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Find Your Perfect Trinket!

by confiserie


After helping you find your perfect hat, I’m back and ready to help you find your perfect wearable trinket! All you have to do is take this easy personality quiz. I will also tell you how to complete the look after you buy the trinket. Please note that the quiz will be much easier to score at the end if you write down your answers as you go along.

1. The motto that you live by is:

a) Life’s a party!

b) Treat others how you would like to be treated

c) Try anything once

d) Work hard now and play later

e) Never grow up

2. If your friends were to describe you in one word, what would it be?

a) Vivacious -- fun to be around

b) Gentle -- I would never hurt a fly

c) Daring -- I like to take risks

d) Studious -- I always get my work done

e) Innocent -- I have not let the world take its toll on me

3. When someone does not like you, it is usually because:

a) I’m too loud

b) Someone does not like me?? :(

c) They think I’m weird

d) They think that I’m too serious

e) They say that I am immature

4. What foods do you prefer?

a) Chips, dip... typical party food

b) Anything sweet

c) Exotic foods

d) “Brain food”

e) Sandwiches

5. One word that does not describe you at all is:

a) Distant

b) Mean

c) Ordinary

d) Unmotivated

e) Self-reliant

6. If one of your wishes could come true, what would you choose?

a) To have never-ending energy

b) World peace!

c) To have a new adventure every day

d) To be named the smartest person in the world

e) To stay young forever

7. You feel angriest when...

a) I have nothing to do

b) N/A (I don’t get mad)

c) Every day is the same routine

d) Someone does not respect my intelligence

e) I have too many chores to do

8. The thing you hate/hated most about school was...

a) My darn weeknight curfew!

b) The mean people

c) The lack of excitement

d) The slackers that ruined my group projects

e) Less time for important things... like video games

9. What is your dream job?

a) Party planner

b) Being a volunteer at an animal hospital

c) Sky diving instructor

d) CEO of a successful company

e) ... Job?

10. What kind of pet do you dream of having?

a) Something energized but tame... like a gerbil

b) A snuggly bunny

c) A snake or other reptile

d) Pets are not a very good investment

e) A playful puppy

11. What’s your New Year resolution?

a) Be even more fabulous

b) Spread happiness

c) Try new things

d) Continue to focus on expanding my mind

e) Get an awesome high score

12. What do you do during your free time?

a) Double check my calendar so I don’t miss an event

b) Help others

c) Look at travel guides for places I want to visit

d) Contemplate life and the universe

e) Relax and play some games

13. What’s your favorite petpet?

a) Eizzil

b) Angelpuss

c) Spyder

d) Weewoo

e) Warf

14. Do you think that you are funny?

a) Of course! I have been complimented about it

b) As long as the jokes are not at the expense of anyone

c) Yeah, but some people may get offended at my jokes

d) I’m serious most of the time

e) Does “potty humor” count?

15. What is one thing that you did last weekend?

a) Hit all of the social spots

b) Gave my best friends advice

c) Left the house just to see where I would end up

d) Watched a fascinating documentary

e) Looked at the comics in the paper on Sunday morning

16. What spotlight do you/would you like to enter?

a) Caption Contest

b) Site Spotlight (I would enter my helpful guide)

c) Random Contest

d) Lenny Conundrum

e) Better Than You

17. What is your favorite rare neopet species?

a) Poogle

b) Cybunny

c) Jetsam

d) Tonu

e) Kiko

18. What is your favorite faerie?

a) The Fire Faerie

b) The Water Faerie at the Healing Springs

c) The Dark Faerie

d) The one who runs the crossword puzzles

e) Favorite faerie? Don’t make me gag

19. The best thing to come out of Tyrannia?

a) The Concert Hall

b) The Tyrannian Petpets shop

c) The Lair of the Beast

d) Nothing-- it’s too primitive for my tastes

e) The Giant Omelette

20. What advice would you give your parents?

a) Loosen up on the reins a bit

b) Be more sensitive

c) Live life a little

d) Go back to school

e) Stop stressing out about work

That’s the end of the questions, so just find out which letter you answered with the most and look below!

If you answered with A the most:

There is never a dull moment when you are around. You are very social and fun, so the Pile of Confetti trinket is perfect for you. It will coordinate wonderfully with an 8th Birthday Celebration Background and a Red and Gold Neopets 8th Birthday Hat. Even if it may not be your birthday, with you, there is always a reason to party!

If you answered with B the most:

You are very kind and sensitive so the Vase of Pretty Flowers is just the trinket for you. It’s beautiful but in a reserved and delicate way. This vase will go well with a Neohome Background and a Stylish Red Purse.

If you answered with C the most:

Since you are so adventurous and think outside of the box, the Modern Art Sculpture is the best trinket for you. You are very creative so it is probably easy to guess which items I have selected to go with the trinket: the Artist Studio Background and Artist Smock. However, if you are not one to love obvious sets, it can also go with just a Neohome Background.

If you answered with D the most:

You always use your brain and are not one to be outsmarted. You are very studious so the Green Skeith Pencil Case is the item for you. It goes well with the Classroom Background and Spectacles of Perception. If you are a girl, you can also think about getting the full “school girl” set. (Or if you are a boy... not here to judge...)

If you answered with E the most:

You are a kid (or at least a kid at heart), so your ideal trinket is the Techo Kite. Sure this trinket may seem childish to some, but those people would probably love to have your young, carefree attitude. Match this item with a Grassy Meadow Background and Pant Devil Pants.

Trinkets are probably my favorite wearable items because like backgrounds, all pets can wear them. For example, even my Apple Chia and unconverted pets are sporting them. I hope this quiz has helped you single out an item or two that you would like to buy (all of the items I mentioned can be bought with neopoints). Have a fun time while dressing up your pets!

Once again, many thanks to my friends who tested out this quiz before I submitted it. :)

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