushie. Be prepared to go speak with the bank clerk because that pouty lips wins over most average Neopians. So, if you balked at the neopoints you had to spend on the paint brush, be aware, that could be the least of your expenses. For you see, not only do babies like lots of toys to stimulate their senses but you've got to make sure they're properly cared for.

It's costly to ensure that your new addition has all of the necessities covered. You can't just feed them omelettes and jelly; they are after all babies. Luckily, there are such delicious culinary delights for your baby like pea and ham baby food, baby shoyru baby bottle, baby kougra custard and other such tempting treats. Food is one of the cheaper requirements for a baby, though you have got to make sure that they have a nursery set up so that they have somewhere to sleep that's properly secure for a baby. So, not only do you have to build a new wing on your neohome, but you've got to go purchase furniture like the pastel cot and wooden toy box.

There's more than just toys, food, and housing expenses when it comes to your baby, though. You've got to figure there has to be, otherwise would be the appeal of having a baby neopet? There's the joy of baby bath time where you can add a bit of extra fun with baby aisha bubble bath. After bath time, you can go tuck your little one in that brand new baby cot you purchased for them and have fun reading them such fun infant tales as "Baby Scorchio Nursery Rhymes" or "Baby Ixi Book". When they fall asleep, sucking on their thumb, their little eyelashes fluttering on their chubby cheeks, you'll feel that every neopoint spent was an investment well placed.

Babies are not just cute when they're asleep, though, which is definitely a positive thing since babies rarely stay asleep for long. No, you'll find yourself laughing at the antics they pull when they're awake. When your baby Aisha is putting one of those antennas into their mouth and making faces when they discover it's attached to them, you'll have to resist laughing till you cry. After all, you don't want to scare your baby neopet. Or when your baby Xweetok takes his or her first step and keeps their balance, you'll be overwhelmed with pride. From the first time they eat food on their own to your pet discovering that it has a tail, you'll discover that a baby neopet is an amazing experience each and every day.

Just keep in mind that your adorable little neopet cannot be customized like the other colors can. Despite how adorable the paint is, you cannot put your little one in clothes. All that can be added, as of currently, are accessories, trinkets and backgrounds. Don't let this be discouraging to you, though. There are many fabulous wearable items that will accessorize your baby neopet perfectly. And the nice thing about no clothes for your baby neopet is that you don't have to worry about the hysterics that often accompany changing time.

Hysterics is another drawback to baby neopets. With an infant, there will be many a night where it seems as if despite the baby security blanket and the nice, warm baby Elephante milk bottle, nothing will calm them down. Be prepared to pace back and forth, patting your baby in a vain attempt to get him or her to go to sleep. You may find even that despite your baby not sleeping to your pacing, you are. It happens but it is not the end of the world, just the end of a restful night of sleep. They also have to go through teething, which is a painful experience for all involved. You'll feel as if your ears are going to bleed from the screeching that comes out of your neopet during the teeth cutting process. However, they must do it, for babies cannot exist on forest fruit baby food forever. Sometimes too, babies just cry to cry. Nothing you are going to do is going to comfort them and at that point, you may feel like sitting down next to your little one and crying too. Resist the urge; it won't make your baby calm down and you'll feel a bit like a baby yourself when you're done.

For all the crying, though, baby neopets also talk, laugh, gurgle, coo, squeal, click, giggle, snort, and so much more. You'll never be bored with the entertainment that a baby neopet brings. Whether it be tears or smiles that are pulled from you, you'll find that a baby neopet can always inspire a reaction.

So, if you're like the hundreds of other Neopians who have fallen in love with babies, keep in mind that they're not all fun and games. Babies do require a lot of work, but many Neopians, including myself, have found that they're more than worth it. Hopefully you are a little more prepared for your baby addition. If you are one of the proud parents of a baby, congrats and if not, you're missing out.

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