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More Than a Colour

by cooltrimgirl


Some people use painted pets as a status symbol.

Some people view un-painted pets as unworthy or that their owners are lazy blokes.

Pets are much more than just a colour. They're filled with bumbling personalities, raving attitudes, and they're quite the chatterboxes. Lurking the boards I've noticed that quite a few people seem to think that a Neopian or even their pet's status or even quality should be based on not only their account age, status, but also if their pets are painted a certain colour that may have cost well over 3 million neopoints. This my friends, is a big no no.

A pet's value shouldn't be based upon its colour or which customisation items it has. A pet's value should be based on who they are.

A lot of Neopians like the basic coloured pets just the way they are and a lot like painted.

And there's nothing wrong with that; it's all on what you like. It's as if I were deciding, 'Do I like the Basic Yellow Neopets Site Theme, or my Curse of Maraqua Site Theme?' Decisions decisions, choices choices. What to pick? Now don't go off and paint your pet 'royal' or something highly expensive if all you want is to use your pet to gain popularity. That's not the whole point.

We all have our preferences on what we like and don't like. But treating a pet like it's a trophy to be shown off to fellow Neopians is no way to go!

Here as you can see is a small, simple, easy to use guide any Neopian can use to help build a better relationship with you and your pet.

Step 1: Feeding

Don't just let your pet get down to the hunger status: Dying and then head over to the Soup Kitchen or stuff it with the free omelettes and jellies you've been collecting so it's back to being bloated in a matter of minutes.

An immediate rush of food is very unhealthy for your pet and can cause GI tract distress, vomiting, and also a big tummy ache. ):

Do you really think your pet enjoys eating omelettes and jellies every day? Now I'm sure some out there do, but my pets like variety. Roxzelle, for example, is vegan. I can't just hand her a blumaroo steak and call it good.

Let's not forget about our Grarrls and Skeiths. They can eat just about anything. When I say anything, I mean anything. But that doesn't mean you fill them up on a nonstop supply of junk items that they fish up from Underwater Fishing. I don't know about you, but I sure wouldn't want to be eating someone's left boot. Maybe your pet fancies food from Kelp or yummy goodies from the Chocolate Factory. Whatever floats their boat, but I'm sure anything is better than nonstop jellies and omelettes.

Step 2: Spending Time

Some pets enjoy being groomed and some don't. But even for those that don't enjoy it need to be groomed. We don't want Neopians whispering about a certain pea Chia roaming about with an offending odor.

But let's face it, all pets love to play. Whether it's reading a book, playing with a plushie, they adore you even more with just a few minutes of play time. Playing and grooming are just a few ways to spend quality time with your neopet.

Another way is accomplishing a goal, whether it's raising up your pet's stats, to earning a booktastic award, or taking down Boochi for zapping your pet into a baby in the Battledome. Whatever it is, spending time with your pet is critical to your pet's overall heath.

Step 3: Personalize

Each and every pet is different and unique. Why not express it? Here's where your fantabulous art skills or poetry expertise comes in. What better way to make your pet stand out than an original, one-of-a-kind story written by you? Yes, you.

And even if you *think* you don't have wonderful skills (which each and every one of us do), you can always ask a graphic maker to help you out to give your pet some 'fantasticness'.

But having it made by you, your pet would appreciate it much more. After all, it's the thought that counts, yes? (:

Step 4: Neolodge

A lot of Neopians use the Neolodge as a cheap way to care for their pets. Now, it's quite convenient when you yourself go on holiday, but if you want to book your pets in, don't just shove them into Cockroach Towers at the Neolodge.

If you really want to leave your pets in the Neolodge, give them a room in a Luxury or, if you've got the extra neopoints, a Deluxe Hotel.

Don't forget to throw in a few extra options for them like: Jacuzzi/Spa, En-Suite Bathroom, etc.

Now now before you come raging at the doorstep of my neohome with pitchforks, stones, fire and brimstone, I know plenty of us Neopians use the economy hotels to save some NP so we can work closer towards our goals, but is it really worth it? Especially knowing that we stick our pets in the cheapest hotel and not giving them extra options to make their stay more comforting. Don't you feel a little guilty about putting your pet through all that to reach that goal?

It is for them going on holiday after all. So shouldn't the experience be relaxing instead of stressful because your pet was too busy fending off vicious cockroaches with its bare paws? You didn't select the Neopian Times Delivery extra. Too bad. ):

So put some extra effort and neopoints into giving your pet the best. After all they deserve it, what with being there through whatever goes on in Neopia. Not only today, but every day, love your pet and take care of it. Remember, your pet isn't just some trophy to be shown off; they're more than a colour.

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