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Goparokko - A General Guide to the Game

by dipper70


Deep in the jungles of Mystery Island, so we are told, lives a masked Yurble who believes himself to be a mighty witch-doctor and who wears the fearsome tiki mask. All this is as a result of playing with coloured blocks that disappeared when he formed them into groups of 2x2 squares. Now you too can play this fascinating game of Goparokko, but you won’t become a mighty witch-doctor as a result (and apparently neither did the Yurble, but I’m certainly not going to be the one to tell him).

I was looking for a guide for this game and was unsuccessful. Then a thought occurred to me - if nobody else had written a guide then maybe I should. ;) I enjoy playing this game and, although I haven't managed to get good enough for a trophy or anything, I do usually achieve a good enough score on Easy mode to earn 3,000 NP a day. So here is my attempt at writing a guide for this fun and financially rewarding game. I hope it helps.

The Basics

The aim of this game is to rotate a square of 2x2 blocks to create a square of at least 4 blocks of the same colour. When this is achieved these blocks will disappear and e replaced by random-coloured blocks (exception below). The 2x2 block you are rotating always turns in a clockwise direction, so:

The block on the top right will go to the top left,

the block on the top left will go to bottom right,

the block on the bottom right will go to bottom left and

the one from bottom left will go to top left.

By rotating the blocks in this way it is possible to move them into the correct position where they will form a like-coloured square or rectangular group. The more blocks of the same colour in the group, the higher the score achieved. The amount you earn for each block destroyed depends upon the level of the game you are playing, which neatly brings me to the next part of the game.

Game Settings

There are 3 levels of game play: Easy, Medium and Hard. The general difference between these levels is the speed of play and the points earned.

In Easy mode each basic, destroyed block is worth 4 points.

In Medium mode each basic, destroyed block is worth 6 points.

In Hard mode each basic, destroyed block is worth 8 points.

When a set of blocks are destroyed sometimes a second set will also be destroyed. When this happens you get a Combo bonus which doubles the points awarded for the second set of blocks. On the rare occasion that this happens a third time, three times points are awarded, etc.

The game is set against the clock, with a water meter to the right of the playing board measuring the time you have left. The higher the level of the water, the more time remaining. Each time a block is destroyed, time is added to your meter. The clock runs faster the more difficult the game you are playing, so although you earn more points for the blocks, you have less time to make the squares.

As you progress through the game, you go up levels and this speeds the clock up too. Every 10 levels the background picture changes, which can be a little off-putting.

Special Blocks

There are 6 special blocks, mostly good.

The block with a dynamite destroys all basic blocks of that colour on the board. It will not destroy special blocks of that colour. It is a useful block to play when you have a large number of blocks of one colour, or when your time is running low.

The block with an hourglass adds time to the water meter. Useful when your time is running low.

The block that changes colours can represent any colour you want. I tend to find this block gets used unintentionally when I am rotating the 2x2 square, although it can be useful when you are trying to clear a blocks were there are few colours.

The block with the x(number) multiplies your points earned by that amount. Always a useful block to play, particularly when you are destroying a large number of blocks, say with the dynamite.

The block with the smaller coloured block inside it changes to the inner block’s colour when destroyed. If played carefully, it is possible to create a Combo to increase your score.

There is also a block with a blue outer rectangle and keyhole. This block is locked into position and, if incorporated into the 2x2 block for rotation it will lock all the blocks in that square. To destroy this block, you have to bring the like-coloured blocks over to the locked block so it can be destroyed.


When playing, try to relax. It is easy to get distracted watching the blocks as they are destroyed. Instead, try and plan ahead and have your next move ready. Also try not to be distracted when the background changes. It is all too easy to look at that change and lose track of what is happening with the blocks.

Try and get rid of the locked blocks fairly quickly. One locked block is not too much of a problem, but as the game progresses, more locked blocks will appear, and if they are close together, it can become tricky to rearrange the other blocks around them. If you do get a group of locked blocks close together, or when a locked block is close to the edge or the corner of the playing area, move the correctly coloured blocks towards the open edge of the locked block. Once the first locked block is removed, the space will then be available to tackle the next locked block.

As already mentioned, try and make the best use of the special blocks. Try and use the dynamite block when it will give you the greatest score by destroying a large number of blocks in the explosion. If you combine that with a x4 block, then your score will benefit even more.

As I mentioned earlier, I tend to play this game on Easy mode as I find it more relaxing. When you start playing this game, it is well worth playing on Easy mode so that you get used to the effect when you rotate the 2x2 square, and to see for yourself how the special blocks affect the game. If you want to aim for a trophy, then you will have to progress on to the harder levels and keep your wits about you!

I hope this guide has helped and that if you haven’t tried this game before you will now take a look at it. Thanks for reading, and have fun!

The End

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