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Iglooing For Beginners

by cheated_by_liars


Oh, how well I remember discovering The Igloo Garage Sale! Restocking at cheap prices and reselling for profit... What a find! I immediately set about learning all that I could about this phenomenon. After losing out on buying a few items for more than they were worth and missing some very cheap items that sell for an unbelievable amount, my research has finally paid off. Here are a few tips to follow when you find you need some extra neopoints for that one last gallery item you desperately need, or just a few more for that one or two last spins on Brucey B Slots that you absolutely have to take.

1) Let's just get this one out of the way now. Bribing Carassa or Mika does NOT work. Neither do cookies or rocks. *Grin*

2) Make sure you have at least 5000 neopoints on hand in case you spot a few good finds in a row. Nothing spoils the fun, or the profits, faster than seeing the “You don’t have enough neopoints” window flash before your bewildered eyes.

3) Try going to the Igloo first thing in the morning or late at night, Neopian time of course. Remember, the less people ‘glooing means more of a chance for you on the really good buys!

4) Unbuyables are more likely to restock at the bottom. Once in a while Carassa and Mika will toss one on top, though, just to throw you off. *Wink*

5) The best things to get are faeries and codestones because we know these things sell well, and for a profit, of course. Furniture is almost always a good buy too, as are most stamps and petpets. Until you have had a chance to watch a few Igloo restocks and do a bit of price checking, try to stay away from foods, grooming items, neodeck cards and plushies. Never buy gross foods or any items worth less than 100 neopoints. These deals are not usually deals in any way, shape or form. I think that Mika and Carassa just get lazy and toss the trash in there with the rest of the items when this happens. *Smiles*

6) Watch a few restocks and then price some of the items before you go wild in the Igloo. This will let you get a “feel” for the really good buys.

7) TNT has put a “Shop Ban” on the Igloo so try getting a few good buys before you get booted out for the rest of the day. In other words, leave the garbage rather than grabbing just anything to empty out the Igloo for another restock. When you are banned you will know it! The next time you “grab” an item you will get the “Sorry, You can not get any more items from the Igloo Garage Sale today – Please try again tomorrow.” saying. Also, stay away from partial restocks or almost empty restocks. You usually won’t get anything good and there could be another restock on the way immediately. (See tip 8.)

8) Although Mika and Carassa say they restock roughly eight times an hour, this does not mean every seven and a half minutes! Sometimes they will restock two, even three times in a row and then there is nothing for half an hour or even longer. This, to me, is a reminder to make every restock count. If you grab just anything and the Igloo restocks a couple times in a row, you could very well be “locked out” for the second restock. This usually happens to me when I get an average item and then I am locked out when the really good items come out on the next back-to-back restock. You will know you are locked out when you see the “Hey, give everyone else a chance – come back in a few minutes.” window.

9) Always have three windows open when you begin to restock at the Igloo. Window one will be the Igloo. Make sure you are not on the page that says “Click Here”, but the one where the items show up during the restock. Just peek and make sure both Carassa and Mika are on the page with either items or the “Oops – we just ran out” saying on it. Window two will be a shop wizard for pricing your items and window three is for putting your items away in your shop as soon as you get it. Nothing, but nothing ruins a good nab like the Pant Devil stealing your item one refresh of the Igloo later!

10) A good place to go is the RS& Chat board. You will find it under the Help section on the boards. It is a good place to go for chatting about restocking, bragging about the good deals you get and even for a pat of sympathy and a “cheer up” for those times when you miss a really good item. The people on the board are also pretty helpful if you ever get lost or just need a question answered.

11) Don’t wait for all the pictures to load or you won’t stand a chance at getting a good item. As soon as you see something that either looks good or you know is worth more than the price on it, grab it. Remember, some people have been ‘glooing for a long time and are pretty quick at it.

Well, there you have it. These are all of my present tips for restocking at the Igloo for Beginners. I hope they are of some use to each and every one of you that happen upon this article. Hopefully, when I graduate to intermediate Iglooer there will be another guide in the making. Then, if I ever get to expert... well, let's just say... I’ll be RICH! (Insert mad cackling here). *Grin*

Feel free to use any or all of these tips as you see fit and maybe, just maybe, the next time I lose a really good item, it will be to you!

I hope you have as much fun reading this guide as I had making it! :)

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